--written by Ilphay. I describe the game as though you have a competent partner (a stretch, I know). I usually play the woman. She's faster, but the man is better with weapons--also, I've never seen the woman get hit in the "midsection." I also have less difficulty making arrests w/ the man (but that may just be because I've less experience w/ him). Some Moves: Controls: P=punch, K=kick, J=jump. up, down, left, right = joystick. for'd (forward), back (backward) = stick relative to facing Unarmed: 3X side kick - K,K,K Punch combo - P,P,P,P Kick combo - ford + K,K,K Punch/Kick combo - Punch combo, K OR ford+P,P,P,K Kick/Punch combo - ford + K,K,P Spin moves - P+K+J (decreases health, some people never catch onto that fact, "What! I'm dead already? What a crock. Ch-Ching.") Jump overhead punch - J,P (hold P button=split punch) (Following jump moves with P or K add a straight punch or slide kick after the jump move.) Jump frontkick - (up, down) J,K Jump dropkick - right(left) + J, K (hold K=sidewinder) Lunge forward - tap ford Run - Lunge forward, ford (hold) OR Double tap ford (hold) Lunge backward - tap back Handspring back - Lunge back, back Dash forearm - Lunge forward, P Running tackle - Run, P Dash knee - Lunge forward, K Running sidekick - Run, K "Shoryuken!" (couldn't resist) - (up, down) P+J Shoulder/elbow - right(left) + P+J 2X back/reverse kick - right(left) + K+J Glass jaw uppercut - P (hold, release) Somersault kick - K (hold, release) Shoulder slam - J, up(down)+P Knee slam - J, up(down)+K Backfist - back+P Turning sweep - back+K Low punch combo - up(down)+P,P,P Low kick combo - up(down)+K,K,K Low punch/kick combo - up(down)+P,P,K OR up(down)+P,P,P,K Low kick/punch combo - up(down)+K,K,P (when down) spring up- P OR K OR J gettup and punch - up(down, left, right) + P gettup and kick - up(down, left, right) + K (face down = sweep, face up = kick) roll over - up(down) + P OR K OR J (My most conventional attack is the vanilla kick combo. I find that the low punch/kick combo w/ 3 punches inflicts the most damage--assuming every blow strikes the opponent. The 2X reverse kick is a versatile attack since it can be used alongside an opponent. Enemies who can block blows usually don't block when attacked from alongside. Also, the following attacks will often "stun" male enemies--the male player can also be "distracted:" dash knee; gettup and kick; and the third kick of the low kick combo. Naturally, I try to save these attacks for the deathblow in order to maximize enemy humiliation--who says police brutality is pass,?) (When grabbing opponent): Punch,elbow - P,P,P Knee,elbow - K,K,K Pin down, punch - P,P,left(right),P,P,P Pin down, slam back - K,K,left(right),K,K,K (Pin moves can be reversed. I don't know the exact combinations to reverse/block/kickout. My best suggestion is to shake the joystick up and down while slapping buttons--on the GAME that is!) Forearm throw - back + P (High) shoulder throw- back + K Head spike - P + J (High) stomach throw - K + J Giant swing - P,P,K,K,P* German suplex - P,P,K,K,K* (* My local machine has(had) these two slam instructions on it, but I find that slams are a simple 3-button sequence as follows. The 5-button process just adds smacks before the slam.) Leg swing - P, (P,) K, (K,) P Suplex - P, (P,) K, (K,) K Pile drive - K, (K,) P, (P,) P Headlock slam - K, (K,) P, (P,) K (I prefer pile drive since it inflicts maximum damage while being easy to master. But, headlock slam is the quickest move that inflicts substantial damage. And, as you may've seen, leg swing tends to "clear the area" while it inflicts damage similar to headlock slam. Many people--namely little kids who just slap buttons--are able to get the leg swing by tapping P+K repeatedly.) Pick up items w/ the red/green frame on them using the Punch button. Whenever the frame is green, pressing Punch will pick the item up. Items you can pick up are: weapons, clips, healing items (i.e. pill, medkit), and a lighter. Each player can hold four clips plus one concealed handgun PLUS one weapon to wield-- and one lighter. Player drops any weapon to pick up another weapon except when new weapon is a concealable handgun. Some items disappear after a while or after being dropped too many times (must be a corallary to Conservation of Matter). Empty guns disappear when dropped/thrown. Weapons/armed combat: Grab moves disabled. Player drops what weapon s/he is wielding when hit or when scene ends (players keep handguns when scene ends). Armed w/ edge (i.e. axe, bottle, knife): Stabbing - P,P,P,P,P,P Swinging - K,K,K Back swing - back+P Jumping stab - J, P (hold P=jumping windup swing) Jumping swing - J, K Jumping spike - J, up(down)+P Low swing - up(down)+K Running roll - run + P Armed w/ club (i.e. broom, club, robot arm): Overhead swinging - P,P,P Wide swinging - K,K,K Back swing - back + P (K) Jumping stab - J + P (hold P=jumping windup swing) Jumping 2 hand swing - J + K (hold K=jumping windup swing) High stab - up(down) + P Low