Saturn Bomberman

Level select

    At the title screen, enter the following combination to jump to the later levels in the Normal Mode.

    Level 1: L + R, Upper Left + A
    Level 2: L + R, Upper Left + B
    Level 3: L + R, Upper Right + C
    Level 4: L + R, Upper Right + X
    Level 5: L + R, Up + Y

View ending

    To see the Normal Game's FMV ending, enter L + R and Down + Z at the title screen, then press Start.

Two new characters

    You can select two new characters in Battle Mode by holding the L and R buttons at the "Which Mode" screen.

Change weather

    In Battle Mode, you can change the weather conditions by holding X, Y, Z at the stage select screen. As soon as you hear a "ding," pressing up and down will cycle through the multiple settings.