Published by Konami
Genre: Action Players: 1

Game Genie Codes
from Michael L. Constantinov
WEOGOPIE           Start with 42 hearts, the first heart that you get 
                   takes it up to 99

Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest

Published by Konami
Genre: Action Players: 1

All Items and Weapons
from Alex McQuown
To start the game with all items and weapons, enter the password "MLIT WVCW T3KU SFZC".

Game Genie Codes
from Michael L. Constantinov
NASKZIAS            Start with 95 hearts, first game only
APSGLILE            Start with 24 lives, not after continues
YPSGLILE                       31
PLSGLILE                       57
PGSGLILE                       73

Note: You can only get a password at the Game Over screen.

from and Others
Password              Weapons
OFIC M5YX XD4C Q3AA   Thorn whip, holy water
OFIT M5QX 1P5S QBQA   Rib, chain whip, blue crystal
TIRH DYDZ 4O5V 81B1   Nail, flame whip, red crystal
POPB PRBV U2DT RGQZ   Last level and all items

View Endings
Use these passwords to view the game's three endings. All you have to do is kill Dracula and watch the credits.

Ending         Password
First ending   RIG7 NVFX E45V 07BT
Second ending  OYZY UQAU R12S SMIA
Third ending   C1DF 026D L1KN SWJK

Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse

Developed by Konami
for Konami
Genre: Action Players: 1

Extra Lives
from Joan Clarke
For 10 lives, type "HELP ME" on the name entry screen.

from Tom Lowrie (
In the table below, H=heart, C=cross, and W=whip.

C--W stage   CC-W stage    HW-- stage    -C-W stage
-H-H 3-01    -H-- 4-0A     -C-H 5-06     ---- 5-0H
--W- Grant   H--- Sypha    C--- Alucard  --W- Sypha
----         ----          --W-          WW-C

-C-- stage   -C-W stage    -W-W stage    -H-- stage
H--- 6-01    C--- 6-0A     ---- 6-0A     ---- 7-01
--C- Alucard -W-- Sypha    ---- Trevor   -WH- Alucard
WH-C         CW-H          CW-C          CH-H

-WH- stage   --W- stage    -WC- stage    -WW- stage
--CW 7-0A    --CW 7-0A     --CC 8-01     --CC 8-01
-W-C Sypha   ---W Trevor   -W-H Sypha    -W-H Trevor
C-W-         H---          H---          C---

-C-W stage   ---- stage    -H-W stage    ---- stage
H--- 9-01    W--- 9-01     H--- A-01     W--- A-01
-W-- Sypha   --W- Trevor   -W-- Sypha    -WC- Grant
WC-C         WC-H          CC-H          CC-C

-H-- stage   ---W stage    WW-W Quest 2
H--- A-01    H--- A-01     -C-W lvl 1
--H- Alucard -WW- Trevor   C-W- Sypha
CC-H         CC-C          ---H

Sound Test
from Greg Ferguson (
At any point during the opening story, hold A and B then press Start twice. Press Up and Down to select the music, B to play it, and A to stop it.