Secrets of Mortal Kombat II

Play Pong- You must fight in the v.s mode on the 250th fight. You will be sent back in time to play your opponent in this video game classic. Once one has won, regular play will continue.

Kombat Tomb- To have a defeated opponent (or yourself) fall from the ceiling spikes, pull down on both joysticks after he/she or you are uppercutted into them.

Dead Pool- When you or your opponent knocks one another into the Dead Pool, press Down on the joystick to hear Dan Forden say "Hello" with a British accent.

Top 15 Players- During attract mode, pull down on either joystick.

Disable Throws- When V.S screen comes up, press Down+HP on both joysticks.

Random Select- At select screen, press Up+Start to have the CPU select a fighter for you. (A real test of skills for any challenger)


Secret Characters

Smoke- To fight Smoke, play in a 1 or 2 player mode until you reach the Portal. When you do, uppercut your opponent until you see Dan Forden and hear "Toasty." Quickly press Down+Start while he is on the screen to travel to Goro's Lair and fight the elusive Smoke.\

Jade- To play against this green ninja, you must fight your way up the tournament until you reach the fighter located under the question mark. (usually Scorpion) During any found, defeat your opponent using only LK. You will be sent to Goro's Lair once more to fight Jade.

Noob Saibot- To reach Noob Saibot, (Boon Tobias, Mortal Kombat's creator) you must have 50 wins to travel back to Goro's Lair for the final time to face against this mysterious player.