Dragon Force
FAQ v1.0 Noone made any Shining Wisdom FAQ's so I decided to. AOL's Dragon Force message boards were flooded with un answered questions to this great game, so I'm gonna do my best to answer all the questions. Enjoy! Contents: Section 1 - Troops in DF Section 2 - Generals in DF Section 3 - Battle Strategies Section 4 - Frequently Asked Questions <- Section 1 -> Troops in DF have different uses, and may or may not be good overall. The instruction book has that handy little chart which is for the most part, correct. Here's a short summary of all of the troops. Soldiers - Overall OK, except against Dragons and Zombies. It's always a good idea to have a general fully stocked with Soldiers in every party. This way, they can take on any Monks or Samaurais that come your way. Cavalry - Pretty much the same as Soldiers, except they're a little bit better. If you dont have a squad if soldiers in your party, its a good idea to have these. Beasts - Despite what the book says, these guys are pretty good. They are pretty tough, and can deal some damage. They look cool and are one of my favorite troops. Mages - These guys are not to good. The only way you would have a chance against anything else is if you put them in STANDBY battle formation. I repeat, don't put these guys in any other formation unless you have a deathwish. Archers - These guys are horrible. Don't EVER use them. If you have to, then put them in Standby battle formation like Mages. For some reason, their arrows are worse than the Mages' fireballs. Monks - These guys look pretty cool, but they're not all they're cracked up to be. They pretty much have only one purpose, and that's to kill Zombies. Samurai - These guys are like juiced up Soldiers. They're pretty good in fights and slaughter Dragons. One time a squad of 20 of them took out 100 of my Dragons. Harpies - These guys are really good. They're viscious fighters and their only weaknesses are Mages and Archers. Dragons - These guys are even better than Harpies, in fact they're the best troops in the game. They rip through almost anything and are pretty tough. But never put them up against Samurais. Zombies - These guys are up there with Dragons. They are good against almost anything, except for Monks. Usually the generals that command these things have the Ressurect spell, which makes them virtually unstoppable. The only thing better is Dragons with the Resurrect spell - and that is possible later on. <- Section 2 -> Generals in DF have their own fighting style and have the ability to use special moves and/or magic. Theifs - These guys are worthless. Make sure that you have a lot of troops with you so that you don't have to get into a Duel. If that happens your pretty much done. These guys are weak and can't fight for anything. If you don't give them a bunch of awards they'll leave. Most of the time they're more trouble than what they're worth. Fighters - These guys are not bad too bad. They almost the same as Knights and have almost the same special moves as them. They a little reliable, and won't leave you unless you don't award them for their efforts. Knights - They are better then Fighters, and have more armor. In a Duel they can usually kick some butt. Also, their special moves are usually the Sonic Waves which are great for taking out troops. They are very reliable and will almost never leave. Spirit Callers - Spirit Callers are OK. They're better than Mages and have some good spells for crowd control. Mages - They're not too good, but some have OK spells. Priests - They're only OK because of their Ressurect spells. Also, if they have a Barrier spell, use it for excellent crowd control. * All Priests, Mages, and Spirit Callers usually won't leave unless you really make them mad. Also, they all are terrible in Duels. But they're still better than Thiefs in a Duel. Samurai - These guys are not too bad. They have have OK special moves and are pretty good in Duels. They also pretty reliable. Ninjas - These guys are like Samurai but better. Beasts - These guys are pretty much the best Duelers in the game. They tend to go nuts on other generals, and have strong special moves. Also, despite their temper, they are really reliable and will stay with you. Rarely do they ever leave. Dragons - Maybe a little bit better than Beasts, they have a good magic spells also. The only drawback to them is that they may leave if not rewarded often. Take my advice - reward them. Vampires/Zombies - These guys are not described in the booklet. However, they are really deadly. They are not the best in Duels, however, they have lethal spells. Most of them have Resurrect, and a very useful spell, Ensnare - which doesn't let the opponent leave. Try to get these guys early in the game, it will make things a lot easier for you. <- Section 3 -> They are many ways you can go about to win a battle, however unless you can capture the general, they'll retreat and you'll just keep on fighting them. In order to capture a general, you must take away all his/her energy. * A good way to take away all the general's energy is to have your troops get him/her down to very little energy, and then use a special attack to finish him/her off. This doesn't always work, since they might Retreat before you hit them with the special. * Use the Ensnare spell, which won't let the general escape. Then just finish him/her off. * If a general does manage to escape, when you get back to the map screen press start and pause it ASAP. Then direct/deploy the party in the same way that the enemy troops are going. You will catch the enemy and you can finish them off. * Also, to make the game go faster, you can press start on the map and deploy multiple parties on different targets, but you should have a lot of generals and troops, or you will loose. <- Section 4 -> Frequently Asked Questions Q. Can I execute commands from the map while its paused? A. Yes, you can. This is most useful when recruiting troops. Q. How do I completely get rid of the many parties of Dragons at the end of the game? A. You can't, at this point you have to go fight Madruk at the mountain in Goldark's kingdom. Q. Can I beat the robot Katmando? A. Yes, but you need the power from going to all of the shrines. Q. Who do I send to all of the shrines? A. This is ruining the game, but here ya go anyway: Forest Shrine - Gongos, Tieris, Reinhart Eastern Shrine - Junon, Leon, Mikahl Northern Shrine - Wein, Goldark Q. Who should I use just beginning? Who's the easiest? A. Wein. Q. Vllad at the Fiend's Tower keeps kicking my butt - what do I do? A. Get you Ruler up to high levels by fighting battles. Some people like to leave their rulers in the castle the whole time. You really can't win, not that easily anyway by doing that. Always play your Ruler. Q. I can't beat Zannon, what do I do? A. Wait till towards the end of the game, then you will be able to. Q. Paine and Agonni keep coming back how do I beat them? A. You cannot, they will disappear once Zanon is dead. I think that the programmers put them there so you can gain experiance. See, even if you beat all of the kingdoms, you can still gain experiance by fighting them. They're actually a help. <- A Last Word -> This has been done in Notepad format so that any text viewer can open it. Ok, special thanks go out to Working Designs for making this great game - I mean we all thought that the company was dead in the water after that disaster they call Shining Wisdom. This FAQ is completely unofficial, and is NOT a walkthrough. If I left anything out - which I know I must have, just shoot some e-mail my way (lethalmf@aol.com). I'll upgrade this as soon as I get some feedback, c-ya later. Peace out. -- LethalMF's Hints, Tips, and Strategies for Dragon Force