Fighting Force

Die Hard Arcade, move over. Core's ready to one-up Sega

Publisher: Eidos
Developer: Core
Genre: Action
Fall 1997

Amazing. Simply amazing. Core is on such a roll since Tomb Raider it's not even funny. Swagman aside, this feisty British company is gaining a reputation for innovative design and tight programming. Just how good? If Judgement Force's alpha lives up to its promise, Core could make a better Die Hard Arcade than Sega could.

In early early alpha, Judgement Force (a tentative title) already looks and feels cooler than Die Hard Arcade. Hawk walks with a strut that shames John Travolta, and he backs it up with an amazing repetoire of moves, including a power punch and plasma kicks. He's such a badass, this is his city. He moves like he owns it.

And what a city it is, too. With true movement into and out of the screen, the two available areas feel spacious, open, like you can go anywhere. Of course you can't, but there's a visceral thrill in just beating the crap outta people on the street, while taxis whiz by.

Although it's still a "fight a lot of baddies, then fight some more"-type game, you fight in full 3D. Like Perfect Weapon, your character can move into and out of the screen, and fight up and down, instead of left and right. Movement's cleaner than Perfect Weapon or the Crow, though, since you only need to fight in four directions. Unlike DHA or Perfect Weapon, Judgement Force incorporates moves that allow you to attack behind and to the side. For example, Hawk has this cool move where he punches behind him, spins around and follows through with a punch.

If Core wasn't a serious contender before, they are now. Check out the screens and decide for yourself.