First off, 1080 Snowboarding is an incredible game; get it.  This FAQ 
will help you to perform stunts, learn shortcuts, and who the best 
riders for each mode are.  Now, first with the controls, and when to do 


The controls in the game are great.  I will go over them and tell you 
which ones are vital to master

Z Button: 
Used to tuck and make landings easier.  Make sure to tuck as much as 
possible except when turning.  Also, when jumping or doing tricks, make 
sure to tap Z a split second before you land.  Once you get it, you'll 
have it.  Also, when landing, make sure you are level with the ground 
you are landing on. Don't forget that!

Start Button:
        Pauses the game.

R Button:
Used to do rotations while in the air.  Also, when on the ground, press 
air and spin the control stick clockwise to do a 360-degree on the 
ground.  It looks cool. 

C Button:
Changes views.  The three views are behind the rider, above them, and as 
the rider in a first-person view.  The first one (behind the rider) is 
the best.       

B Button:
        Combine with the control stick to perform tricks.

 A Button:
Jump, the longer you hold it, the higher you'll jump.  Make sure to 
press and release.
Control Stick:
        Used to turn your boarder and perform tricks.  Moving the stick left 
and right moves your boarder that way.  Pressing back right or back left 
makes the rider edge their board and brake.  Pushing the control stick 
up makes the boarder get a boost and go forward.  Also when in the air, 
remember to level yourself with the control stick after a jump to land 


Stunts are a fun and key mode in 1080.  If you can't pull stunts, then 
you won't impress your friends or kill in the Trick Attack.  Here is an 
overview of how to do the moves.  Then I will tell you how you can pull 
1080s like cake.  Also, some riders perform different stunts so a 
Melancholy is, for example, only Kensuke and Akari and 
Lein Air's are for Dion, Ricky, and Rob.

COMMAND                 TRICK NAME              POINTS REWARDED

B button                        Melancholy                      100
B button                        Lein Air                        100
<=+B                            Method                  200
=>+B                            Indy                            200
=>+B                            Tweak                           300
Up+B                            Nose Grab                       200
Down+B                  Tail Grab                       200
UpperLeft+B                     Stiffy                          250
UpperRight+B                    Mute Grab                       250
BottonLeft+B                    Stalefish                       250
BottomRight+B           Indy Nosebone           250
<=+B                            Shifty                          300

With all those grabs, the Shifty, Tweak and Method are the coolest to do 
for me.  I use Ricky Winterborn and Rob Haywood for most of the Trick 
Modes.  Now to the spins: Remember, CC means counter-clockwise and all 
spins can be down clockwise or counter-clockwise.  All spins are used 
with the control stick and the assigned buttons.

COMMANDS                                                TRICK NAME      POINTS
R+<=(or =>)                                             180 Air         100
R+CC                                                    360 Air         200
R+CC+R+<=                                               540 Air         250
R+CC+R+CC+B                                     720 Air         300
R+CC+R+CC+B+R+<=+B                              900 Air         500
R+CC+R+CC+B+R+CC+B+Z                    1080 Air                3000

Now, those spins are not easy one bit.  Though here is where you should 
think about how easy the spins can get.  First, Training may be a great 
place to start off to practice spins.  Once you get a 360 Air, which is 
very easy, you will then be able to do a 540 Air. All you have to do is 
just do a 360 Air and then add a 180 Air.  Notice on the chart how each 
trick adds on something previous from another trick?  That's how it is, 
it will get easy as you move up trick to trick.

Just mashing buttons won't get you a 1080 Air, but with practice you 
will do it.  Now look at the 720 Air.  Just do a 360 and then press B 
when doing another 360.  Remember to move the control stick and press 
each button simultaneously.  Once you get it, it will be like cake.

For the 900 Air, just do what you did with the 720 Air, then add on what 
you did for a 180 Air (R+<=) and press B.  Once again, you will get the 
feel for it after the first time you pull it off.  

Next, the 1080 Air.  Now I suck at video games, but I have actually 
managed to pull 2 or 3 1080's on the halfpipe on one run!  That shows 
you anyone can do it.  Now the 1080 is tough, but just listen up and 
read this several times.  When doing a 1080, all you are doing is the 
720 Air then the end part of a 720 Air (R+CC+B) but then you are pushing 
Z while all that goes on!  Take it slow and look at the chart; make sure 
to see how with each trick, you are taking a portion from a previous 
one.  Hopefully that helped with your spins.


Trick modes, like Contest and Trick Attack, are very fun and I have a 
few pointers.  First, for the contest mode, using Ricky Winterborn and 
Rob Haywood are the best way to go.  Ricky gave me an incredible 142,400 
on the contest mode!  Use him.

For Air Make in the Trick Attack, Kensuke is whom I recommend.  Get 
ready for this: I got 24,100 using him!  I racked up major combo points 
and it can happen.  (I have proof of these so don't send me all these 
stupid e-mails saying I didn't, :).

For the Half-pipe, Ricky and Rob are good, but believe it or not, I find 
Dion Blaster to be incredible in the half-pipe!  Why?  He has great 
speed and gets major air.  Also, for some reason I can do tricks on him 
very well (42,400 points on the pipe with him).  Try him out, he will 
land just about everything in the half-pipe.  Though, everywhere else, I 
wouldn't use him.


