Final Fantasy 7 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
                            By Matt Hobbs
                             Version 7

The Code To the Safe in Nibelheim
The Password for the Huge Materia in the Rocket
Tifa's Piano (What notes to play)
Ultimate Weapons
Level 4 Limit Breaks
Secret Materia Caves
The Key to Sector 5
Hard to get Items and Materia (Including FINAL ATTACK)
The Rare Item Steal and Morph Chart
Turtle's Paradise Flyers
The Secret Characters
The Item Duplication Trick
Those annoying ????????? items at the Gold Saucer
Chocobo Breeding Guide and Choco Billy's Chocobo Report
Other info

O - Circle Button
S - Square Button
T - Triangle Button
X = X (Cross) Button


This question gets asked so much, I had to do something about it
The code is: Right 36 - Left 10 - Right 59 - Right 97
After you open the safe, You'll fight the Lost Number, Don't worry, he's 
not very hard. After the Fight, you'll get the Following:

Cosmo Memory (On the "Items Won" screen after defeating Lost Number)
Basement Key (In the Safe) See below on how this can get Vincent to join 
you Odin Materia (On the Floor next to the safe)

...Now isn't that worth wasting 20 seconds opening the safe???


Another commonly asked question, as there's no way of learning the code 

The Code is:
Code 1 - O
Code 2 - S
Code 3 - X
Code 4 - X

After inputting the code, You'll get the last huge Materia!!!


Say you remember how the melody goes and press the Following Buttons:
X, S, T, L1+T, L1+S, X, S, T, L1+X, O, X, S, X
If you play it in Disc 1, you might get 1 Gil
If you play it in Disc 2 or 3 you might get an Elemental Materia or
Tifa's LV 4 Limit Break (Final Heaven)

This is a short list telling where to get all the best Weapons

Ultima Weapon - Cloud
This Weapon Can be found after defeating Ultimate Weapon

Missing Score - Barret
Bring Barret on the Raid to Midgar (Disc 2) and when you Climb the 
Sister Ray, You'll find it in a green chest along the way
NOTE: If you don't bring Barret, the chest won't even be there

Premium Heart - Tifa
This can be found in Midgar, (Disc 2 or 3) after you've found the Sector 
5 Key, (see Below for instructions on how to obtain the key) go to the 
Wall Market. In the item shop with the Pink machine that shot at you 
earlier, walk up to it and Push O, you'll get Tifa's Best weapon

Princess Guard - Aeris
This can Be found in the Temple of the Ancients in Room IIII (IV)

Limited Moon - Red XIII
This can be found in Disc 3, Bring Red to Cosmo Canyon and Talk to 

Conformer - Yuffie
This can be found in the Crashed Gelnika Airplane.

HP Shout - Cait Sith
An easily overlooked weapon. Return to the Shinra Building during the 
raid on Midgar near the end of disc 2 and search the lockers on the 64th 
Floor. (You may have seen it before, but Cloud refuses to take it)

Death Penalty - Vincent
Another easily overlooked weapon. After you get the Submarine (or a 
green, black, or Gold Chocobo) travel to a waterfall near a lake by 
Gongaga, and with Vincent in your party, enter a secret cave behind the 
falls. You'll meet Vincent's old Flame, Lucresia and learn more about 
his past, return later to get Vincents LV4 Limit Break and The Death 

Venus Gospel - Cid
This Weapon can be gotten anytime after the Rocket Huge Materia quest, 
return to Rocket town and talk to the Old man who gave you the Yoshiyuki 
(See below) keep talking to him and eventually, He'll give you Cid's 
Best Weapon. 


This is probably common knowledge, but you need to have learned all the 
other limit breaks before learning these, this is a short list telling 
how to get them:

Omnislash - Cloud
Win 32000 Battle Points in one trip (disc 2 or 3) at Battle Square in 
the Gold Saucer and buy this. 
Note: You can also get Omnislash in Disc 1, but it costs 51200 BP!!!!

