Video Game Review loves video games, but we are unafraid of saying a game sucks -- because if the shoe fits, wear it. This rating guide accompanies each game in a review, and should indicate our stance on any game. However, it should be known that the content of each review is the most important aspect of the review in our opinion, and should overshadow its rating.

10: A stunning, flawless, superior game. A new paradigm in gameplay, graphics, and design.

9: An almost flawless, classic achievement. Just short of perfection.

8: An excellent effort, one in which its strengths overcome its flaws.

7: A good solid game. An example of a genre's status quo.

6: A good game, maybe even buyable, but nothing special.

5: Contains obvious problems. Questionable for buying, but a decent rental.

4: Sloppiness overcomes its potential; flaws outshine its strengths.

3: A gift from Grandma. Fun for one day -- maximum.

2: Absolute crap. Only good for a few laughs. Barely rentable.

1: Even your mom knows it sucks. Totally inexcuseable.