Virtua Cop

Laser Sight Tip

    Not that it's really a code, but it IS very helpful - start up a game of Virtua Cop with a controller, pause, unplug the controller, and insert a light gun. (I know, I know, you're not supposed to remove controllers while the power is on, but to some this is worth it.) Now unpause. The controller's targeting cursor will remain on screen, and follow the gun where you point it - you now have laser sighting!


Super Gun

    Go to the Title Screen and do nothing for about 30 seconds. When the Sega logo appears, use the gamepad (it's much harder with the light gun) and hold down C while pressing (in this order) Up, Down, Left, then Right. You will hear a gunshot if the code is accepted. Next, the AM2 logo will appear. Hold C and enter Down, Up, Right, Left, Up, Up, Left, Right. You will hear a gunshot if the code is accepted. Go to the Regular Options Menu and highlight the three small arrows that have appeared in the lower right corner. Press START to access the Special Options. Click the Super Gun to "On." Now plug your light gun in. To access the Super Gun, PAUSE the game at any time during play and point the light gun off screen and pull the trigger. Click through the available weapons until you reach the Super Gun. You will now have a machine gun with unlimited ammo. You will lose the Super Gun if you pick up another weapon or die during play, but just point your light gun off screen and click to get the Super Gun back.