Cyrax is unit LK-4D4, The second of three prototype Cybernetic Ninjas built by the Lin Kuei. Like his counterparts, his last program is to find and terminate the rouge ninja Sub Zero. Without a soul, Cyrax goes undetected by Shoa Kahn and remains a possible threat against his occupation of Earth.

Special Moves

Green Net: Back, Back, LK

Short Bomb: Hold LK, Back, Back, HK

Long Bomb: Hold LK, Forward, Forward, HK

Air Throw: Forward, Down, Forward, Block, LP

Teleport: Forward, Down, Block

Finishing Moves

Fatality 1: Down, Down, Down, HP

Fatality 2: Down, Down, Forward, Up, Run (at close range)

Animality: Up, Up, Down, Down (at close range)

Babality: Forward, Forward, Back, HP

Friendship: Run, Run, Run, Up

Stage Fatalities: Run, Block, Run


Combo #1: HP, HP ,LP

Combo #2: HK, HK, Back+HK

Combo #3: HP, HP, HK, HP, HK, Back+HK

Fighting as Cyrax

When Cyrax, try to lure your opponent to jump toward you by throwing short and long bombs. Then snag them with the Green Net and unleash Combo #3.

You can also trade projectiles with an opponent using your Green Net. (all except Sub-Zero, his Freeze lasts longer). This allows you to counter with any method of your choice.

Fighting Against Cyrax

If you are fighting Cyrax, anticipate his bombs or Green Net and counter with a jump kick. If he throws a bomb, jump straight up to avoid being countered by Cyrax.

Cyrax's Weaknesses

Cyrax is vulnerable to jumping attacks for a short period of time when he throws projectiles. His Teleport can also lead him to danger. Only perform this move when your opponent is down or you're trapped in the corner.


Cyrax is captured by Sub-Zero and reprogrammed with new orders: to destroy Shao Kahn. With Kahn unable to detect this soulless assasin, Cyrax delivers a successful sneak attack. However, after eliminating Kahn and saving Earth, Cyrax awaits for new orders from his Lin Kuei Headquarters. The orders never come and Cyrax malfunctions. He ends up stranded in the middle of the desert, blindly heading back toward his base.