500 YEARS AGO, SHANG TSUNG WAS BANISHED TO THE EARTH REALM. WITH THE AID OF GORO HE WAS TO UNBALANCE THE FURIES AND DOOM THE PLANET TO A CHAOTIC EXISTENCE. BY SEIZING CONTROL OF THE SHAOLIN TOURNAMENT HE TRIED TO TIP THE SCALES OF ORDER TOWARDS CHAOS. ONLY SEVEN WARRIORS SURVIVED THE BATTLES AND SHANG TSUNG'S SCHEME WOULD COME TO A VIOLENT END AT THE HANDS OF LIU KANG. FACING EXECUTION FOR HIS FAILURE AND THE APPARENT DEATH OF GORO, TSUNG CONVINCES SHAO KAHN TO GRANT HIM A SECOND CHANCE. SHANG TSUNG'S NEW PLAN IS TO LURE HIS ENEMIES TO COMPETE IN THE OUTWORLD WHERE THEY WILL MEET CERTAIN DEATH BY SHAO KAHN HIMSELF. MIDWAY PRESENTS MORTAL KOMBAT II For the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive An FAQ by Antony Espindola A.Espindola@cs.ucl.ac.uk http::/www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/people/zcacaes.html V 1e. INTRO ------------------------------------------------------------------------ All moves are 100% tried and confirmed on the Sega MegaDrive. I really want to thank Acclaim for putting a good effort into MK2 - it is a vast improvement over MK1, even the 6 button works better. Good idea to remove the naff low-punch from the arcade version and replace it with the uppercut a la MK1. Check out my MK FAQ also available from Andy Eddy's FTP site. New this edition : o Just some small errors corrected. o Additional info on 'Fergus' o Added section 'Rumour City' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WORLD WIDE WEB SITE ---------------------------------------------------------- For those of you that have WWW access, visit my Mortal Kombat site : http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/people/zcacaes/mk/mk.html For lots of info, news, gossip and of course the latest FAQs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RUMOUR CITY ----------------------------------------------------------------- Also known as "Don't quote me on this, but..." Yes! The section that's complete bull until proven otherwise! The latest news is about Kano & Sonya (yawn...) and comes from the UK's favourite daily rag...er...I mean Newspaper...and their Video games section on a Friday. Apparently, you can fight Sonya and Kano by beating Jade or Smoke usign only kicks or punches. Tim B tried this with the cheat on and it didn't work; maybe you could give it a try without cheating ? The Sun also states that Ed Boon and John Tobias *do* make an appearance in the game, but again this hasn't been found YET. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TEST MODES ------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes we found them! Didn't take too long did it ?! Here is a full rundown : To get the Test Modes, get the the MK symbol screen with the 'Start' and 'Options' menus. Select the 'Options' menu and at the bottom is the 'DONE!' option. Go to this but DON'T press START. Type in the following code... L D L R D R L L R R Another option will appear called 'TEST MODES'. There are 3 levels of menus. Test Modes (1) No Damage to P1 No Damage to P2 1 Hit Kills P1 1 Hit Kills P2 More... DONE! These are all pretty obvious. Select them with start - a tick will appear to show that they are enabled. You can't have No Damage to both players though. Select 'More...' to get to the next screen. Test Modes (2) Free Play Background xx Battleplan xx Soak Test More... ...Back The 'Free Play' gives infinite credits. The 'Background' can be set to 'off' or between 1 and 10. Use L and R to change. This allows you to select a background to constantly play in (see list) or to cycle through the sequence if it is set to 'off'. 