Nightmare Creatures
Playstation Password System

This document explains how to generate a Nightmare Creatures password to
your specifications.  The NC password system keeps track of five different
things using eight symbols (Triangle, O, X, Square, Up arrow, Down arrow,
Left arrow, and Right arrow).  Using these symbols variously in the eight
different password-screen slots gives a huge number of possible passwords,
almost all of which are illegal.

First you need to decide on the following (it might be good to write these
down):  Which character you want to play (Ignatius or Nadia), what level
you want to start on (1-21), what difficulty level you want to play on
(easy or hard), how many lives you want to have (1-31), and what weapon
you want to use (1-4).

Next, you will have to do a few simple math problems (groan).  Most of
these problems will ask you to do some simple operations (all the division
is in remainder form), then just take the answer from each of the problems
and run it through our handy little password decoder ring below:

0=Triangle  1=O  2=X  3=Square  4=Up  5=Down  6=Left  7=Right

This will convert your useless string of eight numbers into a useful
string of eight symbols.  Neat, huh?

Slot 1:  (No math here)  Ignatius              Nadia
   Levels 1-8            Triangle                Up
   Levels 9-16               O                  Down
   Levels 17-21              X                  Left

Slot 2:  (Level#-1)/8     Enter the remainder

Slot 3:  #Lives/4     Drop the remainder

Slot 4:  #Lives/4     Multiply the remainder by 2.  Add 1 if your weapon
is 3 or 4.

Slot 5:  (No math here)     Weapon# 1,3      Weapon# 2,4
          Easy difficulty    Triangle          O
          Hard difficulty     Up               Down

Slot 6:  (#Lives+Level#-2)/7     Enter the remainder

Slot 7:  (Level#+Weapon#-1)/7     Enter the remainder

Slot 8:  (#Lives+Weapon#-1)/7     Enter the remainder

Now I know that makes sense to me, but here is an example for the rest of

To start a game as Nadia, on level 13, with 21 lives, on easy difficulty,
and using the level 3 weapon:

Slot 1:  The symbol for Nadia on level 13 is Down-arrow.  That was easy...

Slot 2:  13-1 is 12, divided by eight is 1 remainder 4.  Putting the
remainder through the nifty decoder ring, I get Up-arrow.

Slot 3:  21/4 is 5 remainder 1.  I drop the remainder and put 5 through
the system.  Presto!  I get Down-arrow.

Slot 4:  21/4 is still 5 remainder 1.  This time I take the remainder and
double it for a grand total of 2.  Except now I have to add 1 because we
are using weapon# 3.  As the chart says, 3=Square.

Slot 5:  Another simple one.  Easy difficulty with weapon# 3 is Triangle.

Slot 6:  21+13-2 equals 32.  Dividing by 7 gets me 4 remainder 4.
Intuition tells me that 4=Up-arrow.

Slot 7:  13+3-1 equals 15.  Again dividing by that magic number 7, I come
up with 2 remainder 1.  The not-so-magic number 1 equals O.

Slot 8:  21+3-1 equals 23.  23/7 equals 3 remainder 2.  2=X.

Thus the code for the aforementioned game is (Drum roll please):  Down,
Up, Down, Square, Triangle, Up, O, X.  Putting this code in to my game I
see that It does in fact work.  Nadia is going to kick some ass in the
London Zoo.

Credits:  Chris Canfield:  Codebreaking, Logic, The ability to think in
base 7, 8, 2, and 4, and the inability to add 11 and 9 while doing so.
David Ruth:  Hours of mindless gameplay to gain slight variants on each

Hail Eris!