Super GT

This Model 3 game is coming to Saturn. What's under the hood? - New Screenshots

Publisher: Sega
Developer: AM2
Genre: Racing
TBA 1998

Although everybody's been concentrating on Virtua Fighter 3's Saturn release, Sega is quietly preparing their next Model 3 release. Supercar, or Scud Racer, just debuted in the arcades last December, but the rumor mill has all but confirmed a Saturn release. Although the gameplay will most likely be identical to the arcade, players are most interested in seeing how AM2 will translate the graphics.

Like Touring Car, Scud Racer is a driving game, featuring custom cars, fast music, and realistic physics. Unlike STCC, Scud Racer sports four urban tracks and four sleek supercars, rendered to perfection like only the Model 3 board can. At 1,000,000/sec, Supercar's cityscapes provide ample opporunities for cool lighting effects.

A Supercar port, or even rumors of a Supercart port, hints that Sega has found a way or a compromise to bring down Model 3 games to the Saturn, but mum's the word on details. Whether this is the fabled VF3 graphics upgrade or a gameplay/graphics compromise, will remain a secret until March, when Yu Suzuki will reveal details on the final product.