Mega Man

Published by Capcom
Genre: Action Players: 1

Extra Damage
To do extra damage with the Cutman Blade or the Elecman Beam, pause the game as soon as a hit registers, then immediately unpause. This will result in multiple hits. By pressing Start or Select rapidly, you can do a huge amount of damage with a single shot.

Warning: This can work against you if you've been hit by Cutman or Elecman. Be careful.

Game Genie Codes
from Anthony (
OZSKPZVK  Infinite lives
AASPLAZA  Start with 1 life
IASPLAZA  Start with 6 lives
AASPLAZE  Start with 9 lives
SZKZGZSA  Infinite energy
TAXOIOGO  Start with half energy
AVVXLPSZ  No harm from enemies, except super villians

Mega Man 2

Published by Capcom
Genre: Action Players: 1

All Weapons
For all weapons and items plus four energy tanks, enter the password "A5 B2 B4 C1 C3 C5 D4 D5 E2".

Alfred Hitchcock fans rejoice. Mega Man goes to the birds with this code. When selecting a boss, hold A to turn the stars in the background into flying birds.

Game Genie Codes
from Anthony Greco (
SXUGTPVG  Infinite lives    
SXXTPSSE  Infinite energy (You may get stuck
          near the end of the game if your
          weapon energy runs out.)
TEKAIEGO  Start with half energy
PANALALA  Start with 1 life
TANALALA  Start with 6 lives
PANALALE  Start with 9 lives
LZVSSZYZ  Burst-fire from normal weapon
TANAOZGA  Power jumps   
AANAOZGE  Super power jumps 
APNAOZGA  Mega power jumps  
GZKEYLAL  Maximum weapon energy on pick-up  
PGEAKOPX  Moonwalking

Long Jumps
If you pause in the middle of a jump, you'll reset Mega Man's downward velocity. If you press Start rapidly at the height of a jump, you can coast for long distances. This also makes Mega Man "phase out", causing most bullets to fly through you without harm.

Password for Dr. Wily's Castle
To skip to the fourth level of Dr. Wily's castle, enter the password "A1 B2 B4 C1 C5 D1 D3 E3 E5".

Mega Man 3

Published by Capcom
Genre: Action Players: 1

Freeze the Robot Masters
This code will freeze the enemy robot masters. First, let the robot master come to the ground, then wait for their energy to fill up completely. When the robot master begins to move, hold UP and A on controller 2. This will freeze the robot master where he is and you can shoot him at your leisure.

NOTE: Try to freeze the robot master when he is on the ground because neither person will be able to move but, Mega Man will be able to shoot.

Game Genie Codes
from Michael L. Constantinov
XZXXZZ     Push Start to fill up your energy.  Note that this code
           messes up the subscreen and you can't select the
           gun you start off with.
YNXSTLGO   You can slide forever.
YAKGNIPA   Start with mega speed.

High Jump
For extra jumping power, hold Right on Controller Two while jumping.

These passwords should rush you along.

All weapons, All Items, 9 ETs, no Doc Robots
     Blue: A3 B5 D3 F4           Red: A6

All weapons, All Items, 9ETs, Dr. Wily Stage 1
     Blue: A1 A3 B2 B5 D3 F4     Red: A6 E1

All Sixteen Bosses Finished      Blue: A3 B5 D3 F4  RED: A6

Slow Motion
To slow portions of the game to a crawl, hold Up on Controller Two while playing.

Mega Man 4

Published by Capcom
Genre: Action Players: 1

All Weapons and Items
For all weapons and items, enter the password "A1 A4 B5 E2 F1 F3".

Free Pharaoh Shots
To kill with the Pharaoh Shot without using energy, power up a shot, then hit something while the shot is still building. Press Start then resume play and power up the shot again. Repeat as needed.

Secret Weapons
In Dive Man's level,after beating the second whale, there should be a hole nearby. Fall in it and dodge all the spikes to find the Wire Power. This power allows you you to hang on the ceiling and hit enemies for fair damage.

In Pharoah Man's level, instead of entering the first hole, use the R.Coil to jump over it. Go past the desert to find the Baloon Power. This allows you to release balloons that you can jump on.