Nightwolf works as a historian and preserver of his peoples culture. When Kahn's portal opens over North America, Nightwolf uses the magic of his Shamen to protect his tribes sacred land. This area becomes a vital threat to Kahn's occupation of Earth.

Special Moves

Arrow: Rotate Down to Back, LP

Hatchet Swipe: Rotate Back to Forward, HP

Chest Reflect: Back, Back, Back, HK

Shoulder Ram: Forward, Forward, LK

Finishing Moves

Fatality 1: Up, Up, Back, Forward, Block (at close range)

Fatality 2: Back, Back, Down, HP (at mid range)

Animality: Forward, Forward, Down, Down

Babality: Forward, Back, Forward, Back, LP

Friendship: HP, Run, Run, Run, Down

Stage Fatalities: Run, Run, Block


Combo #1: HP, HP, LP

Combo #2: LK, HP, HP, LP

Combo #3: HP, HP, LP, HK

Combo #4: HP, HP, LP, Back+HK

Combo #5: HP, HP, LP, Hatchet Swipe

Fighting as Nightwolf

When Nightwolf, use his standing HK to keep opponents from jump kicking you. You can also use his Hatchet Swipe.

Always be prepared to use Nightwolf's Chest Reflect. If you anticipate a projectile from you opponent, you can use this move to hurl the projectile back to them.

Fighting Against Nightwolf

When fighting against Nightwolf, only jump kick him when you are sure he wont be able to HK or use his Hatchet Swipe.

If you can, block his Shoulder Ram and counter it with a uppercut. Other than that, just try to avoid Nightwolf all together. Just wait for an opening and attack and jump away. He is a very cheap fighter.

Nightwolf's Weaknesses

Nightwolf is nearly a flawless fighter. His only drawback is the lag time after he fires one of his arrows.


Nightwolf helps the other Earth warriors escape to his sacred land. Once there, they regroup and plan a form of attack against Shao Kahn's invasion. Nightwolf has trained hard for this battle. Finally, he faces Shao Kahn and emerges victorious. When the Earth returns to its normal state, Nightwolf peacefully regains his land the Native American people lost over many years. They establish their own proud nation and soon become the great leaders of Earth.