The Basics of Mortal Kombat 3

Basic Moves

HP- High Punch

LP- Low Punch

HK- High Kick

LK- Low Kick

Block- Allows you to stop an opponents attack.

Run- Allows you to run at your opponent for a quick attack but is limited. Watch run meter below your life meter.

Roundhouse- Back+HK

Sweep- Back+LK

Uppercut- Down+HP

Juggle Punch- Down+LP Use this to push you opponent away from you.

Pop Kick- Down+HK

Push Kick- Down+LK Use this to push you opponent away from you.

Neck Kick- Jump over opponent and press HK or LK while in air.

Throw- Forward+ LP at close range


Finishing Moves

Fatality- Activate when the computer says "Finish Him/Her."

Friendship- Must not use Block in the winning round. Activate when computer says "Finish Him/Her."

Babality- Same as Friendship

Animality- You must perform a Mercy in the 3rd round to activate.

Mercy- Hold Run, Down, Down, Down, Release Run

Stage Fatalities- You must perform this move at the following Kombat Zones: Shao Kahn's Tower, Subway, and Pit III.