Virtua Fighter 2

The best fighting game in the world is only on Sega Saturn.

Publisher: Sega
Developer: AM2
Genre: Fighting

What's to say about this title (and series) that hasn't been said? The arcade game is one of the most pioneering and ground-breaking of all time. VF1 was the first 3D fighter and VF2, with its superb use of textures (and the awesome Model 2 board) left all pretenders in the dust. VF2 can also be used to chart the performance of Saturn. After the disappointly glitchy VF1, VF2 showed what the system could really do.

With a style of fighting quite different from 2D, six-button brawlers like Street Fighter, VF2 offers gameplay depth that is simply unparalleled in the arcades, or on the consoles (Tekken II? get real). If this title isn't already in your library, you probably shouldn't be at this site.