Battle Arena Toshinden
Created by Kitt t Version 1.1 New to v1.1: - Cupido's Force-Field Wall movement found! - Other Cupido moves found - Gaia and Sho moves listed - Terminology List I just rented the game recently and I have the cheats for you. There are no moves for regular characters here; just boss codes to play as Gaia, Sho, and Cupido (not the beat-the-whole-game-without-continuing boss code, the real one, but if you want that one, it's here too), moves for Gaia and Sho, and the moves I found for Cupido. Version 1.1 only contains one new thing - I was just fiddling around with the joypad, and I finally found the movement for the Force-Field wall Cupido can do! Oh, and moves for Gaia and Sho are listed, and more moves for Cupido! TERMINOLOGY: U: Up (* + *): Press * and * simultaneously D: Down +: Press two buttons together F: Forward B: Back BOSS CODE: At the Press Start screen, press Up, Down, X, B, A, Y, C, Z, Start. You will hear someone yelling, and the menu will appear. Start a game, and Gaia and Sho will have their own icons at the end of the line of characters to the right. To play as Cupido, highlight Sho and press Up + Any attack. Cupido will be automatically selected. Here are some moves I found: CUPIDO: Straight Cannon Slash: D, DF, F + Weak Slash Diagonal Cannon Slash: F, D, DF + Hard Slash Fireball Flip: D, DB, B + Kick Air Fireball Flip: D, DB, B + Slash (in air) Force Field Wall: DF + (Weak Slash + Hard Slash) Desperation Move: Unknown Secret Move: Unknown SHO: Double Rekkuzan: D, DF, F + Slash Straight Hishouzan: F, D, DF + Weak Slash Running Hishouzan: F, D, DF + Hard Slash Flash Kick: D, DB, B + Kick Scottish Moon: D, DB, B + Kick (in air) Raging Sun: D, U + Kick (in air) Desperation Move: F, DF, D, DB, B, DB, D, DF, F + Hard Slash Secret Move: D, F, UF, U, UB, B, D + (Hard Slash + Weak Kick) GAIA: Full Steam: B, DB, D, DF, F + Slash Sea Slash: F, D, DF + Slash Arm Blast: F, DF, D, DB, B + Kick Desperation Move: F, DF, D, DB, B, F + Hard Slash Secret Move: DF, D, DB, D, DF, B, F, D + (Hard Slash + Hard Kick) No new moves were found for Gaia or Sho. If you find any new moves for any of the three characters above, please e-mail me at my Questions and Recieving e-mail address, Oh, and if you do want that code I mentioned above, beat all the characters without continuting and beat Gaia, Sho, and Cupido (who is accessable by beating Gaia and Sho without continuing) without losing a round. I would prefer just going with the button cheat. It's much easier. Thanks for downloading this! Remember, you got it here first! - Kitt t