Beetle Adventure Racing

Description Action
Access Cheats First, load up a 1 player game game/championship mode at Coventry Cove. Then, drive towards the 2 hay stacks near the barn and drive into the stack closest to the track. Next, hit the box that is inside the stack you just drove into. If you see the word GROOVY, then finish the race and go to the "options menu" to access the cheats.
Alien Beetle Complete the Expert Championship Races successfully and a cool alien beetle will be on the screen when you choose your car.
Police Beetle First unlock bonus mode bu successfully completing all the standard Championships. Then complete bonus mode to unlock the Police Beetle. Hold C-Left while driving that car to turn on the siren. This is so cool because when you turn the siren on the other racers will slow and come to a stop.
Battle Mode Health Code In Mount Mahyem, drive untill you first reach the snow. Jump off the first ramp then follow the path straight. When you get to the jump to go down to the normal route, turn left off it and try to land on the big snow area. Turn around and drive up, look for a box and hit it.
Get a Jump Start To get a jump start, wait until the race is about to start. When it says "GO" imediately press L (the one at the top of the controller) to transport you to the same spot and you'll already be going 40-50 M.P.H.! This can be very helpful when trying to get ahead right away. Pressing L when racing is very useful too. Use it when you fall off a ledge before you blow up to save a lot of time or, when grabbing something way out of the way.
Do 360s and More Off Jumps Ever wonder how they do 360s at the demo screen at the beginning of the game. This trick can be done easier if you have the hand brake power cheat. If you have it turn the power to insane. Now pick any level you feel has good jumps.(Mount Mayham has the best jumps) Right as you are at the edge of the jump press and hold left on the joystick and press the hand brake. Don't let go of the gas and hold all these buttons until you land. Now you can do 360s and more! My record is a 1080 off the big jump in Mount Mayhem.
Ride on the Metro Madness Buildings All you do for this cool shortcut is to chose Metro Madness track and any beetle. On Metro Madness, when you reach the Roman Palace hotel, right before it there is a jump you can go off. Then go right, off the roof of the hotel and you'll land on other roofs. What's cool about this is that it's like a whole new mini track. This shortcut is good on two player mode, to see if you can bash the other guy off the roofs and fall to their death.
Two Groovy Box's on Inferno Isle To find 2 groovy boxes go to inferno isle. To get the first one, follow the track until you get to the first jungle area, soon after that you will see a dirt road jutting off the road on the right. Go down the road and a bit after that when there is a yellow glow look to your right there will bee a small rainforest hut and a ramp leading to it with a way to get 10 bonus points. Go to the ramp and just before you hit the ramb hold down b and as soon as you hit the house wich will shatter hold down down c to. Hopefuly you will stop on the greyish platform. Turn around to your right and you should see a red flower box. Hit it, you should then hear the word groovy, then press L to saffely get to the main road. This may slow you up a bit but you should be able to catch up if you're good at taking short cuts.

To get the second one enter the town either from the dirt road or the main track. after making the first wide turn aim right while jumping off the ramp right under the arch. You'll see a flat roof land on it and turn around to your right and hit the groovy box you'll hear the word groovy then press L to quickly make it to the main road again.
Telephone Sound In Coventry Cove, go to the town right after the big bridge that go past the waterfall. Right after the shortcut when you turn left and go over the boat in the water, there is an alley on the right with a phone booth on the corner. If you hit it dead on it will dent and you will hear "I'm sorry, your call won't go through". Giggle giggle...
Make Cars Pull Over Beetle Adventure Racing's computer drivers may take shortcuts and crash into you, but they're still law-abiding drivers. Once you have unlocked the Police Beetle, hold down the left C Button to sound your siren. If you get close, the other drivers will pull over to the side and stop their cars.