Dead or Alive
Written by Graeme Norval ( Created: 16/8/97 Last update: 18/9/97 If you have any information that this movelist is missing (move descriptions for Gen-Fu or Lei Fang, more of Raidou's moves, secret characters, etc) or if you find any errors, please mail me and let me know. You will be credited. You can get updates to this movelist from my homepage at: Contents ~~~~~~~~ Conventions Introduction General Information Movelists - Bayman - Gen-Fu - Jann Lee - Kasumi - Lei Fang - Ryu Hayabusa - Tina - Zack - Raidou Credits Conventions used in this movelist ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The three buttons: H - hold P - punch K - kick Lowercase directions - tap joystick in that direction Uppercase directions - hold joystick in that direction qcf - move the joystick in a quarter circle from down to forward qcb - move the joystick in a quarter circle from down to back hcf - move the joystick in a half circle from back, through down, to forward. hcb - move the joystick in a half circle from forward, through down, to back. Introduction ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dead or Alive (DOA) is a 3D fighting game, designed by Tecmo. It is similar in many respects to Sega's Virtua Fighter 2. New features include: - The hold button: In place of a block button, Dead or Alive has a hold button. This button is used to initiate grabs and holds, as well as to intercept incoming attacks and reverse them. To do this, the hold button must be tapped just before a blow lands. You cannot simply hold the button. To perform a more conventional block, tap back on the joystick. As before, merely holding this will not protect you for long. - Attack types: There are three basic attack types in Dead or Alive, namely blows, throws and holds. Blows override throws, throws override holds, and holds override blows. Using the correct type of attack will allow you to bypass your opponent's attacks. - The danger zone: Like Virtua Fighter, Dead or Alive has finite rings and ring-outs. Around the edges of each ring is an area called the danger zone. Characters can walk across the danger zone, but if they fall onto it, it explodes under them, causing a extra damage and blasting them into the air, where they can be floated by their opponent. You can avoid being blasted into the air by hitting H+P+K just before you land on the danger zone. General Information ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Character outfits - When selecting characters, push up if they are on the top row, or down if they are on the bottom row to select alternate character outfits. Every character has three outfits, apart from Raidou, who only has two. Win poses - To select different win poses, press either H+P, P+K, or H+P+K during the replay. Winning the match with a great victory (flawless) will give you an otherwise unselectable pose. Replays - For a VTR replay, press H+K after you win, but before the replay starts. A mark will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. Pressing P will let you "rewind" the replay. This may only be done once per game. Danger mode - Press H+P+K while starting your game. The entire ring will become a Danger Zone. This mode requires an operator setting to be activated on the machine, so if it doesn't work, ask your arcade owner to set it. Character Moves ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rising