The Basics of Mortal Kombat II

Basic Moves

HP- High Punch

LP- Low Punch

HK- High Kick

LK- Low Kick

Block- Allows you to stop an attack from your opponent.

Uppercut- Down+HP

Sweep- Back+LK

Roundhouse- Back+HK

Juggle Punch- Down+LP Use this to push your opponent away from you.

Pop Kick- Down+HK

Push Kick- Down+LK Use this to push your opponent away from you.

Neck Kick- Jump over opponent and press HK or LK in the air.

Throw- Forward+LP at close range.


Finishing Moves

Fatality- Activate when the computer says "Finish Him/Her."

Friendship- Use HK or LK only at the winning round. Activate when computer says "Finish Him/Her."

Babality- Same as Friendship.

Kombat Tomb/Pit II- Perform the Pit fatality move at these stages.

Dead Pool Fatality- Press and hold LK+LP and perform an uppercut when the computer says "Finish Him/Her at the Dead Pool stage.