Kano was thought to have been killed in the first tournament. Instead, he is found alive in the outworld where he again escapes capture by Sonya. Before the actual Outworld invasion, Kano convinces Kahn to spare his soul. Kahn needs someone to teach his warriors how to use Earth's weapons... Kano is the man to do it.

Special Moves

Spinning Ball: Hold LK for 3 seconds, then release.

Blade Toss: Rotate Down to Back, HP

Blade Swipe: Rotate Down to Forward, HP

Grab and Shake: Rotate Back to Forward, LP

Air Throw: Block in the air

Finishing Moves

Fatality 1: Hold LP, Forward, Down, Down, Forward, Release LP. (at mid range)

Fatality 2: LP, Block, Block, HK (at close range)

Animality: Hold HP, Block, Block, Block, Release HP.

Babality: Forward, Forward, Down, Down, LK

Friendship: LK, Run, Run, HK

Stage Fatalities: Up, UP, Back, LK


Combo #1: HP, HP, LP, Down+HP

Combo #2: HK, HK, LK, Back+HK

Combo #3: HP, HP, HK, LK, Back+HK

Fighting as Kano

To be successful with Kano you must always have LK charged. So if you miss a sweep or combo you can release LK to perform Kano's Spinning Ball.

If an opponent attempts to jump at you or over you, use Kano's Blade Swipe to stop your opponent.

Fighting Against Kano

Kano is fast and unpredictable. To defeat Kano you need to have lightning quick reflexes and advance with much caution. Throw a couple of projectiles, then he may react by jumping toward you. If he does, counter with a uppercut or roundhouse. If he performs his Spinning Ball, block it and counter with and counter with an uppercut or combo.Other than that, just be ready for Kano to make a move and try to counter them.

Kano's Weaknesses

Kano's major weakness is when his Spinning Ball is blocked. Your opponent will then retaliate with a move or combo of their own. Kano is also vulnerable when he throws a projectile, so use them only when necessary.


When Shao Kahn lets Kano live he fails to recognize the resourcefulness of the scheming human. Kano lures Kahn's armies away on a false mission: then nukes them using a stolen weapon. He fights the remaining warriors and finally defeats Kahn himself. Kano's true intention is to take over the souls which Kahn once possessed. But Kano is unable to control the spirits as they escape and attack him. Rumored to have suffered a violent death, Kano was ignorant of the fact that he saved the world that he tried to conquer.