Kung Lao

A former Shaolin Monk and a member of the White Lotus society, he is the last descendant of the Great Kung Lao who was defeated by Goro 500 years ago. Realizing the danger of the Outworld menace he joins Liu Kang in entering Shao Kahn's contest.

Special Moves

Teleport: Down, Up

Diving Kick: In air press, Down+HK

Hat Throw: Back, Forward, LP (use joystick to direct it up or down)

Whirlwind Spin: Up, Up, LK (use Block to perform this move)

Headbutt: HP at close range

Finishing Moves

Fatality 1: Forward, Forward, Forward, LK (sweep range)

Fatality 2: Hold LP, press Back, Forward, release LP (perform at other end of screen)

Friendship: Back, Back, Back, Down, HK

Babality: Back, Back, Forward, Forward, HK

Stage Fatalities: Forward, Forward, Forward, HP (close range)


A former Shaolin Monk alongside Liu Kang, Kung Lao also grieves the loss of their Shaolin brothers. He realizes that his ultimate fate lies within the dark realm of the Outworld. He defeats his Outworld opponents until he emerges the supreme champion.

With his strength and spirit in complete alignment he finally avenges the death of his great ancestor. Although his greatest challenges lie ahead...