Die Hard Trilogy

Get three decent games for the price of one

Publisher: Fox Interactive
Developer: Fox Interactive
Genre: Action

Usually, when a game tries more than one game genre (side-scroller, Doom-style, top down, light gun) the game ends up as less than the sum of its parts. Take LucasArts' Shadows of the Empire for the N64 or Rebel Assault on PC's and PSXs for example. Die Hard Trilogy on the other hand, is like an industrial strength multi-tool: each part of DHT isn't good enough to stand alone, but they get the job done. As a result, what would otherwise be a crappy movie license turns into a decent game.

Like the name suggests, DHT consists of three separate games, each with a certain level of gameplay. Die Hard is like a poor man's Tomb Raider with none of the exploration. Run around, rescue hostages, and kill everybody else. It's fairly straightforward, with little strategy, but since the old hit and run doesn't wear out that fast, playing this section every now get pretty entertaining.

Die Harder, part two of DHT, is a bad version of Virtua Cop. This section isn't as well done as the other two. You'll notice immediately, with the horrendous graphics, low framerate, and pathetic light gun tracking. This section's only redeeming value is the ability to blow just about everything up, from cars to soda machines.

Die Hard with a Vengeance caps this trio with an unrealistic but fun driving game. If you remember the movie's premise, a madman has set bombs throughout the city, and they'll all blow up unless John McClane can defuse them. So, you drive around the city in your commandeered taxicab, running into bombs with your car to detonate them.

The driving model is designed for arcade, not simulation driving, and collision detection is generally horrendous, but the game is still probably the most exciting of the three. Racing against the clock definitely pumps the adrenalin, especially in the last few seconds, as the clock grows to take over your screen, counting down. Each successful bomb defused is rewarded with an impressive explosion, which is immsensely rewarding. However, the most horrendous and satisfying part is running people down, complete with sound effects and blood on your windshield. This section isn't recommended for younger players.

Although you can see echoes of an infinite number of games in Die Hard Trilogy, Probe isn't merely content to copy other games. Each part has features that you wish the best games did. Die Hard uses transparent walls, an automap, plus target guides to help you navigate around. Die Harder has a large array of weapons, including the explosive shotgun, that you wish Virtua Cop 2 had. Die Hard with a Vengeance has a detailed city layout, and, well...blood. If nothing else, DHT should provide a good springboard of concepts for Probe's next title. Check this one out.

Cheat Menu

    At the copyright screen enter C, A, B, B, Y, C, A, B, B, Y. Pause the game in any episode and select "CHEAT."

Die Harder Tips

    M16 Glitch

    On the second wave of Die Harder throw a grenade just as you start to see people firing at you. If done correctly "M16" should flash across the screen. The M16 will be your default weapon.

    Police Shooters

    At the start of the game, shoot the first two moving police cars. "Major Disaster" should flash across the screen. The Policemen will start firing at you for a while.

    Beretta Default

    If you shoot and destroy the helicopter at the beginning of the game, you'll get the Beretta as your default weapon.

    Good Cop Bonus

    Don't shoot any hostages or policeman before entering the terminal, you'll receive a "good cop bonus." Then you'll be awarded lots of powerups.