Die Hard Trilogy

Cheat Menu

    At the copyright screen enter C, A, B, B, Y, C, A, B, B, Y. Pause the game in any episode and select "CHEAT."

Die Harder Tips

    M16 Glitch

    On the second wave of Die Harder throw a grenade just as you start to see people firing at you. If done correctly "M16" should flash across the screen. The M16 will be your default weapon.

    Police Shooters

    At the start of the game, shoot the first two moving police cars. "Major Disaster" should flash across the screen. The Policemen will start firing at you for a while.

    Beretta Default

    If you shoot and destroy the helicopter at the beginning of the game, you'll get the Beretta as your default weapon.

    Good Cop Bonus

    Don't shoot any hostages or policeman before entering the terminal, you'll receive a "good cop bonus." Then you'll be awarded lots of powerups.