NBA In The Zone '98

Change players numbers

    First, remove the man from your roster. Then pick him up as a free agent and badda-bing badda-boom, you can change his number.

Easy Three Point Play

    When playing a game of NBA In The Zone there's a really easy way to get three points almost every time. You can do this in any game. When on offense, and your player has the ball, you have to be somewhere close to the basket. Facing the basket, drive into your opponent, then execute a fade-a-way right in your opponent's face. You will draw a foul if done right about 95% of the time, and get off your shot. Just sink your free throw and you have an easy 3-pointplay. This is a good way to foul out your opposing players (you can also do this trick on a three pointer for a four point play, it's just a little more tricky!)

Easy Free Throws

    The Free Throw line can be slowed down by pressing up on the control stick a few times. Accuracy becomes a whole lot easier.