Catastrophe - Barret
After the North Corel Huge Materia quest (Win or lose, it doesn't 
matter) talk to the woman in the house near the Inn to receive 

Final Heaven - Tifa
Found by playing the right notes on Tifa's Piano (Disc 2 or 3)
(See piano chart above)

Great Gospel - Aeris
In Disc 2 or 3 getting this is a Cinch, but by that time, Aeris is 
already dead!!! So, I'll tell you how to get it in disc 1: After getting 
the Buggy, Return to Costa Del Sol and Drive the Buggy INTO town, then, 
talk to a man on the docks, and, for 100 Gil, He'll let you ride back to 
Junon. Leave and You'll see you still have the Buggy. Drive it across a 
lake to the Northwest of town and talk to the man inside and he'll tell 
you how many times you fought. If the last 2 digits of that number (of 
battles fought) match up (EX. 255, 466 ETC.) He might give you a Key 
item called "Mythril" (if he gives you a Bolt ring, just try again till 
he gives you Mythril) Bring the Mythril to the man who lives in the 
House to the North of Gongaga town, and he'll offer you one of 2 boxes, 
The big one by the bed has a Gold Armlet in it and the Little one 
upstairs has Aeris' LV 4 Limit, Great Gospel, Inside it!!!! (Whew)

Cosmo Memory - Red XIII
Found after defeating Lost Number in the Shinra Mansion after opening 
the safe (See above for instructions on opening the safe)

All Creation - Yuffie
Won after Defeating Godo at the Top of the Wutai Pagoda

Chaos - Vincent
Found in Lucresia's Waterfall (Disc 2 or 3)
(See above for how to find this and the Death Penalty)

Highwind - Cid 
This is Found in a Treasure Chest in the Cargo room of the Crashed 
Gelnika Airplane


"Where are all the enemy skills???" Here is where they can all be found:

Name: Frog Song               MP Cost: 5
Learned From: "Touch Me" (Little Greenish-Brown Frog) in the Gongaga Area
Learned From: "Poison Frog" (Little Brown Frog) in the Ancient Temple
Effect: Uses [Sleepel & Frog] on one enemy

Name: L4 Suicide              MP Cost: 10
Learned From: "Mu" (Little Burrowing Squirrel) Near Chocobo Ranch (RARE)
Learned From: "Trick Play" (Also a little Squirrel) Outside of Bone Village
Effect: Uses [Mini & Critical] on enemies with a level that is a multiple of 4 (4, 8, 12, ETC.)

Name: Magic Hammer            MP Cost: 3
Learned From: "Razor Weed" (Little tuft of grass) in the Wutai Area
Effect: Drains 100 MP from the enemy and you Gain it!!!!!! (VERY USEFUL)

Name: White Wind              MP Cost: 34
Learned From: "Zemzelett" (Green and White Owl-like Critter) outside Junon (Manipulate it)
Effect: Cures team; how much HP is restored = the current number of HP the user has (EX. 9000HP = 9000HP restored); also restores status

Name: Big Guard               MP Cost: 56
Learned From: "Beach Plug" (Blueish-Black Leech) on the Beaches outside of Costa Del Sol (Manipulate it)
Effect: Casts [Barrier, MBarrier & Haste] on All Members (VERY USEFUL)
Name: Angel Whisper           MP Cost: 50
Learned From: "Pollensalta" (That Magic using Woman) in the North Cave; when the path splits, Go right to find her (Manipulate Her to learn the Enemy Skill)
Effect: Restores Full HP, Revives Dead and Cures any Status Ailments (VERY USEFUL)

Name: Dragon Force            MP Cost: 19
Learned From: "Dark Dragon" (Black Dragon) in the North Cave (Manipulate It)
Effect: Increases Defense and Magic Defense (I'm not quite sure how this works...)