attacks - when down, tap K to rise with a kick. Tap d+K to rise with a sweep. Tap H when down to roll sideways before rising. Escaping throws - tap H+P to escape from a H+P throw. To break out of a multi-part throw, tap H+P+K. Note: The list divides moves up into blows, throws, holds, downs and appeals (appaels in some parts of the movelist, but I'm sure that it's a misprint). The first four are pretty straightforward, but I'm not exactly sure about the fifth. It seems to contain taunts and movements (like rolling). Bayman ~~~~~~ Blows ----- Front kick f+K Shoulder tackle b,f+P Spinning back knuckle b+P Smash DF+P Sliding kick d+H+K Rolling sobat H+K Leg spike db+K Heel hammer b+K Upper palm u+P or uf+P Drop kick UF+K Javelin kick u+K Palm arrow ub+P Body blow f+P Stomach crash f+P,P Jab - body blow P,f+P Storm body blow P,f+P,P Jab - high kick P,K Jab - straight P,P Storm palm stamp P,P,df+P Storm back knuckle P,P,b+P Storm rolling sobat P,P,K Head bat P+K Swing double hammer f,b+P Reverse double hammer f,b+P,P Throws ------ Front suplex H+P Neck hanging tree b+H+P Quebradora congiro hcf+P Victor cross hold qcf+H+K Victor arm bar H+P (from behind) Holds ----- Catching cross hold qcb+H (mid kick reversal) Shoulder breaker f,df,d+H Standing arm lock f,f+H -> Standing neck lock hcb+H -> DDT qcb+P Leg trip qcf+H -> Achilles hold hcb+H -> Half boston crab qcb+K Side arm lock df+H (when opponent is crouching) d+H (just before landing) Sleeper hold f+H / d,df,d+H / qcf+H / f,f+H (from behind) -> Swing neck hold hcb+H Choke slam f+H Behind arm lock df+H (behind crouching opponent) Opponent down ------------- Knee drop u+K Stomping df+K Gen-Fu ~~~~~~ Unfortunately, the movelist for Gen-Fu was only available in Japanese (ie. Japanese script), so I don't have any names for Gen-Fu's moves. Blows ----- P,P f+P b+P DF+P uf+P u+P uf+K u+K ub+K f,f+P f,f+K df,df+P f,f+H,P H+K d+H+K df+K df+K,P df+P df+p,df+P P+K f,b+P db,f+P f,f+P+K d+P+K d+P+K,b,f+p H+P+K Throws ------ H+P d,f+H+P+K b,d,db+P b+H+P H+P (from behind) Holds ----- qcb+H (mid kick reversal) f+H f,b+H f+H / f,b+H (from behind) Opponent down ------------- u+P d+P Appeal ------ f,f+H ub+P Jann Lee ~~~~~~~~ Blows ----- Dragon blow qcf+P Sekkan-chop b+P Flash hook f,f+P Flash spin kick f,f+P,K Flash low spin kick f,f+P,d+K Upper knuckle uf+P Rear high kick u+K High shin-knee kick ub+K Sway jab ub+P Jab - high kick P,K Sonic hook P,f+P Sonic spin kick P,f+P,K Sonic low spin kick P,f+P,d+K Lead hook P,P Back knuckle P,P,P Dragon rush P,P,P,K Dragon cannon P,P,P,f+P Combo high kick P,P,K Body blow f+P Body uppercut f+P,P Shin-knee kick H+K Middle hook kick b+K Double hook kick b+K,K Thrust kick db+K Thrust middle spin kick db+K,f+K Thrust low spin kick db+K,d+K Side kick df+K Middle spin kick df+K,f+K Dragon kick qcf+K Upper kick uf+K Double upper kick uf+K,K Snap kick f+K Snap spin kick f+K,f+K Low spin kick d+H+K Dragon elbow P+K Dragon knuckle D,b,f+P Flash turn knuckle b,b+P Throws ------ Hell drive H+P Side buster b+H+P+K Fireman's carry qcb+P Hell crash H+P (from behind) Holds ----- Front face lock f+H Head lock qcf+H -> Bulldogging head lock b,b+H Sekkan punch f+H / qcf+H (from behind) Opponent down ------------- Trample u+K Low snap kick df+K Enter the dragon u+H+P+K Appeal ------ Appeal (shout) b,f,b+H+P+K f,b,f+H+P+K Kasumi ~~~~~~ Blows ----- Senko-dan