Mega Man X4

A revamped, newer model of the original Megaman.

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Genre: Adventure/ Platform

Although less popular than the classic Megaman series, the Megaman X titles have also gained a strong following. Set in a distant future after the deaths of Dr. Wiley and Dr. Light, Megaman X is a revamped, newer model of the original android, Megaman.

In essence a 2D platformer, the Megaman games, both regular and X versions, had you jumping and running left to right, dodging obstacles and killing enemies. The big things about the Megaman series were imaginative character designs, plus the ability of Megman to absorb or gain new, exciting weapons.

The latest Megaman X gameplay retains the classic Megaman formula, with little or no change from the SNES days. Megaman X still slides, shoots, jumps, and climbs walls. His friend Zero is a bit different, but still does mostly the same thing. The only major difference between the Saturn version and the 16-bit version is enhanced graphics, with larger sprites and a few more colors.

However, some levels cross genres and do things that would be impossible on a 16-bit interview. There are points where you'll have to race up giant scrolling staircases or engage in a deadly jet-slide race. Both involve large amounts of sprite-handling and do achieve some impressive effects.

If you're expecting something groundbreaking, then look elsewhere, but Capcom knows that classics never die, and there should be plenty of fans waiting for this title when it arrives.