Name: Death Force             MP Cost: 3
Learned From: "Adamantaimai" (Giant Turtle) on any Beach near Wutai (Manipulate it)
Effect: Protects one member from Sudden Death attacks (Like Death for example)

Name: Flame Thrower           MP Cost: 10
Learned From: "Ark Dragon" (Little Flying Dragon) in the Mythril Mine
Learned From: "Dragon" (Green Dragon) in Mt. Nibel
Effect: A basic Fire attack on one enemy

Name: Laser                   MP Cost: 16
Learned From: "Death Claw" (Monster with a lot of Claws) in Corel Prison (Disc 1 only)
Learned From: "Dark Dragon" (Black Dragon) in the North Cave (Manipulate It)
Effect: Cuts enemys HP in half

Name: Matra Magic             MP Cost: 8
Learned From: "Custom Sweeper" (Magitek Armor-Like Robots) outside of Midgar
Learned From: "Death Machine" (Looks Like Custom Sweeper) In upper Junon
Learned From: "Bull Motor" (Purple Robot) in Corel Prison (Disc 1 only)
Effect: Non-Elemental damage to all enemies

Name: Bad Breath              MP Cost: 58
Learned From: "Malboro" (Big Mouthed Plant) on Gaea's Cliff (Disc 2 Only) or in the North Cave; Go right when the path splits
Effect: Casts [Mini, Frog, Confu, Silence, Sleepel and Poison] on all enemies!

Name: Beta                    MP Cost: 35
Learned From: "Midgar Zolom" (Giant Shadow snake) in the marsh near the Chocobo Ranch
Effect: Fire Damage on All enemies

Name: Aqualung                MP Cost: 34
Learned From: "Harpy" (Three-headed monster) in the Corel Desert
Learned From: "Jenova-Life" (The Boss at the end of Disc 1)
Learned From: "Serpent" (Leviathan-Like monster) in the Crashed Gelnika Plane
Effect: Water Damage on all enemies

Name: Trine                   MP Cost: 20
Learned From: "Materia Keeper" (Spider-like Boss) on Mt. Nibel
Learned From: "Godo" (Fifth enemy in the Pagoda)
Learned From: "Stilva" (Red Spider Like Enemy) in cave at Gaea's Cliff (Disc 2 only)
Effect: Lightning Damage on all enemies
Note: You MUST learn Trine from these Enemies or you will NEVER get another chance to learn it

Name: Magic Breath            MP Cost: 75
Learned From: "Stilva" (See above)
Learned From: "Parasite" (Purple Leech) in the North Cave
Effect: Fire-Ice-Lightning Damage to all enemies

Name: ????                    MP Cost: 3
Learned From: "Jersey" (Scale like monster) in Shinra Mansion at Nibelheim (RARE)
Learned From: "Behemoth" (Purple Monster) in The Underground of Sector 8 (Disc 2 only)
Learned From: "King Behemoth" (Orange Behemoth) in the North Cave; go left when the path splits
Effect: Does damage = to the number of HP you lost

Name: Goblin Punch            MP Cost: 0
Learned From: "Goblin" (Little Critters wearing Boxing gloves) on Goblin island
Effect: Just a basic attack (But it doesn't cost any MP)

Name: Chocobuckle             MP Cost: 3
Learned From: "Chocobo" (One near the Chocobo Ranch or Mideel)
How to learn
Step 1: Buy 3 Mimmet Greens at the Chocobo Ranch (or the Gold Saucer)
Step 2: Find a level 16 chocobo (Use Sense) 
Step 3: Feed the Chocobo all 3 Mimmet Greens
Step 4: Cast L4 Suicide on it and It SHOULD counter with Chocobuckle
Effect: Does damage = to the number of times you run (EX. Run 50 times = 50 Damage)

Name: L5 Death                MP Cost: 22
Learned From: "Parasite" (See above) (Manipulate It)
Effect: Kills any enemy with a level that is a Multiple of 5 (EX. 5, 10, 15, ETC.)
Name: Death Sentence          MP Cost: 10
Learned From: (Almost all the enemies in the caves of the GI) (Disc 1 only)
Learned From: "BoundFat" (Fat Little yellow Monsters) in Zango Valley
Effect: Begins a countdown to doom......

Name: Roulette                MP Cost: 6
Learned From: "Death Dealer" (Floating Card Jester) in the North Cave; go right when the path Splits
Effect: Randomly Kills one enemy or team member

Name: Shadow Flare            MP Cost: 100
Learned From: "Ultimate Weapon" (He uses it just before he dies)
Learned From: "Dragon Zombie" (Big skeletal Dragon) in the North Cave; go right when the path splits
Learned From: "Safer Sephiroth" (The One-Winged Angel) Who Cares???
Effect: BIG damage on one enemy

Name: Pandora's Box           MP Cost: 110
Learned From: "Dragon Zombie" (See above)
Effect: Big damage on all enemies
Note: He uses this only once per game, so learn it while you can.

