Johnny Cage

A martial arts superstar trained by Great Masters from around the world, Cage uses his talents on the big screen. He is the current box-office champ and star of such movies as Dragon Fist and Dragon Fist II as well as the Award-Winning Sudden Violence.

Special Moves

Green Bolt: B-F-LP

Shadow Kick: B-F-LK

Ball Breaker: BL+LP

Fighting as Johnny Cage

If you decide that Johnny is your man learning his special moves comes in handy. Use the Green Bolt repeatedly to keep your enemies away. Don't use this move too far away or too close to your enemy or it will be blocked or it won't make it to your opponent.

Fighting Against Johnny Cage

When fighting Johnny you must perfect your timing. When Cage uses his Green Bolt, be ready to duck it or quickly block. If Cage performs his famous Shadow Kick, retaliate with a well times uppercut to send him flying.

Johnny Cage v.s Goro

A great technique to use against Goro is to repeatedly perform Johnny's Shadow Kick. Timing is the key. When Goro is knocked over, wait till he stands back up to repeat the process. This will lead to victory almost all the time.


Through the battles and life or death situations faced during the Tournament, Johnny Cage learns the true importance of his fighting skills. He also realizes the full potential of the Tournament. He returns to Hollywood after defending his new title as Grand Champion. Cage goes on to film Mortal Kombat: The Movie and it's many successful sequels.