1.The Story 2.The Moves 3.Rings 4.Items for Survival 5.The Levels 6.The Secret Zone 7.Blocks in the Secret Zone 1.Crush Dr. Robotnik! Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the mad scientist, is snatching innocent animals and turning them into evil robots! Only one tough dude can put can put an end to his plans. He is Sonic the hedgehog with a spiked haircut and power sneakers. Help him destroy metal maniacs though your journey. Good Luck! 2.Press the D-Button down when Sonic's moving to bump off enemies with the Super Sonic Spin Attack. 3.If you want to survive without rings I can be sure you are going to die. But if you grab them they protect you but when your hit you lose your rings. 4.super ring shield power shoes lives super shield gives you ten rings protects you make you run fast! Give you protects you for from getting 1-UP's a short time hit once 5.Green Hill Zone:go though loops and tunnels and watch out for spikes. Marble Zone: in this zone you have to try to keep sonic from getting a hot foot around this lava! Spring Yard Zone: now sonic is in a pinball machine of a mess from springs to bumpers. Labyrinth Zone: explore an underwater maze suck bubbles to stay alive! Star Light Zone: explore the outer space world though twists and turns. Scrap Brain Zone: razors sharp saws and grinding wheels your one step away. 6.make your way through the zone to find the emerald or get rings for a continue. 7.Bumper:bounce off these. Reverse: this will reverse the maze. Goal: these are the end of the special stage. 1 UP: touch this for a life. Jump Stand: jump off these. UP: when you touch these they make the maze faster. DOWN: these make the maze slower. Chaos Emeralds: these give you powers collect all six. By Matthew Juranitch