The Legend of Zelda

Published by Nintendo
Genre: RPG Players: 1

Fast Save
from Excaliber (
To exit and save your game quickly, press Start on Controller 1 and Up+Start on Controller 2.

Game Genie Codes
from Josh Bruce and Michael L. Constantinov
NOTE: If their is an "o" next to the code it means it will only work with the old version of Zelda. You can tell if you have an old version when you die and it says Continue, Save, Retry and nothing else. If you have the new version it will also have a red box that says Hold in the Reset button when you turn off the power. If there is an "?" next to the code, the code has not been tested on both versions of the game.

PPLXZZ     Touch wall and a ghost will appear 
PPEEAA     Brings up castle subscreen at all times
VVTTSP     Puts you on beginning screen
POZXXU     Walk around and fire sword, you will get stuff on
AAIZZI     Infinite money--?
AEEAEE     all enemies in game are falling rocks
AAPVEX     Start game at the top left corner of map
AAANAA     Walk through walls in castles.  Use the whistle to get to
           a  castle.
AAPNLO     Walk through walls, trees, and water in the overworld.  
           Don't enter caves; if you do you will not be able to get out.
OSTLLY     Press the B button to use weapons you do not have.  When
           using this code you must have no weapons.  You may have
           to press the B button several times.
AIIOOV     Start with 24 bombs--o
TIIOOV     Start with the potion--o
YIIOOV     Start with the wand--o
IIIOOV     Start with the meat--o
GIIOOV     Start with the whistle--o
LIIOOV     Start with a green candle--o
ZIIOOV     Start with the bow--o
PIIOOV     Start with a very strong arrow.  (This arrow can't kill
           Ganon so of you want to pass the game don't use this code)--o
TTIOOV     Start with 24 keys--o
ITIOOV     Start with 24 coins--o
IYIOOV     Money goes up once in a while--o
AKITVX     Forms new entrance when you leave a cave
EENAKP     Different stuff in caves
KTVXXZ     Secret entrances are open.  (you can't kill the snake in 
           the last level with this code)
XYYYYL     Meat comes out of shooting sword
KIOZXX     Rooms are split in half, you might be able to find things, 
           like Hearts.
VXXTSS     Walk when you usually can't--o
SZZVVZ     Link is different colors
PPZXYY     Change castle
XXLLLZ     Rapid B button is on, walk through some enemies
IZLZZZ     Wall changes into rock man when you touch it
OPPEEA     Speed writing
PPEEAA     Brings up castle subscreen at all times

Save Without Dying
from Drew Sharp (
If you want to save anddo not want to take the time to die properly, here's how to do it. Bring up the sub-screen by pressing start on controller 1. Now take controller 2 and press A and any direction on the control pad and the save screen will appear. Please note: the retry selection will not be avilable.

Second Quest
from Jeremy Dovel (
To start a game at the second quest (after you've beaten it once), enter your name as "ZELDA".

The Case of the Missing Door
from Larcen Tyler
When you first enter Level 1 in the First Quest, immediately leave and re-enter. The locked door will be gone!

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Published by Nintendo
Genre: RPG Players: 1

Easy Experience
from Jonathan the Game King (
Start a new game and play until you've reached the first temple. After defeating it and placing the jewl in the status, you'll be given 9,000 experience points. As they're counting up, PAUSE the game and press Up+A simultaneously. Choose SAVE, then choose your character and reload your game. Watch those points soar!

Game Genie Codes
from Mike ( and
GXNAESON  Infinite Magic
SZKGKXVK  Link has infinite lives
PASKPLLA  Link starts w/1 life
TASKPLLA  Link starts w/6 lives
PASKPLLE  Link starts w/9 lives

EZXTGYYY  Do extra damage

AZVOLIAL  Mega jump

Pass Through Doors
To pass through locked doors without a key, simply turn yourself into a fairy (with the Fairy spell) and float on through.

from Zane Price (
To play a harder game enter "Zelda" as the password.

Sword Skills
To discover the art of the upward attack, go to Darunia and use the Jump spell to leap up to the house with a chimney. Drop down this and go right to find a knowledgeable warrior.

The downward attack is found in Mido. Use the Jump spell to reach the open door at the top of the church, and go through to find a teacher.

The Final Guardian
When fighting your shadow, move to the left side of the screen and press B repeatedly. Your shadow may hit you once or twice, but you should land many more strikes during that time.