Virtua Cop 2

More of the same action that made the original great!

Publisher: Sega
Developer: AM2
Genre: Light Gun Game

There isn't much to say about this game, since it's essentially the same game as Virtua Cop. You're back in Virtua City, doing what you do best: shooting hordes of burglars, gunrunners, mercenaries, and cyborgs that infest the city like mice (Does anybody ever wonder why a city full of crooks needs a police department?). Sure, the levels are longer and it has better graphics, but gameplay is exactly the same. So why get it? The Virtua Cop formula still runs fine, and AM2 hasn't run out of unbelievable level designs.

Shooting crooks requires a D-pad. In fact, some of the codes in the Decrypt section require that selections get made using the the control pad, but you can't truly enjoy the game without using a light gun. SaturnWorld suggests the Stunner/VC2 package, if you don't already own one. The gun calibration works perfectly, and you'll be mercy shooting thugs in no time.

The improvements in gameplay, while minor, are welcome. Levels are branched, with different graphics/targets per choice, which adds additional incentive to play the game over. Everything blows up, too. From jewelry cases to cars to ATMs, you'll leave trails of devastation wherever you fight for justice.

Level design is still fantastic, with cinematic car chases, tense hostage situations, and firefights that make John Woo look like a piker. VC2's designers seem to have a screenwriter's sense of timing, turning the tension and speed on at the right moments. If there's any complaint about this game, it's that it ends too soon.