Saturn Audio

After Burner
The mother of all Top Gun-themed shooters. Even the soundtrack sounds like it's ripped out of the Tom Cruise classic.
Final Take Off After Burner
City 202

Heavily requested by the few fans of the game. They've got all the right, too -- the music is pretty darn good.
Astal Theme Into the Darkness
The River of Dreams

Christmas Nights
For a freebie, this game has some seriously well-orchestrated music. You probably can get away with playing these carols during the holidays.
Jingle Bells

Daytona USA
What videogame music collection would be complete without Daytona? Let's Go Away, Rolling Start, and Blue Skies -- they're all here.
Daytona Blue, Blue Skies
Rolling Start!

Die Hard Arcade
No "Ode to Joy" in this Die Hard game, but there's some nicely composed action-techno throughout the levels. Here's a sample of the best.
Sneaking Around

Last Bronx
More brutal than the Fighting Vipers, Last Bronx is one of the most awaited Saturn fighting games since Fighters Megamix. Take a listen to a few choice tracks.
Last Bronx Theme Cross Street
Boss Stage Ending One

Mr. Bones
An OK game with some kick-ass blues guitar, courtesy of master Ronnie Montrose.
Mr. Bones Jammin' In This World

Nights: Into Dreams
Finish the game with all A's and your treated to one of the best video game theme songs ever. And the background music is superb as well.
Dreams Dreams (Nights Theme) Spring Valley
Frozen Bell Splash Garden

Out Run
Way before Daytona, there was Out Run and its then-awesome soundtrack. Click here and be taken back to the arcades, circa 1986.
Magical Sound Shower Splash Wave
Magical Sound Shower Remix

Panzer Dragoon
Some of the most requested music in the Saturn's library. A perfectly orchestral soundtrack accompanies most of the action, with upbeat pieces for the boss levels.
Title Introduction Level One
Level Three

Salamander Deluxe
Fans of the original shooter back in the 80's might remember the new tracks in this remixed game from Konami. Take a listen.
Salamander/LifeForce remix

Scavenger's technically awesome (yet rather mundane) Saturn game has some gritty industrial techno. Check out some of the premium choices from the soundtrack.
Scorcher One Scorcher Two

Sonic 3D Blast
Not quite the Sonic we wanted, but the game does have some nice European-style techno music in the background. And don't forget to groove to the bonus level tunes.
Level Two Bonus Level

Sonic CD
OK, we're putting a non-Saturn game in here, but it won't be the last. This game received a lot of flak when Sega's musical master Spencer Nilsen replaced the industrial music from the original Japanese version with tunes containing a lighter flair. Great stuff.
Sonic Boom Level One
Level Two Level Three

Sonic Jam
Nothing special, certainly nothing inspired. But it's a Sonic game, and we just have to include the music here.
Sonic World Ending

Space Harrier
The Granddaddy of Panzer Dragoon. No full-orchestration here -- hey, the game came out in 1985. But the theme is still pretty bippy.
Space Harrier Theme

Tempest 2000
What made Tempest 2000 so cool? Complimenting the chaotic action with one of the best techno soundtracks ever.
Mind's Eye 2000 Dub

Virtua Cop 2
Don't bop around too much when you're listening to these tunes, you might miss your target.
Level One B

Willy Wombat
Willy Wombat's making his way to the US, and here's your sneak peak at a mildly entertaining theme.
Willy Wombat Theme