swing - up(down) + K (man does med swing w/o step) Lunge stab - lunge forward + P Running stab - run + P Lunge swing - lunge forward + K Vault kick - run + K Armed w/ heavy projectile (i.e. furniture, barrels): (Projectiles harm partners. Jumping moves disabled) Throw projectile - P Front kick - K (Front kick will often stun male enemies up to two times in a row. A third kick will knock 'em down. Of course, it wouldn't be very nice to kick enemies below the belt, then lay furniture on 'em. So, I think you should only do it to a single enemy once, maybe twice.) Armed w/ gun: (i.e. handgun, machine gun): (Player pulls the gun automatically whenever it's available. When all shots are expended, player throws gun (w/out clip) or reloads (w/ clip) automatically. Bullets do NOT hit partners, but thrown guns do. Combos normally ending w/ a punch end w/ a shot--except after- jump punches. Machine gun fires 4 bullets per shot. 4+ shot "volleys" from machine gun knock enemies down. Player can fire max 3-shot burst w/ handgun (male player fires faster). 6-shot volleys from H-gun knock enemies down. Player can only handcuff someone when wielding a handgun. Handguns get reloaded at the end of each scene. One "feature" of the game is if there's a handgun that's low on shots--i.e. 4 or less--if an enemy has it, s/he'll reload it, putting 12+ shots in the gun. I love picking up handguns that have 20+ shots in them. If you hit an enemy while they're reloading, they'll drop the clip and you can pick it up for use later.) Handcuff/bust/arrest - (grab enemy), (P,P OR K,K) (handcuff=P,P / hogcuff=K,K) Shoot - P,P,P Jumping shot - J,P,P,P Turn & shoot - back+P Crouch shot - up(down)+P Occasionally, an enemy will escape being arrested. They either slap you (usually if you try to handcuff) or jump free (usually if hogcuffing). I find that I have the most difficulty when my life meter is fuller than one bar and it's early in the scene. Armed w/ missile launcher: (Missiles hit partners--no damage. Jumping moves disabled) Launch missile - P Front kick - K Back swing - back+K Spin move - P + K + J (Front kick stuns male enemies. However, be nice. You should shoot someone w/ a missile after landing a low blow only if they're being a jerk--FYI, taking over a corporate office and taking hostages counts as being a jerk.) Armed w/ anti-tank gun: (Shots hit partners--no damage. Jumping moves disabled) Fire gun - P Overhead swing - K Turning - back (gun muzzle hits enemies) Turning swing - back + K (muzzle knocks down enemies) Spin move - P + K + J Some Enemies: These are extras in the game who you encounter throughout. These types of characters can also be "disguised" as others in the game, so watch for their tactics. NOTES: For most enemies, the basic tactic is to sidestep until you are "in line," then perform their standard attack. I traditionally recommend players keep moving so enemies don't line up for attack as easily. Don't turn your back on anyone w/out a good reason, enemies will attack whether your back is to them or not, and they're sometimes pretty deliberate about surrounding you. (Although, w/ a few exceptions, most enemies will extend you the courtesy of waiting by the side while you arrest / slam someone.) If you're grabbed or getting pummelled by an enemy, you can usually use the spin move to get out of it--unless your heath is too low. Standard extras. Look at any enemy who's not a woman, martial arts guy or fake cop and they're probably a standard extra. (Except for firemen and big guys.) -Small extra. Choice weapon: gun. If: They will (probably): you're standing point blank backward roll / flip kick (Will flip kick if not lined up.) you're close punch/kick combo you're medium range jump attack you're long range run and shoulder you're far away run and tackle -Large extra. Choice weapon: club If: They will: you're point blank try to grab + body slam / low kick you're close punch/kick combo you're medium range lunge close and try to grab you're long range run and shoulder you're far away run and tackle (club: vault kick) NOTES: Extras are the stock enemies for DHA. They have unremarkable attacks. Conventional attacks are effective against these guys, as long as they land. Large extras can grab you if you attack and miss, they're more adept at this in later stages. Women. If you don't recognize which ones are women, write the people who did the graphics. Choice weapon: gun or knife If: They will: you're point blank jump frontkick / uppercut you're close low punch/kick you're medium range jumping 2X reverse kick you're long range jump kick (followed by slide kick) you're far away run and tackle NOTES: Women are extremely fast. They've the best 'first strike' capability of all the regular enemies. I find that they're less formidable when armed. I normally suggest letting them get a weapon and then fighting them. Martial arts guys. The most notable look these guys take is of guys w/ yellow or red kimonos. Can also be wearing blue