For doing multiple and different tricks in a row in 1080, combo points 
are rewarded.  Here is what I have found: (Remember: You can as many of 
the same tricks and get combo points as long as they are not done one 
after another, or in a row).

2 tricks - 500 points
3 tricks - 1500 points
4 tricks - 5000 points
5 tricks - 8000 points
6 tricks - 13000 points
7 tricks - 20000 points
8 tricks - 30000 points

Yep, I have gotten 30000 points on Deadly Fall and I have proof.  Also, 
these points are added on to your grabs and spins already.  For 
instance, to get 30000, here is the sequence I did:


That racks up to some huge points.  Right there with the combo points I 
have 34,650 points!  Yep, it's incredible, but not impossible.  Just 
keep practicing and you will get it.  


Basically, I use Rob and Kensuke for everything; they are the best 
all-around.  Dion is good for the pipe, and some racing, and Ricky and 
Akari are huge jumpers, though are slow and weak.  I use the Scout or 
Tahoe Boards.  Don't use anything else, unless you have nothing better 
to do, :).  The Tahoe 155 is the best in the game.


Here are some hints and shortcuts I found on the courses.

-Crystal Lake: 
Hit the first two jumps for major air, or skip them if you are racing.  
They give major air though!  As you pass the turns after the two jumps, 
watch for a huge drop and a place for some big air.  As you pass by the 
houses, there are two jumps on the houses, and going on the right one 
will put you into a shortcut and save you a lot of time.  Then, sail on 

-Crystal Peak: 
When you first start this one, stay on the ground and then go on the 
left hill.  Quickly jump to the right one and then go on a little secret 
passage next to the jump on the right side.  You will save a lot of 
time.  When you get to the fork after the "S" turns, going right is 
easier, but slower.  Going left maybe hard on the ice.  Then sail on 
down and watch those moguls.  The ending is like Crystal Lake.
-Golden Forest: 
When you get to the first fork, going left is faster, but watch out for 
the trees.  Also, when going through the powder and trees, make sure to 
have enough speed.  At the next fork, go left and make sure to crouch 
when you see the log in the way.  Then jump over the log on the ground.  
The next fork, with the ice way, is a tough one, but I usually go right 
and then jump onto the lower ice way.  Make sure to have a good landing 
or OUCH!

-Mountain Village: 
Well, when you start, if you go to the left on the hill and jump left 
you will find a cool area to go faster.  Then, shoot through the cabin 
to avoid the moguls.  I think, overall, jump out of the cabin and land 
past the moguls.  When in the tunnel, I go left and then on the left 
overhead side of the street when outside the tunnel.  Then jump over the 
street and keep going.  When near the cars I stay left on the pavement 
and then cut across before the two trucks.  Staying on the pavement may 
be better than the powder because you gain speed.

-Dragon Cave: 
On the first left, keep going straight if you want and off the cliff for 
some major air and major time saved.  Then there really isn't anything 
else.  If you stay on the natural way down, make sure to get the tunnel, 
which is fast.  To get it, go left at all the forks in the way and make 
a jump into the tunnel.  When in there, stay left the whole time to save 
a lot of time.  At the end, go through the cabin and off the rail for 
some fun and air.  When on the rail, do some fakies or 360s on the 
ground, as it looks cool. 

-Deadly Fall: 
This one is huge, so do it on your own.  Though, I usually stay right 
from the start and go over some major jumps.  If you stay right and then 
jump over the cliff, keep going straight for some of the biggest air 
into the ice tunnel.  Then it's all you.  There are at least 10 
different ways.


Here are some quick codes for the secret boarders and secret board.  
They are all cool.  The Golden Man is the best rider on the game.  Make 
sure to use him.

Ice Boarder: 
To play as Ice Man, win Match Race mode on the Expert level and top all 
the EAD scores in Trick Attack and Time Attack modes. Press the left C 
Button and then the A Button while choosing Akari Hayami. 

Gold Ice Boarder: 
Go on Kensuke Kimachi then press top C then A button. (Note: You must 
beat the match race on expert while you use the ordinary Metal Boarder) 

Penguin Boarder: 
Go to the training mode and complete all of the 24 stunts. Then go back 
out to the board selection screen and highlight the Tahoe 151 board and 
press the down-C button, then the A button. 

Panda Boarder: 
In order to race as the Panda boarder you must first complete all of the 
attack modes with a first place ranking. Once this has been accomplished 
head into the character select screen and highlight Rob and press the 
right-C button
followed by the A button.  The Pandas tricks are below:

Back Flip - 
When in the air, press R and down on the analog stick. Panda will now 
perform a back flip in the air, worth 100 points. You can also perform 
this move close to the ground. 

Front Flip - 
When in the air, press R and up on the analog stick. Panda will now 
perform a front flip in the air, worth 100 points. You can also perform 
this move close to the ground. 

One Foot - 
When in the air, press R and down on the analog stick. Your Panda will 
now do a one-foot trick in the air, worth 400 points. 

Panda Tweak - 
When in the air, press R and move the analog stick in a counterclockwise 
circle, then press R and left (reverse these controls to do a Panda 
Tweak in the opposite direction). This trick earns you 300 points.


There you have it.  1080 is a great game and make sure to practice all 
the tricks. If you have any questions at all about the game or if you 
should buy it, then contact me: Gamer_64@hotmail.com.  Enjoy!!