How to Defeat the Bosses of Mortal Kombat 3


After having seen both of his Shokan henchmen beaten in the first two tournaments, Shao Kahn drafts a new type of warrior you do his dirty work- a centaurian named Motaro. Motaro is a huge fighter with a giant upper-body and the lower body of a horse. His powerful hooves can severely damage an opponent, along with his massive forearms and explosive energy blasts.

Defeating Motaro

When you fight against Motaro, you must always be prepare to counter his jump attacks with a roundhouse or uppercut. Once knocked down, quickly run up to him and complete a large, powerful combo of your own. He will most likely block the first few hits, but you will most of the time connect the last few. He has been known to not block at all making it easier for you to defeat him. Another thing, most of Motaro's attacks can be countered with a quick uppercut. His Jumping Lunge, Tail Swipe, Tail Swipe, and his Grab. Another way to defeat this huge enemy is to jump kick and then counter with a strong combo. Last and most important, do not use projectiles against Motaro. His outer skin has the ability to deflect projectiles and hurtle them towards you.

Shao Kahn

As in the second tournament, the final opponent is the ever scheming, but powerful Shao Kahn. Shao Kahn is tired of having the tournament slip through his fingers. So this time he's returns with a new powerful arsenal of attacks. Shadow Rising Uppercut, Shadow Shoulder Rush, Super Mallet, and Green Nova Blast. Shao Kahn is very well rounded and should be approached with much caution.

Defeating Shao Kahn

The most basic strategy for defeating this huge opponent is to duck and wait till he attacks with a Shadow Rising Uppercut or a Shadow Shoulder Rush. Then quickly counter with an uppercut. Then follow it up with your character's most devastating combo. Once finished, repeat the process until you hopefully defeat Shao Kahn. Another technique is to use your character's projectile attacks repeatedly. This tactic is not as effective as the first. When being approached by Kahn, keep him away by sweeping him. Usually Shao Kahn will perform his Shadow Shoulder Rush and the sweep will knock him out of it. The most effective tactic to use against Kahn is to use a character who has a combo that will knock him into the air and quickly jump kick him while he's still in the air. Then run up to him and begin to perform the same combo. Repeat until you have defeated Shao Kahn and become the Supreme Mortal Kombat Warrior.