jackets w/ green pants. An easy way to recognize one is by his stance. Choice weapon: club. If: They will: you're point blank high kick / foot sweep you're close punch combo / try to grab you're medium range backfist punch / lunge attack you're long range jump attack (followed by kick) you're far away running sidekick NOTES: Martial arts guys have efficient attacks. Also, they can block blows. I suggest fighting them when you're armed, making them stay on the defensive. Fake cops. Commonly have the blue and black "Bad Guy" uniforms w/ the red and white masks. They can also look like firemen. Choice weapon: gun. If: They will: you're point blank roll back / uppercut you're close kick combo you're medium range jumping 2X reverse kick you're long range jump attack you're far away running sidekick NOTES: Fake cops are most formidable for their gunplay. If they have a gun when they're knocked down, they will roll out, firing. Also, after they line up for a shot and shoot, they may take a firing stance and fire a full 3 shot burst. Crouching attacks (crouch combo / crouch shot) are good attacks against them. If they roll over w/ a gun, a ground attack (jumping shoulder / jumping shot) is effective at getting the message across that they should fight like men instead of slugs. The best defense against their 3 shot volley is to not be in the line of fire. If you can predict when they're going to fire the 3 shot burst, you can get behind them for an attack. Game scenario: The evil genius, Chrome Dome, has seized control of the NRA's "corporate" headquarters and plans to steal some of the NRA's bribe surplus (how else did you think the NRA could be a non-profit organization) complete with its own hostages. Mr. Dome has learned that the NRA has kidnapped the daughter of the president and he wants her (oooh, that's tacky) as a hostage (oh, OK). The police try to retake the entire building by dropping four people on the roof, two of which stand out in the open and get gunned down right away. The remaining two, Police*1 and Police*2, make a daring, unarmed dash over the side of the building. And the game begins from there... Notes on scene descriptions: I used to put instructions, "do this, this, and this to beat these guys," but that got really boring, so I'll just describe some notable stuff about the scenes. When counting off how many guys appear, ones separated by comma come in after a small amount of time. Ones separated by period come in after so many enemies are KOed. Ones in parentheses denote appearing when two-player. I also try to include any armament enemies have, these descriptions are placed w/ the enemy head count. Fire escape. Two guys from the door. (One more if 2 player.) Kill the first guy to come out (red shirt), ASAP. He gives out a pill. In general, certain enemies yield a pill or small healing item. Some yield clips on a random basis, except if an enemy gets hit while loading their gun (they'll drop the clip). But, the last enemy to fall typically doesn't yield anything. The guys in this scene are the easiest in the whole game so you can practice your throws against 'em. A third guy comes out. Great! More practice. Some guys, when you smack 'em down, throw their arms up and say "No, no." Then the spring to their feet and try to kick you. I like to hit these guys w/ a jumping shoulder slam. Inside. Two guys, one w/ gun. One woman (followed by one guy). You'll have plenty of time to hit the broom on the left and pick it up. Smack the guy w/ the gun so you can take it. Watch out for the propellers in the back while they're spinning. The enemy who had the gun will yield a pill if KOed first. If you have a gun and the guys plead for mercy, you can jump and shoot 'em (I LOVE that! Especially when it kills 'em). CAUTION! When prompted, use either punch or kick. The one who lands the blow gets a little bit of health. One unfounded observation I've made is the prompt for punch or kick depends on the kinds of attacks you used in the previous fights. If you miss, you fight one guy who fights like a martial arts guy. Throw practice! Elevators. Two guys, one more from right elevator w/ missile launcher. One (two) more guys w/ guns come out of left elevator. Big fat guy from right elevator. If you managed to retain your handgun, the guy w/ the missile launcher is just asking to be arrested. Enemies can kick ashtrays into you (you can kick those into them too). When the ashtray in the center is knocked down, a lighter comes out. You can also knock out the fire axe on the left (in case of terrorist takeover, break glass). Use caution if you pick up the clock right away. If you plan to use it against the guy w/ the missile launcher, sometimes one of the extras gets in the way. This gives the missile guy a clear shot at YOU. Against the big fat guy, when you knock him down, he can hit you w/ his forward roll. This goes for most of the big guys. Some big guys block combos if you rush 'em head on. Though I find that most guys