Mortal Kombat Mythologies Moves

Special Moves
(all of these moves require a certain amount of experience points)

Ice Blast
Down to Foward, Low Punch
Allows Sub-Zero to throw an ice projectile.

Block+Low Punch+Low Kick+Back
Can slide under projectiles and high attacks.

Diagonal Ice Blast
Angle Up --- Down, Forward, High Kick
Angle Down --- Down, Back, Low Kick
Gives Sub-Zero the Ability to throw ice in 2 additional directions.

Ice Clone
Down, Back, Low Punch
Enables Sub-Zero to create an ice clone.

Ice Shatter
Enable Sub-Zero to shatter enemies after 2 ice blasts.

Super Slide
Block+High Punch+Low Punch+Back
Same as normal slide. Except it is longer reaching and can take out multiple enemies.

Freeze on Contact
Down, Forward, Forward, High Punch
Allows Sub-Zero to freeze an enemy on contact when running.

Polar Blast
• Forward, Back, Back, High Punch
• Freeze all enemies on screen within the blast radius.


Spine Rip
Foward, Down, Forward, High Punch (one step away)
Rips the opponents head from their body.


6 Hit Combo
HP, HP, LP, LK, HK, back HK