And thats it, all 24 enemy skills


Here's a little Something New: Increases, That is, good places to gain 
Exp, Gil, AP and Win a few Items in the Process!!!

Build Up Areas:

Disc 1:
After Getting the Buggy, Return to Junon and go to the Room below the 
Elevator that Rufus used Earlier and Hit The Red Alarm Box on the wall, 
Monsters will Appear in the room, These enemies range in anywhere from 
900-1500 Exp, 2000-5000 Gil and 100-300 AP!!!!!

Disc 2: Crashed Gelnika makes a Great Level up area, a single battle can 
earn up to 8000 Exp and 500 AP and a LOT of Gil (Beware, These enemies 
are TOUGH)

Disc 3: In Sephiroth's Cave (I.E. the North cave) when the path splits, 
go left, then up. You'll be in a Marshy area, there you can fight Magic 
Pots (8000 Exp, 1000 AP and over 20000 Gil a piece) and Movers (0 Exp, 
but 800 AP and about 50000 Gil and they ALWAYS show up in groups of 
three!!!) Note: You MUST use an Elixir Or Angel Whisper (!) on a Magic 
Pot or you won't be able to harm it :(


Building Limits
"How do I build my limit level"
here's a little something explaining how:

To get a new limit in the same level, just use the Original limit about 
8 times

To gain a limit level, Have the character whose limit level you want 
increased kill anywhere from 60-100 enemies


Around the world, there are 4 secret caves that hold only a piece of 
Materia but, that Materia is usually very useful (Like KOTR and 
Mime) However, they all require colored chocobos to get to them. 
Here's where they are and how to get to them:

Cave 1: on a peninsula near Wutai, You need a Green, Black, or Gold 
Chocobo to get there, once inside, you'll find the Mime Materia  

Cave 2: North of Corel village in a large desert, You need a Black or a 
Gold Chocobo to get there, You'll find HP<->MP inside

Cave 3: On a distant island in the Mideel area, You need a Black or Gold 
Chocobo in order to reach this cave, Inside it is The Quadra Magic 

Cave 4: Probably the most popular or the four, this is on a small round 
island in the very North-East corner or the world map and you MUST have 
a Gold Chocobo to get there. This cave Contains the Knights of the Round 
(KOTR) Materia!!!!


Probably the most commonly asked question among FF7 players
I'm going to reveal the location of this easily missed Key item

Step 1: After Cloud rejoins the team in disc 2, go back to Midgar and a 
man will be standing outside the town, talk to him to learn about a 
missing key.

Step 2: Travel to Bone Village and choose to Excavate "Good Treasure"
then place diggers if you like (but, it's not necessary) and have them 
dig near a small piece of metal sticking out of the Wrecked plane near 
the entrance. (it's across from the blocked door) In the morning, check 
the Treasure chest, and you should get the Key to sector 5!!! Once 
inside Midgar, there's really not to much to do, but if you go into the 
church where you first met Aeris, you'll catch a quick glimpse of her 
ghost. Also, return to the Wall Market and you can get Tifa's Best 
Weapon (See above) then go back and talk to the man who sold you the 
batteries and he'll offer to sell you the Sneak Glove for 129,000 Gil!!! 
But, besides those few things, Midgar's pretty much empty.

