Grand Theft Auto: Basic Hints And Cheats
Basic Hints
Recently released Grand Theft Auto is an orgy of larceny and violence. OK, so it may not be state of the art in game design, but it can be good fun. The game's too open-ended for a churn-through, but we've put together some hints which will keep you away from the long arm of the law...

You begin your life of crime in Liberty city. To complete each city and progress on to the next one you must earn enough points to finish the stage. At the start of each city stage you will be told how many points you need to win.

Making Money
You earn points by completing jobs that you get from answering the phones. The more jobs you complete, the more points you receive. You can also earn extra points by keeping your eye on the pager in the top left corner of the screen. This will tell you about secret jobs and provide hints and tips throughout the game. There are other illegal ways of making cash. Every time you steal a car you will win points. You gain a lot more if you steal a cop car. Run over to the Hare Krishna's and kill their leader. The rest of them will follow you so just get out your biggest weapon and kill them all. You will receive a load of points for ridding the city of these orange bean-looking guys.

In Liberty City you can sell stolen cars at the docks, but after passing on a couple they get crazy and refuse to take anymore. The way around this is to shoot the car with the rocket launcher and blow the car up. You still get the money and you can keep going back with more.

If you steal a cop car and then run the cop over with it you should get about 7,000 points. Killing the cops with the flame-thrower will earn you 3,000 points. These are simple, but effective ways of earning points quickly.

Keeping Clear of the Law
The police can be difficult to get away from if you have a lot on your tail. Keep an eye on the top of the screen at all times. The little police faces tell you how many cops are looking out for you. The more faces, the more cops looking for you. When you complete a mission all the cops will forget about you. Until you start running people over again.

When the police are on your tail you will find it hard to outrun them. The cop car is one of the fastest in the game. If you can get into a big truck when the cops are chasing you, let them come racing up behind you and hit the truck. This will blow the cop car up and solve your problem. Another way of getting the cops off your tail is to stop your car. Wait till the cop gets out of his car, and then run him over. Easy.

When you are faced with a road block, try not to hit the cop cars as this will slow you down. Instead, run over the cops who stand next to the cars and you should make it through easily.

Controlling The Car
There are a wide range of cars to steal in GTA. Once you have learned the basic handling, they are all the same. The only difference being speed. Learn how to use the hand-brake as this can come in very handy for those high speed car chases. You can lose valuable time if you keep hitting walls because you're going too fast. To perform an emergency stop, press brake and reverse at the same time. This only works at high speeds.

When you are on a bike, the first thing you'll notice is their speed. You can spend as much time getting back on the bike as you do riding it. If you get knocked off the bike, keep the attack button held down and you will land on your feet and keep running. This can make the difference between escaping and being caught.

There are all kinds of power-ups available around the city. Keep your eyes peeled. Here is a quick description of what you can find in the crates. A Score Multiplier will increase your score. Get Out Of Jail Free is obvious. Police Bribe will let you keep all weapons and score multiplier if you get busted. Speed Up makes you run faster. These items can be found all over each city in crates. Blow them up and see what you get.

Getting Around
The cities get bigger and bigger, and this makes it really hard to remember where everything can be found. By using the little yellow arrow that's permanently on the screen you can get around quite easily. But it only points you in the general direction of your mission goal. So you have to follow the roads that lead in the general direction of which way the arrow is pointing. Once you know where the main roads are it can very helpful.

That's it. Now get downtown and please de mob bosses.

The Cheats
At the Character select screen, select Rename (Square button). Then type in any one of these codes: