What's new: *Totally rewritten FAQ to make easier to read and to save memory *Simplified some SUPERs and ULTIMATEs *Found "alternate" methods for doing some SUPERs and ULTIMATEs *Found "old school" linked attacks! *New move for Gargos(Float Down) Keep in mind I've spent a LONG time confirming this information and some of this has never been revealed before! BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.... --------------------------------------------- STAGE AND MUSIC SELECT for 2-player/practice: U+1:CASTLE U+2:JUNGLE U+3:SPACESHIP U+4:STONEHENDGE U+5:MUSEUM U+6:HELIPAD D+1:JAGO BRIDGE D+2:GARGOS BRIDGE D+3:STREET D+4:DOJO D+5:SHIP D+6:none D+5(both sides):Sky Stage All except the JUNGLE,MUSEUM,and SPACESHIP stages have hidden stage fatalities! -------------- STAGE OBJECTS: CASTLE :Breakable wall JUNGLE :Breakable idols SPACESHIP :Metal shard swings when hit STONEHEDGE:Breakable pillars MUSEUM :Breakable tripods Breakable pipe valve on upper left area! HELIPAD :Drums that spin when hit! STREET :Garbage cans that spin when hit! SHIP :Breakable crate ------------- GENERAL INFO: *Hit Z to bring up high scores *CHEAP JUGGLES allows anything to juggle *QUICK OPENERS allows basic 1 and 4 attacks to chain infinitely *EARLY ULTIMATES allows them do be done at any time on a second lifebar *KNOCKDOWNS disables the eventual knockdown from too many manuals or linkers *On the character profile screen, Z-B-A-Z-A-L gives all the hidden colors. *Also try Z-B-A-L-A-Z and Z-L-A-Z-A-R ------- LEGEND: 1 2 3 4 5 6 B=back DB=down=back D=down DF=down-forward F=forward C=hold/charge CB: Combo breaker motion OH: Overhead(must be blocked standing!) DC: Direct counter(stops overhead specials) AD: Can be followed with autodouble PR: Pressure Attack(2hit) A2: Air Double AJ: Air Juggle UC: Ultra Combo U1: First Round Ultra UB: Ultra Bonus add-on & Ultra Breaker PD: Parry Dizzy(after parry) P3: Parry Opener(after perry) TH: Throw(reverse the motion to counter) ----- NOTES: The Auto-Double is a 2-hit attack that follows the opener. The system is: Opener -> Auto 3 or 6 2 or 5 2 or 5 1 or 4 1 or 4 3 or 6 *** Combo Breakers can be done while you are being comboed. Do the motion with punch(1/2/3) if they used kick(4/5/6) and vice versa. Autodoubles are the easiest to break, manuals much harder! *** F-DF-D-DB-B-F moves can also be done as: CDF-D-DB-B-F B-DB-D-DF-F-B moves can also be done as: CDB-D-DF-F-B DB-D-DF-B moves can also be done as: DB-D-DF-D-DB-B DF-D-DB-F moves can also be done as: DF-D-DB-D-DF-F D-DB-B-DB-D-DF moves can also be done as: CDB-B-DB-D-DF T.J's F-DF-D-DB-B-F moves can also be done as: F-DF-D-DB-B-DB-D-DF-F *** Each fighter has at least two moves that can be done in the "getting-up" frames after knocked down. *** Everyone except Spinal and Gargos can parry. The move is B+1 and will counter the following moves: Standing 2/3/5/6 Combo's SkullCrush Tusk's BackStab *** Linked buttons for all characters: 6-5 6-2 3-5 3-2 *** The following openers will end, not link a combo: Jago/Orchid Slide w/6 Spinal's Sword Skrape Gargos' Shoulder and Leapfrog *** Ultra Combo: Can only be done when opponents lifebar is flashing red and in a combo. It will add 14,18,22, 26,or 30 hits depending on the number different end specials you did during the match. During the first few frames of the UC, doing the Ultra Bonus Add-On will add hits in the end. Conversely, if you are being Ultra'ed, you can use the UB to break out of it like a combo breaker. *** First Round Ultra Combo: Must be done in a combo that just erased the first(green) lifebar. Must have done at least one end special beforehand. It's 7 hits, but if you're quick you can add the UB for 11 hits. *** The Ultimates follow the same rules as the Ultra, except you can do the first one out of one as well (and the opponent can block it!) *** Linked Attacks are like the traditional chain attacks that have to be timed to combo. Unlike the standing manual double system, these vary for every character. *** To do the Air Double, you must hit your opponent out of the air with a basic jumping attack(the auto- double rules apply here.) *** It is possible to two-in-one a special into a super! Orchid can two-in-one from a Flik Flak into a tiger: DF-D-DB5-F5(the F5 must be timed perfectly) T.J. can two-in-one a Double Backhand into any of his multi-hit supers: CF-DF-D-DB-B1-F1/2/3 Try this combo with Spinal(SUPER needed) F3-B-DB-6-D-DF-6 Note the timing, if done right he will interrupt the Skrape(which would knock down) and go into the Skull Finish! *** Hitting your opponent with two projectiles(a slow followed by a fast, or a bolt followed by a beam for Fulgore) will cause a knockdown. *** You can still get a 15-hit Ultra or a 2-hit "Ultimate" if open with your Pressure Move and only the second hit connects! *** Moves list layout ----------------- Specials that require no super Specials that do Combo-Only Super Linkers Universal Attacks and Ultras Ultimates Linked Attacks ---------------- ** T.J. COMBO ** Backhand :CB-F1 AD 2xBackhand:CF-B1 or CB-DB-D-DF-F1(2hit) AD Roll :CB-F2 or CF-B2(2hit) AD 2xRoll :CB-DB-D-DF-F2(3hit) AD Powerline :CB-F3 or CF-B3 Weak :CB-DB-D-DF-F3 AD (cancel) :F-B3 (roll) :F-B2 (backhand):F-B1 (switch) :F-B4 PowerPunch:C3 (swing) :3 (cancel) :2 Launcher :D3 TrickPunch:B3 SideSwitch:CB-F4 or CF-B4 FakedDizzy:F-DF-D-DB-B4 TJ Tremor :CB-F5 or CF-B5 OH AD AirTremor :B-DB-D-DF-F5(in air only) OH AD LowCounter:5(stops low specials) SkullCrush:CB-F6 OH AD ChugPunch :CB-F6(in combo only)(2hit) (morehits):6(right away!)(2hit) RisingKnee:CB-F4/5/6(only when getting up) (if the move misses): TJ Tremor :B-DB-D-DF-F5 SuprTremor:F-DF-D-DB-B5 RollAway :B-B SuperFreightTrain:F-DF-D-DB-B-F3(1-5hit) SuperTremor :F-DF-D-DB-B5(dizzies,also in air) DoubleLengthRoll :F-DF-D-DB-B-F2(3hit) Backhand Barrage :F-DF-D-DB-B-F1 Rolling Thunder :F-DF-D-DB-B-F2 CB: CB-Fx OH: B2 DC: B3 PR: F6 A2: CF-B4/5/6 AJ: CB-F3 or C3 PD: CB-F3 P3: CB-F2 TH: F2 UC: CF-B3 U1: CB-F6 UB: Super Freight Train Ultimates: Gun Shot:CF-DF-D-DB-B6 See Ya! :C4 Linked attacks: D6-D3 D6-D5 D2-D2 ------------ ** SPINAL ** SoulDrain :D-DF-F1 EnergSteal:B1 (extend) :C1 SwordDash :D-DF-F2 AD FlameBlade:D-DF-F3 AD PowerSwat :D3 FakeCall :D-DB-B2/3(when you have 6 skulls) SkullFire :D-DF-F4/5/6(need skull) Teleport :D-DB-B4/5/6(need skull) SwrdScrape:D6 or DF6(long) AD DiveKick :D6(in air only) OH DeathCombo:D6-D5-D2-D3(4hit) RunForward:F-F DashBack :B-B BackKick :B6 GrimReaper:D-DB-B-DB-D-DF-F3 OH AD SkullBlast:D-DB-B-DB-D-DF6(5hit) SkulFinish:B-DB-D-DF6(5hit)(in combo only) BlueSkull :D-DB-B-DB-D-DF5(dizzies) CallASkull:D-DB-B2(gain 1 skull) CallSkulls:D-DB-B3(gain up to 6) WildSlash :D-DF-F-B2 SuprSkrape:D-DF-F-B6 CB: D-DB-Bx(gain 3 skulls) OH: B3 DC: 6 PR: F3 A2: D4/5/6 AJ: D-DF-F2/4/5/6 TH: F6 UC: D-DB-B3 U1: D-DF-F3 UB: Skull Finish Ultimates: Skull Drop :D-DF-F-D-DF-F1 Conductivity:D-D4 Linked attacks: D6-D5-D2-D3 ---------- ** MAYA ** CobraBite :B-F1 or F-B1 BladeSlash:B-F2(2hit) AD Mantis :B-F3 OH AD AirMantis :F-B3 OH AD JungleFlip:B-F4/6 OH AD (2nd flip):B-F4(with 6 only) (mantis) :F-B3 AirFlip :B-F4(in air only) (mantis) :F-B3 FlipKick :B-F5 OH AD LegLaunch :D6 TreeCutter:F-DF-D-DB-B-F6(5hit) LongMantis:F-DF-D-DB-B-F3 OH AD Just for Kicks:F-DF-D-DB-B-F5 Multi-slicer :F-DF-D-DB-B-F2 CB: B-Fx OH: B3 DC: 6 PR: F6 A2: F-B4/5/6 AJ: B-F6 PD: B-F1 P3: B-F2 TH: F3 UC: F-B6 U1: F-B3 UB: Tree Cutter Ultimates: Shrink Ray:D-DF-F-B1 Elephant :F-DF-D-DB-B-F-4 Linked Attacks: D2-D6 D3-D5 ------------- ** GLACIUS ** IceGrip :D-DF-F1 AD Shoulder :D-DF-F2 AD SwitchBlde:D-DF-F3 ArticBlast:D-DB-B1/2/3 Puddle :D-DF-F4(also in air) (LifeGain):C4 (w.punch) :D-DF-F5/6 WaterPunch:D-DF-F5/6(also in air) AD w/5 (puddle) :D-DF-F4 (GoBehind):F-DF-D-DB-B6 AD IceSmash :D3 DiscoKick :D6 Super Slams:DB-D-DF-B1(5-6hit) IceBreath :D-DB-B-F3(5hit,drains super) Turn Punch :F-DF-D-DB-B6 Life Regain:C4(after puddle) Axe Attack :DB-D-DF-B2 WaterFrenzy:DB-D-DF-B6 CB: D-DF-Fx OH: B3 DC: 3 PR: F6 A2: D-DF-F4/5/6 AJ: D-DF-F6 PD: D-DF-F3 P3: D-DF-F5 TH: F3 UC: D-DF-F4 U1: D-DB-B4 UB: Super Slams Ultimates: 3-D Ice Shatter:B-D-DB4 Ice Javelin :F-DF-D-DB-B-F5 Linked Attacks: D2-D5 --------------- ** SABREWULF ** SuperHowl :B-F1 or F-B1(gains super) Roll :B-F2 or F-B2(2hit) AD Lunge :B-F3 or F-B3 AD (taunt) :C3 (cancel) :2 ClawUpper :D3(air opponents only) FakeHowl :B-F4 or F-B4 Claw Spin :B-F5 ot F-B5(2hit) AD Flip Kick :B-F6 or F-B6(3hit w/CHEAP JUGGLES) HopForward:F-F (2x Roll) :B2(4hit) AD (2x Spin) :B5(4hit) AD (repeat) :F HopBack :B-B (2x Spin) :F5 (repeat) :B Super Flip :F-DF-D-DB-B-F6(5hit) Shock Ball :F-DF-D-DB-B-F3(drains super) Electro Smash:F-DF-D-DB-B3(in air only)(dizzies) Pizza Cutter :F-DF-D-DB-B-F2 Spinning Doom:F-DF-D-DB-B-F5 CB: B-Fx OH: B3 DC: ? PR: F6 A2: F-B1/2/3 AJ: B-F3 or 3 PD: B-F6 P3: B-F5 TH: none UC: B-F4 U1: F-B4 UB: Super Flip Ultimates: Bat Attack : C1 Electricity: C6 Linked Attacks: D2-D6 ---------- ** TUSK ** BackStab :F-DF-D-DB-B1 AD WebODeath :DF-D-DB3 AD (2nd hit) :F3 AD Conqueror :F-D-DF1/2/3 Launcher :D3 DoublCross:F3(2hit) FakeSword :D-DF-F4 BootKick :DF-D-DB4/5/6 OH AD SwordLunge:DB-D-DF6 OH AD CirclSlash:B6(very wide range) Destroyer:D-DB-B-DB-D-DF3(5hit) Fire Wave:DB-D-DF-B4(7hit)(also in air) Spin Roll:DB-D-DF-B6(3hit) AD Kick Krazy :DF-D-DB-F6 CircleODoom:D-DF-F-B3 CB: F-D-DFx OH: B3 DC: ? PR: none A2: DF-D-DB4/5/6 AJ: SwordLunge/WebODeath/F-D-DF1 PD: F-D-DF1 P3: DF-D-DB3 TH: F6 UC: F-DF-D-DB-B2 U1: B-DB-D-DF-F2 UB: Destroyer Ultimates: Fire Storm:D-DF-F-D-DF-F2 Dinosaur :F-D-DF5 Linked Attacks: D6-D5 ---------- ** JAGO ** FireBall :D-DF-F1/2/3 Uppercut :F-D-DF1/2/3 (if it misses): Air Kick :DF-D-DB4/5/6 RedBall :C3 D-DF-F SwordSlash:DF-D-DB2/3(2hit w/3) AD DoublePalm:1-1 or 2-2(2hit) Launcher :D3(air opponents only) FakeFire :D-DF-F4 (to real) :1/2/3(right away!) WindKick :DF-D-DB4/5/6 OH AD (2nd hit) :B-F6(with 6 only) AD Slide :DB-D-DF4/5/6 AD KickAway :B6 Roman Candle:D-DB-B-DB-D-DF3(5hit) Fusion Ball :F-DF-D-DB-B1(drains super) Turbo Kick :DF-D-DB-F5 OH AD Multi Kicks :DF-D-DB-F5 Super Slider:DB-D-DF-B6 CB: F-D-DFx OH: B3 DC: 6 PR: F6 A2: DF-D-DB4/5/6 AJ: Fusion Ball / DB-D-DF6/ F-D-DF1 / 4 PD: F-D-DF1 P3: DF-D-DB5 TH: F3 UC: DF-D-DB4 U1: DB-D-DF4 UB: Roman Candle Ultimates: Dragon Blast:D-DB-B-F2 Ghost Sword :F-D-DF6 Linked Attacks: D2-D6 ------------ ** ORCHID ** TonfaFire :D-DF-F1/2/3 Ichi :DF-D-DB2 AD (ni) :F2 AD (san) :B2 San :DF-D-DB3 Beat It! :D3(air opponents only) FakeFire :D-DF-F4 (to real) :1/2/3(right away) (again) :4 FlikFlak :DF-D-DB4/5/6(2hit) OH AD Slide :DB-D-DF4/5/6 AD RisingKnee:F-D-DF4/5/6 DoublSweep:D6(2hit) Gravity Kicks:D-DB-B-DB-D-DF6(4hit) Neon Tiger :DF-D-DB-F5(2hit) AD Tiger Chomp :DF-D-DB-F5 BatonBatterin:DB-D-DF-B3 CB: F-D-DFx OH: B3 DC: 6 PR: F6 A2: DF-D-DB4/5/6(2hit) AJ: DB-D-DF6 / F-D-DF4 PD: F-D-DF4 P3: DF-D-DB2 TH: F3 UC: DF-D-DB1/4 U1: DB-D-DF3/4 UB: Gravity Kicks Ultimates: Shock Wave:B-D-DB5 Tiger Kill:F-DF-D-DB-B-F3 Linked Attacks: D2-D5 ------------ ** KIM WU ** FireFlower:D-DF-F1 Fireball :D-DF-F2/3 AirFire :D-DF-F1/2/3(in air only) DownFire :D-DB-B1/2/3(in air only) WhipSlash :DF-D-DB2/3(2hit w/3) AD Nunchaku :B3(2hit) SlideKick :DF-D-DB4/5/6(2hit w/6) AD UpperKick :DB-D-DF5 SplitKick :DB-D-DF6 OH AD Roll :F-F (f.flower):D-DF-F1 or D-DB-B1 (s.kick) :DF-D-DB4/5/6 or DB-D-DF4/5/6 Uppercut :F-D-DF1/2/3(only when getting up) Rolling Upper :D-DB-B-DB-D-DF-F3(5hit) Long Slide Kick:DF-D-DB-F6 AD Giant Air Blast:D-DF-F-B2(5hit)(in air only) Whip Lash :DF-D-DB-F3 Multi Kick:DF-D-DB-F6 CB: F-D-DFx OH: B6 DC: 6 PR: F6 A2: D-DF-F1/2/3 AJ: DB-D-DF6 PD: DF-D-DB2 P3: DF-D-DB5 TH: F3 UC: DB-D-DF4 U1: DF-D-DB4 UB: Rolling Upper Ultimates: Shooting Star:B-F-D-DF5 Xploding Star:B-DB-D-DF-F-B4 Linked Attacks: D2-D6 ------------- ** FULGORE ** FireBolt :D-DF-F1/2/3 FakeFire :D-DB-B1 TripleFire:B-DB-D-DF-F1(must lock-on first) Uppercut :F-D-DF1/2/3(2hit w/CHEAP JUGGLES) (if it misses with 3): AirBeam :DF-D-DB3 BeamClose :DF-D-DB2 AD BeamFar :DF-D-DB3 AD BladeSmash:F3 Reflect :D-DB-B4 (extend) :C4 BladeDash :DB-D-DF5/6 AD DeathCombo:D3-D2-D5-D6(4hit) InvisCancl:F-DF-D-DB-B6(while invisible) Rocket Upper :D-DB-B-DB-D-DF-F3(5hit) Target Lock-On:B-DB-D-DF-F4 Inviso :F-DF-D-DB-B6 AirBeam :DF-D-DB3(in air only) Chest Rays :DF-D-DB-F4 Slashing Time :DB-D-DF-B6 CB: F-D-DFx OH: B6 DC: 6 PR: B3 A2: F-D-DF1/2/3 AJ: DF-D-DB3 PD: F-D-DF1 P3: DB-D-DF5 TH: none UC: F-D-DF4 U1: F-D-DF1 UB: Rocket Upper Ultimates: Death Ray:B-DB-D-DF-F-B2 MechMorph:F-B-DB-D-DF-F5 Linked Attacks: D3-D2-D5-D6 ------------ ** GARGOS ** To play as Gargos, wait until the character profile screen appears and tap the following buttons: Z-A-R-Z-A-B If you do it correctly you will hear a laugh and Garg will be playable in ARCADE MODE! FireBreath:D-DF-F1(4hit,7hit w/CHEAP JUGGLES) RuninUpper:F-D-DF3 AirFire :D-DF-F1/2/3(in air only) UpperFist :D3(air opponents only) Gesture :DF-D-DB3(reflects projectiles) (extend) :C3 Flight :Up+3(in air only) (land) :6 (fireball):D-DF-F1/2/3 (move) :CB or CF FloatDown :Up+3+6 Shoulder :DF-D-DB5/6 AD Leapfrog :DB-D-DF6 OH AD(also in air) GroinShot :D6 JumpPunch :Any button in air (Gargos has no supers) CB: F-D-DFx OH: B3 DC: 6 PR: F6 A2: none AJ: DB-D-DF6 TH: F3 UB: ? Linked Attacks: none NOTE: Gargos has no D1,D2,D4 or D5 ---------------- Gargos Glitches: *Doing DB-D-DF6 while flying or floating causes him to grunt. *If the Fire Breath just misses hitting in the combo, it will hit up to 25 times for "KILLER" *On the SLOW to NORMAL speeds, leaving Gargos flying will cause him to rise slowly above the playfield! See what happens in about 20 minutes! ---------------------- Some VERY cool combos: Combo: 3hit:D6-D3-C3 7hit:CF-DF-D-DB-B2-F3(need SUPER) Spinal: 5hit:(full screen away)D-DF-F-4 F-F F3 F3 5hit:D6-D5-D2-D3-D-DF-F2 9hit:JumpD6 F3 B-DB-6-D-DF-6 Maya: 3hit:D2-D6 B-F6 9hit:D2-B-F2-F-DF-D-DB-B6-F6(need SUPER) Glacius: 3hit:D3 F6 15hit:D-DF-F1 3 F6 D-DF-F2 F6 D-DF-F5 4 F3 D-DF-F2 F6 Sabrewulf: 3hit:F-DF-D-DB-B2-F2(need SUPER) Tusk: 3hit:D3 DF-D-DB3 DB-D-DF6 3hit:D6 DF-D-DB6 F-D-DF1 Jago: 12hit:DB-D-DF5 1 DB-D-DF5 1 DB-D-DF5-a step-4- a step-4-a step-4-a step 4-a step 4 Orchid: 13hit:DF-D-DB5 1 DF-D-DB5 1 DF-D-DB5 F-D-DF4 F6 KimWu: 3hit:Jump3-D2-D6 6hit:DB-D-DF5 D-DB-B-DB-D-DF-F3(need SUPER) Fulgore: 4hit:F3 B-DB-D-DF-F1(with lock on) 5hit:Jump3 D3-D2-D5-D6 Gargos: 3hit:Jump3 D6 DF-D-DB6 -------------------------------------- Where you can find my FAQ(as of 4/97): ICEOUT's GOLD PAGE http://pages.prodigy.com/ycjy54c/gold.txt ------------------------------------------------- Ultimate Legality(pic of Fulgore holding up sign) Killer Instinct Gold (c)1996 Rare/Nintendo Nintendo 64 (c)Nintendo "Ultimate Combo"