Not exactly for the best items, this list is for easily overlooked items

When you first visit Rocket Town, talk to an old man standing just 
outside a house below the rocket, keep talking to him and eventually, 
he'll give you the Yoshiyuki, a weapon for Cloud

Not a very good weapon, but It's hard to find, so...
Go to Gold Saucer and play the Shooting Coaster game and Score over 5000 
points. A task that's easier said than done, even for the best players
Note: you can only get the Umbrella in disc 1

To get this weapon for Cid, just do the same thing you did to get the 
Umbrella Except, do it in disc 2 or 3
Note: The Flayer is stronger than the Venus Gospel, Cid's Ultimate 

Mega All Materia
A very useful materia, it can only be found in the North Cave (disc 3) 
when the main path splits, go left then down to find this. It is hanging 
over a ledge with a waterfall behind it and you have to grab it while 
jumping (just keep pushing O while jumping)

W-Magic Materia
Also found in the North cave, Except go Left and Up to find it, keep 
going until you reach a room with a white pit and a forest, there's a 
little yellowish stone near the edge of the forest, take it, it's W-
Magic. Also before leaving, go to the pit and look for a spot that is 
slightly darker and push O, you'll get Counter materia.

Final Attack Materia
Another very commonly asked question
This Materia can only be obtained in Disc 2 or 3 at the Gold Saucer 
Battle Square. After buying Omnislash and W-Summon, you'll be offered a 
chance at a special battle, that contains tougher monsters than the 
normal battle (including Proud Clod...Yikes!!!) if you win the Special 
battle, you'll get Final Attack materia as your prize!!!

Contain Materia
You can get this Materia in Mideel, just talk to the little white 
chocobo and give it a Mimmet green (Note that the game says you're 
giving it a "Samolen" green, that's just another of many mistakes in 
FF7) and when it the lead character asks where he/she should tickle the 
chocobo, choose "Behind his ear" and you will get Contain Materia!!! 
(Could this be ANY easier?!?!?!?!)

Curse Ring
You can also get this item in Mideel (but only before it gets destroyed)
check the back door of the weapon shop to discover it's locked, then go 
to the house at the end of the bridge near the entrance to town and walk 
around to the right side of it and if you're in the right spot, you 
should hear a faint click, Push O when you hear the click to get an old 
Key, return to the weapon shop and try to open the door with the key, 
when the shopkeeper asks what's going on, just tell him the truth and he 
will give you the Curse Ring.

FullCure Materia
This can be found in Cosmo Canyon (disc 2 or 3), if you were at the item 
shop earlier in the game, you may have noticed a door behind the 
counter, but couldn't get there because a rope was blocking you, well in 
disc 2 and 3, that rope will be gone and you can get to the back room, 
check the green stone on the table to get FullCure, and check the bag on 
the floor to get a Magic Source and an Elixir.

Guide Book and Underwater Materia 
These Rare and Unusual items are linked together, so I'll cover them 
both at the same time.

The Guide Book: This can be found in the passage leading to the Undersea 
Mako reactor at Junon (the underwater passage) Keep fighting until you 
meet an enemy called a Ghost Ship, You can Morph it into a Guide Book 
(By killing it with Morph...Duh)

Underwater Materia: Once you have the Guide Book, Return to Kalm town 
and give it to the "Traveler" in exchange, he'll give you the Underwater 
Materia which Eliminates the twenty minute timer when fighting Emerald 

I'm really not sure exactly why, but this materia gets missed very often 
also. During the Raid in Midgar near the end of Disc 2, Proceed as 
normal until you get to the brown train tunnel, then, instead of going 
up to the Sister ray, Head down, you'll keep passing repeating screens, 
and occasionally, you'll find a treasure chest. (They all contain 
Various "Source" Items) Keep going down and you will meet Red XIII, 
Ignore his warning and continue going down, Eventually, You'll come to a 
dead end path with a save point and a Yellow Materia, This materia is, 
of course, W-Item. Note that you cant go back any further...I'll bet 
this path would lead to the train tunnel blocked by laser beams at the 
beginning of the game......
(If you think going all the way down here to get W-Item is a waste of 
time, see the Item Duplication trick for a motivating reason to get 


Kalm Secrets
Maybe it isn't obvious to everyone, but there are many secrets in Kalm 

Ether - Look in the Door Below the Stairs in the "Traveler's" house 

Ether - Look in a Closet on the right-hand wall in the house closest to 
the inn

Ether - Go upstars in the house closest to the stairs and open the 
cabinet that is next to the Locked Trunk (Anyone know how to open that 

Guard Source - In the Middle Building, Go up the Straight Starcase and 
open the dresser next to the girl there

Peacemaker - In the same Building where you got the Guard Source, Climb 
the spiral staircase and open the Treasure chest there to get it

Megalixir - Go upstairs in the Inn and then go around the stairs and 
search the Shelf about 5 times

Other Secrets

The Window - In the room where you got the Peacemaker, you can look out 
a window, just face the bright light in the wall :)

The Dog - In the room downstairs from where you found the ether and the 
locked chest, you can open a closet and release a dog, talk to the pooch 
and he'll run away :)


it's probably common knowledge by now, but stealing can get you some 
rare and valuable items if you steal from the right monsters. Here is a 
short list telling what some of the rare items you can steal are:

Reno (Disc 2) - Touph Ring (Yes, it's the same thing that Seph had equipped)
Rude (Disc 2) - Ziedrich 
Elena - Minerva Band
Diamond Weapon - Rising Sun
Schizo (that twin-head dragon in the Ice cave) - Protect Ring
Eagle Gun (on the Train in the Corel Huge materia quest) - Warrior Bangle

There are MANY more, just keep trying to steal from everything, who 
knows what you can find...


in addition to steal, some enemies can also be Morphed into good items:

Cactuer (Little Green cactus) - Tetra Elemental
Ho-Cho (Big Green and Pink plant at the Battle Arena) - Ribbon
Master Tonberry (Little Critter with a star over his head) - Ribbon
Iron Man (Blue soldier with a BIG sword) - Escort Guard

Once again, there are MANY more


There are 6 Turtle's Paradise Flyers located around the world, if you 
read them all, got to the Turtle's Paradise bar at Wutai to get a Prize.
Here's Where they Are:

Flyer 1: This one can be found in the Sector 5 town near Aeris' House in
Midgar, Go into all the houses until you find one that has a staircase 
leading upstairs to a room with a sleeping kid inside, look on the wall 
to find the flyer

Flyer 2: This is on the First floor of the Shinra Building, go behind 
the stairs and read the papers on the bulletin board.
(Note: you can only get to this during the Midgar raids near the 
beginning of disc 1 and the end of disc 2)

Flyer 3: This one is in the Ghost Hotel at the Gold Saucer, read the 
paper on the wall Next to the item shop entrance to find it

Flyer 4: This one is in Cosmo Canyon, Read the Flyer upstairs in the 
"Shildra Inn" 

Flyer 5: This Flyer can be found on a Post by the "Tiger Lily arms shop" 
in Cosmo Canyon

Flyer 6: After Catching Yuffie and getting your materia back, go 
downstairs in her house and read the long, thin paper on the wall

After Finding all the flyers, head to the Turtle's Paradise and Claim 
your prize: one of each of the "Source" items and a Megalixir


Another very commonly asked question, here's how to get Vincent and 

Getting Yuffie:

Step 1: Fight in any forest and Yuffie Will eventually appear (in a 
random battle) She'll be called "Mystery Ninja" defeat Her and answer 
her questions as Follows:

First of all DON'T use the save point, or Yuffie will leave

Yuffie's Question:
Let's Fight once again (this isn't her exact question, just bear with me 

Response: Not interested

Yuffie's Question:
Are you Scared of me?

Response: ......Petrified!

Yuffie's Question:
I'm gonna leave!!!

Response: Wait a minute

Yuffie's Question:
Do you want me to go with you?

Response: That's Right

Yuffie's Question
OK, I'll go with you

Response: Let's Hurry on....

after this Yuffie will join your team, but she has a plan...HAHAHA!!!!!

Note: if you give the opposite answer, Yuffie will run away and steal 
some Gil


Getting Vincent:
Finding Vincent is easier than finding Yuffie, Here's how to do it:

Step 1: First open the safe in Shinra Mansion (See above for code) and 
defeat Lost Number

Step 2: After Defeating Lost Number (Easy Kill) check the safe to get 
the Key item "Basement Key" (and don't miss the easily accessed Odin 
Materia nearby either) 

Step 3: open the secret door Cloud used in the flashback and enter the 
basement cave, once inside, open the Wooden door using the key

Step 4: "Talk" to the coffin in the middle of the room, Vincent will 
awake and ask to talk for a while:

Vincent's Question:
What do you want? (again, this isn't exactly what he says)

Response: Talk about Sephiroth

Vincent will then go back to sleep

Step 5: Press O again and Vincent will reappear

Vincent's Question:
What is it this time?

Response: Who are you?
you will get to name Vincent and then he will go back to sleep.
Just continue on to the meeting with Sephiroth at the end of the 
basement. When you start to leave, Vincent will appear and offer to join 
the party.


A useful trick that you can do after getting W-Item Materia 
Equip the W-Item Materia (Duh) and go into battle, Choose the item you 
want to duplicate and use it, for the second item, it doesn't matter 
(you're not really going to use it anyway :) after selecting the second 
item, Press O to select it, but instead of using it, Press X to cancel 
it, The number of the First item you used should increase, after that, 
press O to use the item, X to cancel, O to use, X to cancel, and repeat 
the pattern. If it works, you can get as many as 99 of the selected 
(Note: You can only do this trick with items that are usable in battle)


ok, so maybe this ISN'T a very commonly asked question, but for those 
who don't feel like building up that much GP, here's what the ????????? 
items at the shop in Wonder Square at the Gold Saucer are:

The ?????????? Item that Costs 500 GP is a Carob Nut
The ?????????? Item that Costs 1000 GP is the Gil Plus Materia (Limited to 1)
The ?????????? Item that Costs 2000 GP is the EXP Plus Materia (also Limit 1)


"How do I get a Gold Chocobo???"
I've heard this question too many times to ignore it, so here, in full 
is how to get EVERY chocobo (Except a white chocobo; that's just a False 
Rumor) You can't start the Breeding process until Cloud rejoins the team 
in Disc 2

(This is a long procedure, so I'll do it in steps)

Step 1: Rent Stables from Choco Bill for 10,000 Gil each

Step 2: Next, Catch a "Good" and a "Great" Chocobo 
To catch a "Good" Chocobo, just fight around near the Corel Desert (on 
the clawprints with a Chocobo Lure Materia equipped) and catch one, any 
one will do. To catch a "Great" chocobo, fight around Mideel and catch 
ONLY a chocobo that is with 2 White Wolf-Like creatures. If you caught a 
Male Good chocobo and a Female Great Chocobo (or Vice-Versa) you're 
ready for Step 3

Step 3: Get 3 Carob nuts, you can buy them at the Gold Saucer for 500 GP 
each (Yeah, Right!!) or steal them from a red dinosaur-like enemy 
outside of Bone Village; you need 3 of them

Step 4: When you have the nuts, Return and Mate your "Good" and "Great"
chocobos with a Carob Nut, if all goes well, you should have a blue or 
green chocobo!!
(Note: you may get either color, or just another yellow one, if this 
happens, just reset and try again till you get the one you want)

Step 5: Waste some time here, as it takes about a half hour before Choco 
Billy lets you Mate chocobos again, so bring your new choco to the Gold 
Saucer and race him up to the "A" class (or "S" class, if you want)

After Choco Billy lets you mate chocobos again, mate one of the parents 
with the new Colored chocobo and hopefully you'll get the other color 
(Blue or Green)that you didn't Get before, once again, mate them using a 
Carob Nut 

Then go race the other chocobo up to "A" class
After this, Release the "Good and Great" Chocobos; you won't need them 
any more

Step 6: Mate The Blue and Green Chocobos using a Carob Nut (Hope they 
are of the opposite Sex) and you'll most likely get a Black Chocobo, 
Race blacky up to "A" class too (Notice a trend here yet?)

Step 7: Go to the area outside of Icicle Inn and catch a "Wonderful" 
Chocobo (In the clawprints, of course) You can find Wonderful Chocobos 
by catching only ones that are with one or two jumping white rabbits.

