Daytona USA

Catch The Leader

    at any point in the race, press and hold Z and the race leader will be drawn much closer tp your car.

Change The Soundtrack

    At the end of a race, when you are asked to enter your initials enter the initials from one of these games to hear its soundtrack:
    Virtua Racing: V.R
    Virtua Fighter: V.F
    Outrunners: ORS
    AfterBurners: A.B

Developer Credits

    Press START during the victory lap of a first place run and the developer credits will be displayed.

Karaoke Mode

    Set the playing mode to arcade. At the Track Select Screen, hold up on the D-pad and press C.

Make The Statue Dance

    When you see the statue named Jeffrey, press the X button and he will dance.

No Tires In The Demo

    During a race, go to the pit. After the tires have been taken off, but before the new ones are put on, press A+B+C+START to reset the game. When the demo comes on the car won't have any tires.

Replay Helicopter View

    Choose Saturn Mode, then choose a track. Now hold START as you pick your car to race in Time/Lap Mode. After finishing the race choose "YES" for the replay. Press R during the replay for the helicopter view.