have difficulty blocking the heel kick (the third blow in a punch/kick combo). Cut scene. Dome is not concerned w/ Police*1 and Police*2. He's looking for the prez's daughter who's hiding in the office refrigerator, that opens AWAY from the desk. Police*1 and Police*2 take the elevator to the garage. Garage. One guy, one more w/ gun runs in from left near side, one climbs out of dumpster (one w/ gun runs in from near side). The guy who runs in is a prime target for a bust or grab. Then, you can take his gun. You can hit the dumpster while the guy's in it and do damage. If you have a lighter and spray, you use the lighter and spray together. Getting hit results in dropping both items. Also, I find that spray+lighter won't hit an enemy who's standing point blank. Use Jump to dodge the firetruck. If you miss, damage. These scenes won't kill you, even if your health is low. They just do damage--unless you were already at one sliver of health. Firetruck. Three firemen. Two run in from near side, (one more runs in from near side.) The water stream from the fire truck can knock you down but it won't do damage. Stand to the far left in absolute safety or you can jump the stream. The far right offers some safety depending on when the stream initiates. To start the scene, the firemen on the right usually get hit by the stream, but the one on the left usually ducks. I like to kick or crouch shoot him just as the stream approaches. The firemen usually duck the stream on other occasions unless they're committed to their attack, but when they duck, they remain crouched throughout the duration of the stream. So when the stream passes, you can ... heheheheh. I usually use this as an opportunity to practice my "favorite" attacks. Most of the firemen in this scene fight like extras. (One cool/funny thing to do is knock the firemen down just as the stream is coming so they get dragged by the stream while they're down.) Garage entrance. Punch or kick the guy. If you miss, you fight one guy w/ several guns. This guy fights like a fake cop and has about 3 guns. The Potty room. Three guys, two w/ clubs. One (two) w/ machine gun walk in from near right side. Two kick out of stalls. One (two) walk out of sink stall. The guy who just tapped the kidney is an easy target for a bust or grab--Correction: he invariably escapes my attempts to arrest (see above section on arrests). You can stay behind the "Floor wet" sign and kick it at the enemies. The anti-tank gun disappears very quickly so if you want it, act fast. Careful, ANY damage to the center stall will bust it open and rolls of toilet paper fly out, you can trip on these. A good place to stand w/ the AT gun is the near left corner. Lure the rest of the enemies in front of the AT gun, then plaster 'em to the other wall. Watch 'em work hard to get up close to you again only to get thrown back. When the guys w/ machine guns come in, show them a REAL gun. When AT gun is out, your character throws it up, hitting anyone nearby. Stay clear of the stalls. The next guys kick them out. 'Guess they got a little tense hearing machine and AT gun fire, good thing they were sitting down. These guys fight like martial arts guys and actually use a scrap of intelligence. In the hallway, punch or kick the lady who walks out (maybe that was the ladies' room). I like watching her spiral to the ground (after a Punch). If you miss, you fight her and one other woman who comes in from the right. Security room. Two robots. Robots are pretty tough to fight when there's more than one. I find the kick combo highly effective. If you have a chance to get a club/robot arm, I find using the wide swinging works best. (One robot arm is resting against the far wall, knock it down to get it, the TVs are in the far center and can be knocked down w/ a jumping attack. Beating the crud out of a robot will also free an arm.) Typical robot tactics are if you're close, they: "punch" w/ their arms, low sweep, or grab and electrocute. If you're far away, they: jump and use spinning attack, or lunge closer and use close range tactics. If you're real far away, they weave closer. When nearly destroyed (an arm falls off, something blows on the 'bot and smoke flies out), the robots will fire a stun beam when you're lined up and at a distance. The robot on the near side will yield a medkit when destroyed, destroy it first. Cut scene. Dome directs forces to the lobby to keep police at bay. Police*1 and Police*2 dash behind the lobby and sneak in through a side door. Lobby. Four guys, two w/ machine guns, one w/ handgun. One (two) guys come in from near side, one w/ handgun. Fake cop behind door on the right, one (two) fake cops run in from near side. One word: firefight. If you don't have a gun, wrestle one from a machine gunner and just spray bullets. DO NOT try to charge down guys who have guns. There's plenty of guns to go around so don't save bullets. (Corollary, I usually have a couple H-clips by now and don't wanna waste 'em, so when