f+P Muei-to f,f+P Jinso-kyaku qcf+K Hien-syokyaku f,f+P+K Reppu-kyaku df+H+K Syo-zanpu uf+P Tensyu-kyaku uf+K Hiryu-kyaku u+K Geturin-kyaku ub+K Futen-jin u+P Hiten-jin b+P Sen-ren-syu P,K Ni-ren-zuki P,P San-ren-zuki P,P,P Ren-tumuzi P,P,P,f+P Ren-tensyu P,P,P,f+K Ren-tisyu P,P,P,d+K Ren-getusai P,P,ub+K Ren-hayate P,P,K Ren-sippu-kyaku P,P,K,K Ren-ten-kyaku K,K Ren-jin-kyaku K,df+K Ren-ti-kyaku K,d+K Roga f,f+K Tumuzi P+K Hayate H+K Sippu-kyaku H+K,H+K Kage-hayate d+H+K Sen-kasumi H+P+K Riei-syusen-kyaku f,b+K Kiri-gatana df+P Sira-giri df+P,P Throws ------ Nizi-gake H+P Meido-mikosi b+P Rogaku-syu qcb+H+K Oboro df,df+P+K Kegon-enbu qcf+P Ura-tubame f+H+P+K (when opponent is crouching) Tubasa-gari H+P (from behind) Holds ----- Kasumi-gaesi f+H Hien f,f+H+K -> Hien-saka-otosi b+H Kagero f,f+H -> Ibara-otosi d+K Yume-sasoi f+H / f,f+H (from behind) Ura-hien f,f+H+K (from behind) Opponent down ------------- Takazume-kyaku u+K Kawara-kudaki d+P Appeal ------ Appeal (sakura matoi) b,f,b+H+P+K f,b,f+H+P+K Ura-gake ub+P Lei Fang ~~~~~~~~ Like Gen-Fu, Lei Fang's moves were only available in Japanese. Blows ----- f,f+P f,b+P b,f+P P+K D,f+P d,d+K u+P or uf+P ub+P ub+K u+K or uf+K u+K,K or uf+K,K H+P+K f+P b+P b+P,P db+P db+P,P b+K b+K,K b+K,K,d+K P,P P,P,f+P P,df+P Throws ------ H+P b+H+P+K qcb+P f,b+P H+P (from behind) Holds ----- qcb+H (mid kick reversal) f+H qcf+H -> df,d,db,b+H+P -> f,f+H+P+K f,f+H df+H (when opponent is crouching) d+H (just before landing) f+H / qcf+H / f,f+H (from behind) df+H (to crouching opponent's back) Opponent down ------------- u+P df+K Ryu Hayabusa ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blows ----- Elbow f+P Palm strike f,f+P Lifting palm uf+P Forward flipkick uf+K Punt kick u+K Kickflip ub+K Palm upper u+P Shuto slash P+K Sidestep slash ub+P Punch - punch - slash P,P,f+P Punch - punch - knee P,P,K Punch - kick P,K Side kick df+K Side kick - slide kick df+K,df+K Spinning backfist b+P Spinning backfist - side kick b+P,K Low spinning chop db+P Knee f+K Hop slide kick f,f+K Spinning bird kick f,df,d+K Double leg sweep db,db+K Crossover low kick f,b+K Throws ------ Arm twist H+P Leverage throw f,f,b+P+K Bridge suplex b+H+P+K Spinning DDT qcb+P+K Flipover throw qcf+P Power uppercut hcf+H+P+K -> Throw linker d,df,f,uf,u+H+P -> Izuna drop b,ub,u,uf,f,df,f+H+K Flipover neckbreaker d+H+P (when opponent is crouching) Neckhold takedown H+P (from behind) Reverse DDT H+P+K (from behind) Holds ----- Syugeki-kakuto qcb+H (mid kick reversal) Armlock f+H Flipover f,f+H Reverse reaping throw f+H / f,f+H (from behind) Opponent down ------------- Jumping punch u+P Ground punch df+P Tina ~~~~ Blows ----- Dash uppercut f,f+P Double uppercut f,f+P,P Low spin knuckle db+P Jumping hip attack H+P+K Vertical chop DF+P Vertical chop - hammer DF+P,b+P Double hammer b+P Neck cut kick u+K Elbow smash u+P Knuckle arrow ub+P Upper chop uf+P Upper chop - hammer uf+P,b+P Kenka kick f,f+K Low spin kick d+H+K Shoulder tackle b,f+P Lariat f+H+P Rolling sobat H+K Jumping knee bat f+K Knee - hammer f+K,b+P Jab - high kick P,K Jab - straight P,P Machine gun rush P,P,P Elbow f+P Elbow - back knuckle f+P,P Ultimate combination f+P,P,K Throws ------ Death valley bomb H+P Frankensteiner qcf+H+K Fisherman's buster hcf+p Japanese ocean cyclone d,f+P+K Flying major qcb+P+K -> Surfboard stretch b,f+H+P -> Japanese ocean suplex