Kung Lao

Kung Lao's plan to reform the White Lotus Society comes to a halt when Shao Kahn's invasion takes the Earth by storm. As a chosen warrior, Kung Lao must use his greatest fighting skills to bring down Shao Kahn's reign of terror.

Special Moves

Hat Throw: Back, Forward, LP

Teleport: Down, Up

Spinning Shield: Forward, Down, Forward, Run

Diving Kick: Down+HK in the air

Finishing Moves

Fatality 1: Forward, Forward, Back, Down, HP (at close range)

Fatality 2: Run, Block, Run, Block, Down (at mid range)

Animality: Run, Run, Run, Run, Block

Babality: Down, Down, Forward, Forward, HP

Friendship: Run, LP, Run, LK

Stage Fatalities: Down, Down, Forward, Forward, LK


Combo #1: LK, LK, Back+HK

Combo #2: HP, LP, HP, LP, LK, LK, Back+HK

Fighting as Kung Lao

When choosing Kung Lao as your fighter, you must always be prepared to Teleport. If your opponent throws a projectile, Teleport behind them and counter with a punch, uppercut, or a combo.

You can also use Lao's Diving Kick to counter a projectile.

Fighting Against Kung Lao

When fighting Kung Lao, always have one finger over the block button to be ready to activate when Lao uses his Diving Kick.

If Lao teleports, jump away. He will most likely try to uppercut you.

Finally, if you anticipate his Hat Throw, jump kick him and perform any combo of your choice.

Kung Lao's Weaknesses

Kung Lao will receive a lot of damage if his Diving Kick is blocked. Use your Teleport sparingly because you opponent can easily counter it with an uppercut. Also remember to use your hat throw only when needed. You can't control it like in Mortal Kombat II.


When Shao Kahn invades Earth, Kung Lao must scrap his plans of reuniting the White Lotus Society. He instead must focus on the new tournament. He seeks Liu Kang and together they battle Kahn's forces fearlessly. Using the knowledge he obtained as a Shaolin monk, he fights in the name of his great ancestor- the original Kung Lao. He emerges victorious but suffers from injuries during battle with Kahn. Believed to have passed away, Kung Lao joins his ancestors in a new life.