1: Acid Pool 6: Armoury 2: Kombat Tomb 7: The Pit II 3: Wasteland 8: Portal 4: Cloud Room 9: Kahn's Arena 5: Living Forest 10: Special Portal (should be Goro's Lair) The 'Battleplan' can be set to 'off' or between 2 and 15. This enables you to select a certain sequence of opponents to fight, or just select on at random from the choices if it is set to 'off'. Test Modes (3) Fatalities Friendship Babalities Oooh Nasty! ...Back These (except 'Oooh Nasty!') determines what the cpu player will do when it wins a match. Only one can be selected from the three. Turning on the Oooh Nasty! allows you to perform another fatality called a 'Fergality'. This changes them to a little guy with a big head who smokes (a la Smoke). The head is the same as the one in the first Mortal Kombat that floats across the moon when you set flag 3 in the cheat menu. Fergalities is named after Fergus McGovern from Probe Software. So far, we have only found one for Raiden, but there may be others. Turn on the Oooh Nasty! flag to be able to perform these. You can use all the other buttons (unlike Babalities/ Friendships) and the distance doesn't appear to matter either. You must do the Fergality at a certain stage, as given with the Fergality in the moves list. Can you find any more ?? The only other thing the Test Modes does is to change the Dan 'Toasty' Forden head into a cartoon style head pulling a face. Silly really! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GAME GENIE CODES ------------------------------------------------------------- Here are some Game Genie codes from Gaetano LeFavi and John Bradley : ABVT-BE64 Infinite time CVYA-BA7N Timer is twice as fast LBYA-BA7N Timer is twice as slow RETT-A6Y6 Test options B4MT-BA76 No matter what character you choose, the CPU gives you someone else CLMT-BE74 CPU is disabled; computer will not fight you as player 2. *But* player two can play as CPU/P2 CRMT-BE76 No opponent. Game will freeze. :( Select Opponent : ACMT-BE76 = Kung Lao AGMT-BE76 = Liu Kang ALMT-BE76 = Johnny Cage ARMT-BE76 = Baraka AWMT-BE76 = Kitana A0MT-BE76 = Mileena A4MT-BE76 = Shang Tsung A8MT-BE76 = Rayden BCMT-BE76 = Sub-Zero BGMT-BE76 = Reptile BLMT-BE76 = Scorpion BRMT-BE76 = Jax BWMT-BE76 = Kintaro * B0MT-BE76 = Shao Kahn * B4MT-BE76 = Smoke ** B8MT-BE76 = Noob Saibot ** CCMT-BE76 = Jade ** CLMT-BE76 = Toasty *** To fight *as* any of the above characters, just enter the game as player 2. SPECIAL NOTES * As this character, it is almost impossible to attack. It is even more impossible to jump, without freezing the game. However fickle the cart is, it is possible on rare occasions to use this character effectively. ** As this character, you should refrain from high kick attacks, special moves, and blocks. These sometimes freeze the game. If you stick to HP, LP, uppercuts, throws, etc... you should not have *any* problems. I was able to repeatedly finish the game with these characters without any problem at all. The cart will crash at the end, but I think this is because the game has no *real* endings for Smoke, Jade, or Noob. *** A large cartoon picture of Dan 'Toasty' Forden appears as your opponent. You can't hurt him or hit him. If you jump over him or cross in front of him, the game will freeze. If you enter the game as player 2, there are two things you can do: 1) Press Down...you will become a strange colored ninja selling a doll. 2) Press Forwards...you will change the 'Toasty' picture to a larger strange colored picture of 'Fergality' If you continue to press Forwards, it becomes a large picture of Dan Forden. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -STAGE FATALITIES------------------------------------------------------------- You can do special fatalities at the following backgrounds: PIT II - Uppercut victim off bridge, switches to overhead view and watch victim slam into the concrete. KOMBAT TOMB - Uppercut victims onto the ceiling spikes. This looks really cool as they stick there! It is possible to get them to slide off the spikes by holding DOWN on joystick when the uppercut has been done until the WINS writing appears. ACID POOL - To uppercut someone into the acid, hold LP+LK and then do a normal uppercut. This works for all characters. For 3-button users, hold HK + LK then do an uppercut. The opponent resurfaces as a skeleton! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -BABALITIES AND FRIENDSHIPS--------------------------------------------------- You can do a non-fatal BABALITY, which turns the victim into a baby. You can also do a non-fatal FRIENDSHIP which does something silly! To achieve a BABALITY or FRIENDSHIP, you CANNOT use the PUNCH buttons on the match winning round. Distance does not matter for both but you might want to stay further than sweep distance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -HIDDEN CHARACTERS AND SECRET STUFF------------------------------------------- So far, there is a green female ninja called Jade, a light grey male ninja called Smoke and Noob Saibot. JADE - Win the 1st round of the match before the question mark without using the BLOCK or PUNCH buttons. If you lose the first round, you can do it on the second round. When you finish the round, keep pressing your START button to go into the question mark. SMOKE - When Dan "Toasty" Forden pops up in the corner, hold your joystick DOWN and press your START button. This must be in the Portal stage Get to toasty by uppercutting - you may want someone else to press start as you have to be quick! NOOB - To get to Noob Saibot*, you must get 25 wins in a row - don't SAIBOT know if mins against the machine count, but it must be 25. You fight NS in the secret level (colour changed Portal) - he is just a normal male ninja, but all black so he looks like a shadow. (He was originally going to be called ShadowMan) He is slower than smoke and only uses scorpions spear. (* Noob Saobot = Boon Tobias reversed) PONG GAME -If you reach Battle 250 (yes, 250) you'll get to play a game of Pong (the old paddle game and very first arcade game). Is it really worth playing for so long ??!!?? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SPECIAL BITS------------------------------------------------------------------ RANDOM SELECT - Hold up and press start to randomly select a character on the choose your fighter screen. NO THROWS - This can be done in the arcade by holding down and high punch after both fighters are chosen - anyone got it to work on the Sega ?? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BUGS ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, I haven't see any yet, but I just want to moan at the lack of the intro screens for each character, the REAL end screens and the bit where the characters jump out at the end and get their credits. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE MOVES LIST---------------------------------------------------------------- -LEGEND----------------------------------------------------------------------- F : Forward HP : High Punch + : and - F+LP, F and LP B : Back LP : Low Punch - : then - F-LP, F then LP U : Up HK : High Kick () : while - BL(F-LP), D : Down LK : Low Kick F then LP, Q : 1/4-Circle BL : Block while holding BL H : 1/2-Circle $# : Charge - $5, hold 5 secs ... : Keep Tapping Button(s) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sega Keys -------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't forget to set your controller type in the options! For the 3-button controller, substitute HP and LP for Punch. A = Punch B = High Kick C = Low Kick Start = Block Six Button : X = High Punch Y = Block Z = High Kick A = Low Punch B = Block C = Low Kick Start is the same as the START button in the arcade. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ======== LIU KANG ======== Dragonhead Fireball - Mid-Air : F-F-HP (in mid-air) - High : F-F-HP - Low : F-F-LP Flying Kick : F-F-HK Bicycle Kick : LK$4 FATALITIES : Dragon Morph : D-F-B-B-HK (close) Cartwheel Uppercut : Reverse 360 (close - jump range) STAGE FATALITY : B-F-F-LK BABALITY : D-D-F-B-LK FRIENDSHIP : Disco Dance : F-B-B-B-LK ======== KUNG LAO ======== Buzzsaw Hat Throw : B-F-LP (can control hat's vertical direction in mid-air) Energy Spin : BL(U-U)-LK... Teleport : D-U Mid-Air Kick : D+HK (in mid-air) FATALITIES : Vertical Slice : F-F-F-LK (inside sweep range) Buzzsaw Hat Decapitation : LP(B-B-F) jump distance STAGE FATALITY : F-F-F-HP BABALITY : B-B-F-F-HK FRIENDSHIP : Pulls rabbit out of hat : B-B-B-D-HK =========== JOHNNY CAGE =========== Energy Bolt - High : HB-HP Low : HF-LP Shadow-Uppercut : B-QB-HP Shadow-Kick : B-F-LK Low-Blow : BL+LP FATALITIES : Torso Rip-Off : D-D-F-F-LP (close) Uppercut Decaptitation : F-F-D-U (close) (for 3 heads...) : F-F-D-U-D+LP+BL+LK (close) STAGE FATALITY : D-D-D-HK BABALITY : B-B-B-HK FRIENDSHIP : Signs a photo for a fan : D-D-D-D-HK ======= REPTILE ======= Acid Spit : F-F-HP Force Globe : B-B-HP+LP Invisibility : BL(U-U-D)-HP Slide : B+HK+LK FATALITIES : Eats Head : B-B-D-LP (jump range) Invisible Torso Rip-Off : F-F-D-HK (close-must be invisible) STAGE FATALITY : D-F-F-BL BABALITY : D-B-B-LK FRIENDSHIP : Buy a Reptile Doll! : B-B-D-LK ======== SUB-ZERO ======== Iceball : QF-LP Ground Freeze : QB-LK Slide : B+HK+LK FATALITIES : Frozen Torso Shattered : 1) Freeze : F-F-D-HK by Uppercut : 2) Shatter : F-D-F-F-HP (close) Ice Orb Torso Explosion : LP(B-B-D-F) (otherside of screen) STAGE FATALITY : D-F-F-BL BABALITY : D-B-B-HK FRIENDSHIP : Buy a Sub-Zero Doll! : B-B-D-HK =========== SHANG TSUNG =========== Burning Skulls - 1 : B-B-HP - 2 : B-B-F-HP - 3 : B-B-F-F-HP MORPHS : Liu Kang : B-B-F-F-BL Kung Lao : B-D-B-HK Johnny Cage : B-B-D-LP Reptile : BL(U-D)-HP Sub-Zero : F-D-F-HP Kitana : BL-BL-BL Jax : D-F-B-HK Mileena : HP$3 Baraka : D-D-LK Scorpion : BL(U-U) Raiden : D-B-F-LK FATALITIES : Body-Takeover Explosion : HK$3 (sweep range) Soul-Sucking Grab : BL(U-D-U)-LK (close) Kintaro Fatality : LP$30 (sweep) (uppercuts top half off) hold LP for 30secs of game time STAGE FATALITY : BL(D-D-U)-D BABALITY : B-F-D-HK FRIENDSHIP : Rainbow Across Arms : BL(B-B-D-F-HK) ====== KITANA ====== Fan Throw : F-F-HP+LP Fan Lift : B-B-B-HP Fan Swipe : B+HP Air Punch : HB-HP FATALITIES : Kiss of Death Explosion : LK(F-F-D-F) (close) Fan Decapitation : BL-BL-BL+HK (close) STAGE FATALITY : F-D-F-HK BABALITY : D-D-D-LK FRIENDSHIP : Birthday Cake : BL(D-D-D-U-LK) ==================== JACKSON BRIGGS (JAX) ==================== Energy Wave : HB-HK Ground Smash : LK$3 Gotcha Grab : F-F-LP... Repeated Slams : Throw+HP... Mid-Air BackBreaker : BL (in mid-air) FATALITIES : Head Smasher : LP(F-F-F) (close) Arm Rip-Off : BL-BL-BL-BL-LP (sweep range) STAGE FATALITY : U-U-D-LK BABALITY : D-U-D-U-LK FRIENDSHIP : Line of Paper Dolls : D-D-U-U-LK ======= MILEENA ======= Sai Throw : HP$3 Teleport Kick : F-F-LK Ball Roll : B-B-D-HK FATALITIES : Repeated Sai Stabs : F-B-F-LP (close) Kiss & Spit Bones : HK$3 (close) STAGE FATALITY : F-D-F-LK BABALITY : D-D-D-HK FRIENDSHIP : Grow Flower : D-D-D-U-HK ====== BARAKA ====== Blade Bolt : QB-HP Blade Fury : B-B-B-LP Blade Swipe : B+HP FATALITIES : Skewer and Lift Victim : B-F-D-F-LP (sweep range) Blade Decaptitation : BL(B-B-B-B)-HP (sweep range) STAGE FATALITY : F-F-D-HK BABALITY : F-F-F-HK FRIENDSHIP : Christmas Present : BL(U-U-F-F-HK) ======== SCORPION ======== Spear : B-B-LP Teleport Punch : QB-HP (can be done in mid-air) Leg Takedown : QB-LK Mid-Air Throw : BL (in mid-air) FATALITIES : Flames Victims and Explodes : BL(U-U)-HP (outside sweep range) (for 'Toasty!!') : BL(D-D-U-U)-HP (outside sweep range) Spear Slice : HP(D-F-F-F) (close) STAGE FATALITY : D-F-F-BL BABALITY : D-B-B-HK FRIENDSHIP : Buy a Scorpion Doll! : B-B-D-HK ====== RAIDEN ====== Lightning : QF-LP Body Launch : B-B-F (can be done in mid-air) Teleport : D-U Electrocution : HP$5 FATALITIES : Uppercut Explosion : HP$12 (close-use game time) Electrocution Explosion : 1) Electrocute : LK$3 (close) 2) Explosion : BL+LK.. STAGE FATALITY : BL(U-U-U)-HP BABALITY : D-D-U-HK FRIENDSHIP : Kidd Thunder!! : D-B-F-HK FERGALITY : The Armoury : B-B-B-BL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------