Duke Nukem 3D

All weapons and items

    When in the game, on the pause screen, press



God Mode

    God Mode : Pause the game and press xzzxyxyzy

    --David Bowen

Level Select

    Level Select : On main options screen press xyzzyxyzy

    --David Bowen

No Monsters

    No Monsters : at the skill level screen enter zzxxyxyx and the new skill level should appear

    --David Bowen

Death Tank without the Quake

    All you have to do is destroy all toilets and urinals in every stage entered, and finish the game (in any difficulty level). Not an easy task, but for those that can't purchase Quake, it will unlock the game. We didn't make a point to hide any toilets or urinals beyond what was in the PC version (other than in Urea 51), but I think we may have added some for play balancing. Also note that the giant toilet at the end of Urea 51 does not need to be destroyed.


Controller Debug Mode

    At the Duke Nukem 3D Main Menu screen, press and hold the X, Y, Z, L, and R buttons until "Info Mode: On" appears at the bottom of the screen. When you start a game, there will be some debugging messages at the top of the screen. The digital controls are represented by four hexadecimal characters.

    Not particularly helpful for the end-user, but hey...

Turok-style Controls

    On the Sega's 3D analog pad, pause the game and press YYZZXXYXZ. Unpause the game and you'll see the message Jevons Control: On.

    Your controls are now more like the N64 game Turok. The analog pad will always make you look up, down, left and right. The other controls are as follows:

    A: Open Door/Drink/Action
    B: Backward
    C: Strafe right
    X: Use item
    Y: Strafe left
    Z: Walk Forward
    L: Shoot
    R: Jump
    D-pad Up/Down: Select item
    D-pad Left/Right: Select weapon

    Do not do this code unless you have the analog controller.