Tomb Raider

Will remind some of Doom, some of Fade to Black,
and some of Prince of Persia.

Publisher: Eidos
Developer: Core
Genre: Adventure/ Platform

Tomb Raider, a 3D adventure right out of an Indiana Jones film, is one of the most impressive action games ever seen on a game system. Eidos and Core Design did an incredible job integrating a compelling storyline with equally cool gameplay and level design.

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider's main character, is a globetrotting archaeologist on a treasure hunt. You'll take Lara through four locations spanning over 15 different levels, each unveiling a tidbit of the overall plot. The storyline unfolds with cut-scenes and FMV throughout the game.

The game's level design revolves around Lara's extensive abilities. You'll need to figure out how to traverse the ruins by running, jumping, climbing, flipping, diving, and swimming through the different areas. You also need to utilize the large amounts firepower that's available throughout the game. Grab those pistols John Woo style -- with all the creatures and bad guys in the game, you'll have plenty of time to use them.

Throughout the game, you'll need to complete small tasks to complete each level. They aren't easy, but they don't leave you reaching for a hintbook, either.

Although Tomb Raider is an incredible game, it isn't perfect. Because of Tomb Raider's portability design, Saturn owners seem to get shafted in terms of graphic capability. True, the game engine flows smoothly and displays some very clever level design. But compared to the other versions of Tomb Raider out there, the low-color and low-resolution textures really stick out. It gets so bad that sometimes it's extremely hard to find hidden caverns and ledges because of the blocky graphics.

Core has designed a superb 3D adventure game that will remind some of Doom, some of Fade to Black, and some of Prince of Persia. This is an amazing game that's big on action and big on puzzles. Heck, it's just big. Tomb Raider's got it all.