Blaster Master

Published by Sunsoft
Genre: Action Players: 1

Kill the Bosses Easily
from Thomas Kempkes
To quickly and easily kill several of the bosses, toss a grenade at them. When they begin flashing after being hit, pause the game. As long as the game is paused, the boss suffers more and more damage as it flashes! If you wait long enough, 1 grenade may completely kill a boss! This works on bosses 2, 4, 6 and 7.

Plutonium Boss
This tip will enable you to beat the Plutonium Boss (Final Boss) easily.

After you beat the large mutant that is blocking your way, and the Plutonium Boss shows up (Level 7 Music is the Final Boss Music), try to trap him in the top right corner of the screen and blast him with all the grenades and gunshots you can fire.

He may hit you once, twice, or three times, but you will hit him many more times than that.

This tip works since almost 100% of the time he is in the corner, he cannot aim his whip diagonally, making it almost perfectly safe to defeat him without getting killed. It may take some practice, but you will be able to kill him.