my gun is almost out, I pick up another gun so I don't reload.) A fake cop pops out of the door on the right, hit him to slam the door on him. Fake cops roll out w/ guns so don't be shy about pumping slugs into 'em when they're down. If you don't slam the door, he comes out when enough of the others are gone or enough time passes. More fake cops run in from the near side. They can hit you when they roll in so be careful when you're in the center. Fountain. One woman and one guy w/ club. One woman (and one extra) runs in from far side. The fountain can knock you down when you're in the center. I usually have two guns here. I fire off 10-11 shots for the guys who're already on the scene, then I pick up the pepper. You can use the pepper lying in the fountain to stun them, then give them a close up of your footwear (it's not very effective to hit 'em with pepper repeatedly). I go after a quick kill against the man in hopes that the woman will try to get the gun (I find women are less dangerous when armed). Against unarmed women, I pepper+kick 'em. Try to bust the woman as she runs in. Then it's easy to double team the last guy. One thing I find fun to do is beat 'em up in such a way that the pepper ends up being the death stroke. I know they say your heart stops when you sneeze, but I had no idea. It's harder to do, but I also like throwing the pepper shaker for the deathblow. Jump to evade the missile. If you miss, damage. Aquarium. One big guy in football/hockey gear. (What's he doing here?) I usually have a gun and a few clips so I let my partner hit him with the furniture. I opt for destroying the other furniture even though I know you can kick it into the big guy or hit him into the furniture. If you destroy the control panel on the right, a lighter falls out. When all the furniture's gone, I tell my partner, "I'll stun him with the gun and you can beat him up." This yields remarkable results--when they bother to listen. Tell your partner when you're about to throw the gun (one shot left) so s/he isn't surprised by getting hit w/ a flying gun. When it's time for fisticuffs, use the punch/kick combos, but don't get too close or he'll go into his crouch block. The only way to get him out of this is to crouch / jump shoot him, not even furniture will touch him. If he's in a crouch block, his spin move will surely follow (if you can get away from him, he might come out of it). Jumping or using my own spin kick has given me limited success against his spin move. Some of this guys tactics are if you're close: he'll punch, kick, or grab. If you're medium range, he'll lunge back and use far away tactics. If you're far away, he'll charge and shoulder. If you're medium range, but not in line w/ him, he'll jump and dive on your position. Cut scene: Dome drops a phone near the daughter's refrigerator. The safe is cracked. The sun is shining on Chromey...no, that's the treasure inside the safe. Police*1 and Police*2 make their way outside and climb to the roof. Antenna. Two guys. One (two) more run in from right side. One from left. The antenna can give you a smack on the 'noggin. (Someone's gonna have to enlighten me on the advantage of a roaming antenna like that.) These guys fight like martial arts guys. The guys who run in on the scene are good at grabbing you and fight like large extras. Use up or down to evade the missile blast. Miss=damage. Side building. One robot, one robot climbs up from near right side. I usually go for a quick kill of the first 'bot. Fighting one robot is fairly easy, even if it's one right after the other, but fighting two at once is much more difficult. When destroyed, the first robot yields a medkit. Cut scene: The villains are loading their haul. Nice limp on that guy in the green. The prez's daughter sees the coast is clear for her to use the phone that was dropped. Lounge. Three guys. (One comes in from door on right.) Fat guy rolls in from door in right, sumo wrestler comes in from right. (I guess Chrome Dome has no problem w/ the overhead of feeding that guy.) These guys fight like martial arts guys and small extras. I find the martial arts guys more challenging and prefer to push 'em away w/ the AT gun. (I usually have a handgun here--I'm able to hang onto it since the lobby, or even as far back as the exhaust room--and finish off the MA guys.) I try to leave the last extra alive until the fat boy is almost dead. This delays the arrival of the sumo wrestler. The fat guy leaves a medkit if he falls first. The big guys fight similar to the guy at the aquarium except for they use a lunge attack at medium range. Also, the sumo wrestler doesn't have a throw--or at least I've never seen him throw anyone. Some of my favorite things to do are hit the big guy w/ the AT gun as he rolls in, although usually, I'm out of position if I have shots at all left, shooting him w/ handgun is okay, too. And when one of the big guys does their dive, I like to use the jump shoulder as the death blow--they set