Castlevania Bloodlines Codes
#1 Previous Castlevania Series Music Code: On option screen play BGM (Background Music) 05 and play SE (sound effects) 073. Make sure that these music settings are set when you leave the options screen. Press start to start the game. When your standard weapon is powered up to level 4, you will hear the old Castlevania Music until you get hit. #2 EXPERT mode code: At title screen press Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A and you will hear a sound. You should then see "expert" in the "game level" line at the options screen. 9 players mode: Input above #1 and #2 codes in order and then you will hear a specific sound and see 9 players on the options screen. CASTLEVANIA BLOODLINES (GENESIS) Walk-Through STAGE 1-1: Go right, hitting candles to get items. 1-2: Continue right, killing the zombies. Get the invincibility icon at the top of the first set of stairs. Exit at the top of the second set of stairs. 1-3a: Kill the floating eye creature by hitting its eye. Hitting its tail will not hurt it, but its tail can't hurt you either. Hit the cracked wall in the lower right for a Spell Book. 1-4: Look out for ghosts and squidmen. Collect the Mirror of Truth from a candle above the small platform in the middle of the screen. 1-3b: Kill the skeleton using a jumping attack and exit up the stairs, to the right. 1-5: Go right, looking out for oncoming bats. MID-LEVEL BOSS (Demon Dog) Use your special weapon, staying far enough away to avoid its fire breath. When it screams, jump to avoid being hit by the falling shards of glass. 1-6: Kill the skeletons and get the Mutton Chop in the upper right behind the cracked wall. In the next room watch out for leaping skeletons. Go slowly so they don't jump on you. Stay on the step below the fire-breathing skeleton heads and use the axe, or simply get close to them, kneel and attack. 1-7: Time your jump onto the rotating spiked platform. Kill the skeletons and head up and right. Go right and take the low path first, getting the Mirror of Truth. Take the upper path now, making quick jumps from the second spiked platform to the third one, to the stairs. 1-8: Take out the two skeletons above you. Time your jump over the pendulum, finish off the rest of the skeletons, get the Mutton Chop in the upper right, and exit. 1-9: Go up the collapsing spine without stopping. Jump attack to get the 1-UP in the candle half way up. 1-10: Attack the skele-dragon with your normal weapon from the middle of the platform, hitting any fireballs that come at you. Exit up the stairs to the right. 1-11: END BOSS (Mecha-Knight) Use your special weapon until you run out of crystals. When he charges you, go behind the platform in the left hand corner, and attack. STAGE 2-1: Move cautiously, attacking the Minotaurs from a distance. Be careful not to fall into the water, avoid the squidmen, and exit. 2-2: Move quickly, avoiding the white orbs that circle the platforms. Stay up near the top of the screen as much as you can, anticipating oncoming Minotaurs. At the first split, take the stairs to the left. At the second split, either way will work. 2-3: MID-LEVEL BOSS #1 (Water Wizard): Use a back and forth jump attack to finish him off before he fills the screen with water and drowns you. Go right, killing the Ravens. MID-LEVEL BOSS #2 (Giant Knight with Flail): Get close to him, inside his line of attack, and hit him with your normal weapon. When he jumps, move away so that he doesn't land on you. MID-LEVEL BOSS #3 (Giant Knight with Axe): After he swings his axe at you, go in for two quick attacks, then back out of his reach. When he leaps, move away so that he doesn't land on you, and hit him with three quick attacks. Repeat. 2-4: Follow the sinking water down, jumping to the floating platforms, fending off Medusa-Heads, and collecting as many crystals as you can. 2-5: Wait for the mace wielding beasts to came at you, if you rush on too quickly they will jump you, causing a lot of damage. Continue right past the giant statue and dragon-heads. Stay on the upper platform to attack the Skele-Dragon. Hit the cracked columns to continue on. 2-6: Use the axe to kill the Minotaurs below, collect crystals, but keep the axe to face the boss. 2-7: END BOSS (Rock Creature) This boss is only hurt by direct hits to the head. Shrink him down to size by chipping away at his midsection with your standard weapon while jumping and using the axe to hit his head, Watch out for falling rocks during your attack. STAGE 3-1: Attack the bird creatures at an angle, dart in and out against the column-wielding Minotaurs, and exit right. 3-2: Head up the stairs quickly, avoiding the fireballs as best you can. At the top, face the eye creatures and exit right. 3-3(Lecarde): Attack the bird creatures, then use the Mega- Jump to make your way to the top. The exit is in the upper right. 