Super Smash Bros.

Description Action
Extra Points In one player mode defeat your opponent and press L to taunt your opponenet just before he dies. Get your character to be in a taunt when the camera goes to check out the scores and you'll get 100 xtra points.
Alternate Costumes Go to the character selection screen and enter: c-left, c-right, c-up, or c-down
Play as Captain Falcon You must finish the game in under twenty minutes and then beat Captain Falcon.
Music Test Option First finish "Bonus Games 1 & 2" with all the characters, even the secret ones(try doing it during practice). Then go to the data screen to select the music test option.
Alternate Character View At the character biography screen while holding z, move the analog stick.
Classic Mushroom Kingdom Stage First, under normal difficulty(3 lives) complete the game with all 8 original characters. The CMK stage will now be available under versus mode.
Item Switch After playing the game more than 50 times in versus mode, the item switch option is unlocked.
Steal lives from teamates If you have lost all of your lives press START and you will steal a life from your teamate (if he has more than one)
Play as Charmander Select Yoshi from the character select screen. Hold L & R for 10 seconds then while holding them down, press START.