Fighting Vipers

Armor Explosion!

    To take your own armour off just put the game on Hyper mode then press back+Lshift+Rshift and then your charecter's armour will fly off and the charecter will start having a pulsating glow.

    Thanks to Sumeet Srivastava

Play as Kumachan

    Go to playback mode then go to exhibition games and then go all the way down to kumachans ultimate throw, view the battle, then go back to the titles screen and you can use kumachan in Arcade Training Team Battle and Versus mode!

    Thanks to Sumeet Srivastava

Workout Music

    To change music in training mode, while you are choosing the computer type,A,B,C etc... then press Lshift or Rshift to change the music!

    Thanks to Sumeet Srivastava

Big Head Mode

    Beat the game with every character, including Kumachan and Mahler.

    Courtesy of Xu Yuming

Get Big Mahler

    Beat the game in very hard mode without losing a single round.

    Big Mahler is just a larger version of Mahler