If the "Wonderful Chocobo" is of the opposite Sex or the black one, race 
it up to "A" class then Use a Zeio Nut (You can steal these from Goblins 
on a small island north of Mideel) to mate it with the Black one an 
You'll hopefully get a Gold Chocobo!!!! It takes a lot of work, but it's 

Note: when racing a Chocobo, be sure to feed each one at LEAST 10 Sylkis 
greens, you can buy these from the Chocobo Sage, who lives in a secluded 
cabin in the Icicle Area

when you bring a chocobo back to the stables, Choco Billy says one of 7 
things, Here's what they all mean:

This...Is a Wonderful Chocobo!!!!!       (Wonderful)
This is a Great Chocobo                  (Great)
Mmm, this seems like a Good Chocobo      (Good)
Mmm, this ones not bad                   (Average)
This is a pretty average Chocobo         (Average)
This one doesn't seem to be very good... (Bad)
I really can't recommend this one...     (The Worst)   


this info really doesn't go anywhere, It's just trivial anyway

Useless items
There are many items (mostly won in the Gold Saucer) that have no use 
whatsoever, they're just for looks. They are:

1/35 Soldier (Ignore the rumor, These are useless)
Super Sweeper
Masamune Blade
Combat Diary
Guide Book   \
Desert Rose   )-----these 3 items have no use directly, but can be                              
Earth Harp   /      traded for various things that CAN be used
Battery  (This item has a use, but if you kept one, it's useless later)
Masamune - This is Sephiroth's weapon that can only be obtained using a 
Gameshark, I originally thought this item to be useless, but a fellow 
FF7 fan (ViNcE19239) informed me that this item has a use:  
Using Gameshark, You can get Seph on your team, and he can be equipped 
with this.
(Not that it makes much difference anyway since he already has one)

Oh, yeah, the Masamune can be thrown too :)


There are many of these, but are any of them true????

Aeris' Revival: I personally don't believe it can be done, however, 
there are several people who claim they HAVE Revived her (Yeah, Right)
If you stick her back in your team using Gameshark, nothing different 
will happen, this lead me to believe that she, in fact, CANNOT be 
(Please don't E-Mail me just to tell me she can be revived; I don't want to hear it!!!)

The White Chocobo: This rumor I don't believe either, but the theory 
sounds convincing enough, mate 2 Gold S-Rank chocobos and then mate 
their offspring with a green chocobo, also, this chocobo is said to go 

Onyx Weapon: This one also sounds convincing, use the white chocobo to 
go under the Midgar Zolom's Marsh and there he is...I doubt it though......

Sephiroth as a team Member: C'mon people!!! He's the Final Boss, do you 
Really think this guy is going to say "Hey Cloud, I'm sorry I called 
Meteor and destroyed Nibelheim 5 years ago, let's be friends now!" I 
don't think so!!! True, you can get him on your team in the flashback, 
but even then, the computer controls him, even if you put him in your 
team using Gameshark!!!! He AIN'T gonna join you!!! END OF STORY!!! (Do 
I sound like Barret here???)

The General: I don't know WHO started this, but this General guy, 
supposedly the crazy old man living in the pipe in Sector 5 has Nothing 
to do Whatsoever with the outcome of the game!!!

Super Nova Materia: Sounds nice, but you can't really get it (c'mon, 
Cloud and his friends are trying to save the universe, not destroy 

Aeris' Ghost: This is actually true, after returning to Midgar in disc 2 or 3, you can see the ghost of Aeris for a second in the church where you first met her. This however, doesn't lead to her revival, it was in, reality, just another mistake. (In fact, it can be seen when Aeris is 
alive and on your team!!)

Cloud's LV 5 limit: The theory sounds convincing here too, just get 
Ultima Weapon, Omnislash and all 3 master materias and in the very final 
(not possible to lose) battle with Human Sephiroth, Cloud was supposed 
to be able to use a secret LV 5 it true????

The Unlimited Money Card + Mancharia Town: Unlimited Money...a legendary 
town where you're supposed to find it...well, these two ideas are nice, 
but they aren't really True...... 

Test 0: Actually, This is true, Test 0 was an enemy in the Japanese Version of FF7, It was supposed to give you lots of Experience and Gil. (or so I hear) It was either a battle testing opponent or was just put in as a joke, it was removed from the American Version, however. (For some unknown reason)

I really have no intentions of updating this FAQ, so don't mail me about 
it. The only reason this is even here is because I was cleaning out my 
Hard Drive, just happened to come across it, and thought it might be