Saturn Movies
Astal Introduction
This fun little intro introduces Astal and Lita, and gets right into the action. Solid anime-style animation.
RealMedia Quicktime - 11.6M

Command & Conquer Introduction
By using the television metaphor, the director introduces you to the world of C&C without falling into the perils of exposition. At the same time, the fake soap operas and aerobics shows deliver a healthy dose of dark and cynical humor that permeates the game.
RealMedia Quicktime - 13.4M

Fighters Megamix Introduction
Unfortunately, Sega's fighting game CG movies are never too exciting. Video models, and most of the Fighting Vipers figures are a bit stiff. However, it's nicely choreographed, if a bit generic. And hard to find, too -- not all Fighters Megamix owners know this introduction exists.
RealMedia Quicktime - 9.5M

Grandia Introduction
Now this is an RPG intro. While Final Fantasy VII might have set the standard, Grandia's prologue introduction is no slouch in the action department either. High-tech airships, mystical evil worms threatening the land, a girl with superpowerful green magic, rendered with a combination of CG graphics and traditional cel animation, it sets up the mood quite nicely.

Besides, the music is a notch better, too.

RealMedia Quicktime - 12.5 M

Guardian Heroes introduction
The treasured Treasure game had a half-following after its release. Some people absolutely loved Guardian Heroes, others despised the thing. But, hey...what other game lets you take the role of a dinky little squirrel?
RealMedia Quicktime - 14.8M

Gungriffon Introduction
This is one of the best game intros you'll ever see. It shows how useless old warfare is compared to mech technology, without sacrificing action. Visually, it shows classic Japanese mech action - a 40 ton robot that ignores inertia and gravity to totally kick ass.
RealMedia Quicktime - 17.3M

Last Bronx Intro
This is the anime intro to the Japanese version of Last Bronx. It's not bad, and all the characters are drawn well, but not enough fighting, dammit!
RealMedia Quicktime - 6.7M

Lunar: Silver Star Story
Do we really need to tell you what this game is? Didn't think so.

Here's the introduction.

RealMedia Quicktime - 11.2M

Mega Man 8 Introduction
A standard cartoon "introduce the heroes and villains in 30 seconds" deal. Not inspired, but solid.
RealMedia Quicktime - 9.0M

NBA Live '97 Introduction
Basically a long NBA action. EA Sports manages to get great looking footage and a crowd pleaser with very little effort.
RealMedia Quicktime - 8.0M

Panzer Dragoon Introduction
The introduction to the game that started it all. A well-directed, moody (if not slightly confusing the first time around) work of rendered cinematography.
RealMedia Quicktime - 46.2M

Prikura Daisakusen
This obscure (but good) little Japanese import has an introduction that explains the storyline. Can you figure it out? No? Neither could we.
RealMedia Quicktime - 8.0M

Sakura Taisen Introduction
Seems this one is everyone's favorite Japanese import. Here's the introduction to this interesting game.
RealMedia Quicktime - 5.8M

Saturn Bomberman Introduction
You can never have too many bombs, or can you? Hudson Soft's take on the situation, anime-style.
RealMedia Quicktime - 10.2M

Shining the Holy Ark Introduction
Sometimes the intro FMV is just that: an introduction. Shining the Holy Ark's intro cut scene is an excellent teaser for the game. Who are those three figures? Why did they blow up the ship? Mysterious without pretension, it eases the player into the situation without giving too much away.
RealMedia Quicktime - 6.3M

Silhouette Mirage Introduction
Treasure's hot new platformer has an intriguing intro, with video quality that's cleaner than anything else we've seen for some time. Pretty action-oriented, but a bit cliched in the music department.
RealMedia Quicktime - (10378 K)

Slayers RPG Intro
Slayers is one of the funniest anime (Japanese animation) shows to hit the scene in recent years, and ESP (an arm of GD-Net, a Saturn-friendly network of game developers) has just published the Slayers RPG, based on the second Slayers series. The intro stars all your favorites - Linna Inverse, Gourry Gabrieve, Zelgadis, Amelia, Naga, and some new characters that show up just for the RPG.

By the way, the Slayers series is available from Software Sculptors in subtitled and dubbed formats.

Quicktime - 9.7M

Toshinden URA Introduction
Okay, the game's really crappy, but the introduction's pretty cool. Take a look.
RealMedia Quicktime - 10.4M

Virtua Fighter Kids Introduction
Let's face it: the only reason why they made this game is to have this cool introduction. The rest of the disc is relatively pointless.
RealMedia Quicktime - 32.4M

Virtual On Introduction
Ah, giant mechs destroying each other in a downtown city. Who could ask for anything more?
RealMedia Quicktime - 4.1M

Virus Favorite Blue Video
Virus's big draw in Japan is the addition of a few songs from Favorite Blue, one of the more popular J-Pop groups. So, for you fans, here's the Favorite Blue song from the Virus CD.

Don't worry about the lip syncing, that's the way it shows up.

RealMedia Quicktime - (19953 K)

Television Movies
Nights Commercial
A controversial commerical to say the least, Ingalls Moranville made the mistakes of reintroducing the Sega Scream and dropping a PlayStation.

Lesson one: Never use an old shtick without a good update.

Lesson Two: Never use a competing platform except as a comparison or if you're showing the opposite platform. You tend to get the other company mad at you and your audience thinking about the PlayStation.

RealMedia Quicktime

Pepsiman Commercial I
Oh, those wierd wacky Japanese Pepsi ads. Pepsi sponsored the Japanese version of Fighting Vipers. Heck, AM2 included this misunderstood hero as a hidden character.
RealMedia Quicktime - 1.7M

Pepsiman Commercial II
He's back to offer refreshment to those hot (both ways) sunbathers. And what kind of thanks does he get? Sheesh...
RealMedia Quicktime - 1.0M

Pepsiman Commercial III
Third in the series, this time he's taken to the slopes and getting the respect he deserves. And what happens?
RealMedia Quicktime - 803K

Pepsiman Commercial IV
Numero Four. He supplies the Pepsi and a sparring partner for the Champ.
RealMedia Quicktime - 1.2M

Pepsiman Commercial V
Stuck in the hot, arid desert? Watch out for Pepsiman.
RealMedia Quicktime - 1.23M

Sonic Spinball commercial (Japan)
"Funky Action!" Sonic Spinball as it appears on Japanese television.
RealMedia Quicktime - 2.1M

Sonic the Hedgehog commercial (Japan)
The commercial of the game that started it all. This is how Sonic was introduced to Japanese audiences.
RealMedia Quicktime - 3.6M

Promotional Movies
Dead or Alive Promotional Trailer
Send via video tape, here's Dead or Alive in action. Watch 'em bounce!
RealMedia Quicktime - 20.7M

Deka (Die Hard Arcade) Commercial
A strange little commercial for Die Hard Arcade. You think American jingles are weird? Try the Japanese version.
RealMedia Quicktime - 2.2M

Virtua Fighter 3 Promotional Trailer
Here's something you might not have seen -- a lengthy cinematic featuring all the Virtua Fighter 3 characters.
RealMedia Quicktime - 15.3M

Fan Movies
White Dreamer
Just about the strangest tribute to the Saturn ever seen. A cute anime girl with a bouncy Saturn chest shows various pictures of white things. Gotta see it to believe it.
RealMedia Quicktime - 16.1M