themselves up so well. Cut scene: Police*1 and Police*2 hear on the portable phone from the prez's daughter on where she's hiding. Dome overhears. Elevator shaft. Right or left, do as they say. Miss=damage. Getting pills restores health. Cut scene: Dome bursts into the prez's office. Gasp! Police*1 and Police*2 crawl through the air vents to approach the prez's office. Walkway. Three guys, one w/ knife. One runs in from left far side while woman runs in from far right side. One fake cop runs in from left far side. (One fake cop and woman run in from right side.) One of the enemies'll have a missile launcher at his feet. We can't let him have that now can we? When the new enemies run in from the right, you can block their path and they'll be standing point blank looking around while you decide what attack will inflict the most humiliation on them. One thing that invariably happens is, my partner will walk into the thick of the crowd while I blast the lot of 'em w/ the missiles. I tend to fire repeatedly 'cause I don't want the fake cop to roll out, toasting my partner again. Then he gets up and walks back INTO the thick of it all. I make lots of friends that way. One thing I like to see is when one of the women is left standing, there's a knife and guns lying on the ground, and she goes for the knife! She always realizes too late how little the knife will help against guns. Use punch or kick to pop the guy in the waiter suit. If you miss, you fight two of them and one (two) more come in from the left. All of these guys have guns and fight like fake cops. Use punch or kick to throw yourself into the crowd. If you miss, you don't hit the guys and they don't drop their guns. Reception area. Three guys, two w/ machine gun unless you scored a hit when you threw yourself into the room, then all unarmed. One fireman w/ missile launcher comes in from left near. One (two) fireman w/ handgun runs in from left near. Giant fireman comes in from left near. Hail of gunfire. These firemen fight like fake cops, be ready. If you're really trusting, then the lesser fighter can get the missile launcher while the better fighter handles the extras. 4- 5 missiles is a good number when the big fireman comes. When he does, let him have it (No! Don't give him the missiles). Whoever has the missiles needs to watch the big fireman, match his moves and steer clear of bombs. In other words, GIVE 'EM ROOM. If it comes down the crunch, use the punch/kick combo, but not too close, remember his spin move. Those things the giant fireman throws out are bombs. A lot of people have to learn that the hard way. The big fireman uses a close range punch / kick and a dive just like the other big guys. But, at medium and long range, he throws bombs. Besides the extra advantage of the bombs, the giant fireman fights like the guy at the aquarium. Prez's office. One guy, Chrome Dome. Chromey sure took an odd place to hang out considering the whole building will explode in five minutes. Chrome Dome can control the hideaway furnishings. He signals when he wants items to fly out. The far right is the largest safe area from furniture, but the best thing is just to stay near the guy. (Actually, the BEST thing is to pump 45 (72) rounds into him.) The biggest difference between Chrome Dome and the other big guys is his speed, and he doesn't dive. This guy can pull out a 2X reverse kick faster than you can throw a punch. He also has a very good block, he can even block hard swats w/ the golf club. Golf clubs are available when you hit the golf bag on the right. The punch/kick combo is still fairly effective. He's also vulnerable to throws, although I doubt you can bust him. If you throw too often, he starts pulling escapes so make all your grabs count. If you're not really in a mood to deal w/ this guy, you can pick up a golf club, pull along side him and use the low swing. I'm particularly fond of showing off how skillful I am as I pin him into the corner and just keep swatting him. (I once KOed him using one pile drive and using the low swing 'til he was down for the count. This also helps me save bullets.) Roof. One guy, Chrome Dome. "Wait a minute. We just kicked this guy's ass. What's he doing getting up and running, carrying a girl under his arm?" He must've stuck more credits in the machine while you weren't looking. Dis guy got knives. When you're far away, he throws knives low in a fan pattern. Also, if your too close, in addition to his spin move, he can jump away and throw knives down. You can't pick up his knives. He can inflict major damage w/ a stabbing combo. And what really sucks is he can block bullets. Other than that, he has the same vulnerabilities as the guy in the office. I've found that his spin move doesn't hit you if you're standing point blank and walking towards him. Ending. ^L Prez's daughter says, "Thank you." (Police*1 and Police*2 fight each other over who doesn't have to be the daughter's bodyguard.) You fly off in the police chopper.