d,u+H+P Body slam H+P+K Bass bomb d+H+P (when opponent is crouching) Japanese ocean bomb df,df+H+P+K (when opponent is crouching) German suplex H+P (from behind) German suplex whip H+P+K (from behind) Holds ----- Dragon screw qcb+H (mid kick reversal) Hammer throw f+H -> Japanese ocean suplex d,u+H+P Reverse wing lock qcf+H -> Rodeo hold Turn joystick around+H Tackle f,df,d+H -> Giant swing hcf+H Full nelson f+H / qcf+H / f,df,d+H (from behind) -> Dragon suplex f,uf,u,ub,b+H+P Opponent down ------------- Hip drop u+P Elbow Drop df+P Moonsault press u+H+P+K Appeal ------ Rolling forward d+P+K Appeal (guts pose) b,f,b+H+P+K f,b,f+H+P+K Zack ~~~~ Blows ----- Rolling elbow qcf+P Elbow f+P Double elbow f+P,b+P Elbow - high kick f+P,K Upper elbow f,f+P Down elbow b+P Knee smash f+K Knee - spin kick f+K,K Low kick db+K Heel kick qcf+K Spinning kick H+K Twister uppercut qcf+H+P+K Rising knee f,f+K Hell needle u+P or uf+P Sway blow ub+P Jab - high kick P,K Jab - straight P,P Volcanic rising knee P,P,K Volcanic knee P,P,f+K Dancing rush P,P,f+K,K Volcanic upper elbow P,P,P Volcanic elbow P,P,f+P Genocide rush P,P,f+P,K Devil's rush P,P,f+P,b+P Bloody rush P,P,f+P,P Rising heel kick u+K Uppercut df+P Heel smash df+P,f+P Heaven smash df+P,f+P,P Flying knee kick f,f+P+K Throws ------ Wild throw H+P Knee storm f,b+P+K Beast fang df,DF+P+K Neck hunting H+P (from behind) Holds ----- Knee strike f+H Forward trap f,f+H Backward trap f,df,d+H Head crash f+H / f,f+H / f,df,d+H (from behind) Opponent down ------------- Foot stamp u+K Wild heel df+K Appeal ------ Fake rolling qcf+H Raidou ~~~~~~ At some point in the game (possibly after completion), the boss character, Raidou, becomes playable. Like Dural from Virtua Fighter, he has no new moves of his own. Rather, he has a combination of other character's moves. These include: Blows ~~~~~ Bayman's stomach crash f+P,P Bayman's heel hammer b+K Bayman's leg spike db+K Bayman's shoulder tackle b,f+P Bayman's swing reverse hammer f,b+P,P Ryu's punt kick u+K Ryu's flipkick ub+K Ryu's palm strike f,f+P Ryu's upper palm uf+P Ryu's side kick - slide kick df+k,df+K Ryu's punch - punch - knee P,P,K Jann Lee's double upper kick uf+K,K Tina's kenka kick f,f+K Zack's knee - spin kick f+K,K Throws ~~~~~~ Ryu's arm twist H+P Ryu's flipover throw qcf+P Ryu's leverage throw f,f,b+P+K Ryu's flipover neckbreaker d+H+P (when opponent is crouching) Ryu's reverse DDT H+P+K (from behind) Tina's japanese ocean bomb df,df+H+P+K (when opponent is crouching) Bayman's neck hanging tree b+H+P Bayman's backbreaker hcf+P Jann Lee's fireman's carry qcb+P Holds ~~~~~ Bayman's choke slam f+H Jann Lee's head lock qcf+H -> Bulldogging head lock b,b+H Tina's tackle f,df,d+H -> Giant swing hcf+H Ryu's flipover f,f+H Opponent Down ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ryu's jumping punch u+P Bayman's stomp df+K Credits ~~~~~~~ Tecmo - For making the game and giving me the ( moves. Myself ( - For typing the darn thing out. Galen Komatsu - For all the information I got ( from his DOA project. Matthew Dudley - Information on selecting alternate ( character outfits. Jason Alan Chun - Multi-throw escapes, general ( information. Keith Oshiro - VTR replays, danger mode code Joe Graham - For letting me use the modem that ( I got all my information with. Erm... that's it, currently. Send me something and I'll add your name on.