3-3(Morris): Go right, fighting off the bird creatures. exit right. In the next area (3-4 for Morris), use your whip to swing across the gaps. 3-4: MID-LEVEL BOSS (Giant Skele-Dragon) Stay left, just out of the reach of the Dragons fire-breath. Use the axe or boomerang on it to finish it quickly. 3-5: The key to making it through the falling tower is staying as close to the top as possible. Jump up to the next platform as soon as it is visible. Most of the time the Medusa- Heads will fly underneath you, but be ready to defend yourself. Towards the top, on the right side of the tower, there is a 1-UP in a candle. Get the Mirror of Truth and exit to the left. 3-6: Watch out for the Mummies ribbons and lots of bats. Keep far enough away from the Mummies so that they can't hit you with their bandage. Attack any Mummies that you can from below. Head up, then right, and exit up the stairs. 3-7: Keep as far ahead of the moving platforms as possible. After the Gargoyles circle you once, they will come at you from the same spot from which they originally appeared, so be ready. When the platforms start heading up, stay on the middle set. When they start taking you to the right, stay ahead and battle the Gargoyles. 3-8: Pre-boss power ups. 3-9: END-BOSS(Giant Bat Creature) To fight this creature, it helps to have the axe. When it comes at you with its tail, face it and use your standard weapon to block. When the rocks are coming at you, stay in the middle, jump over the rock and throw an axe. Eventually it will adopt a smashing attack at which point you simply need to sidestep and attack. STAGE 4-1: Move quickly, staying ahead of the pursuing skeletons. Get as many items as you can from the candles, but don't stop. 4-2: The skeletons in this stage can take as many as three hits(some of them even regenerate). Go up and right, across the conveyor belts. In the upper right hand corner, before you head down the stairs, there is a Mutton Chop in the wall. 4-3: More of the same, except in this part a skeleton will come from behind. It is good to have the boomerang at this point in order kill the flail carrying skeleton on the farthest stable platform to the right. 4-4: This section isn't bad if you are patient and keep looking ahead. After every piston you clear jump up so that more of the screen is revealed to you. Go quickly around the second piston. When you jump onto the third one, walk all the way left and stay there. Go quickly by the fourth one and exit to the right. 4-5: Make your way up the stairs and gears, watching out for Medusa-Heads and killing the skeletons. At the top there is a difficult sequence where you have to jump gear to gear, first to the right, then to the left. Its not so bad as long as you go all the way to the edge of the platform before jumping. If you are Lecarde, you can simply use the Mega-Jump. 4-6: Jump from platform, to platform, waiting until they are positioned just right. If you go relatively quickly your results will be better. Watch out for ghosts. To make the door open, jump up to the last platform. 4-7: MID-LEVEL BOSS(Frankenstein) Use your special weapon, or simply get close and attack quickly. When he swings the chain around, jump away. When he releases it straight, duck. When he looses the lightning along the ground, jump to the platform on the left. 4-8: Walk under the spaces in the rotating blades. For the first one, go slowly through. For the second one, go a little bit, duck, and then go the rest of the way on the next rotation. For the third one, make multiple stops, ducking, then moving on. When the creatures come at you, use a kneeling attack. 4-9: Go from platform to platform, killing the flail wielding skeletons. Time your jumps so that you land after the skeletons flail has been retracted. 4-10: Attack the gears and power up with items. 4-11: END-BOSS(Gear Creature) Holy Water is a good special weapon against this boss. Get in close to it and jump attack, aiming for the orb in the middle. When it throws gears at you, jump away to the far opposite platform. When it starts making sounds and comes after you, go in a circular motion away from it around the room. Use up all of your special weapons when it shrinks down, then finish it off with a jump attack when it stretches out. STAGE 5-1: Head right, destroying the Giant Roses. If you get turned around by the pollen, simply reverse your controls and go forward. Go through the fountain, killing the skeletons, making sure to get the boomerang. At the end of the fountain, do not exit. Stand as far right as you can and use the boomerang on the tree creature, all the while battling the regenerating skeletons. Watch out for the bombs that the tree creatures throw, continue right and exit. 5-2: Watch out for the falling chandeliers. The axe throwing knights can take up to 6 hits, so try to lure them under the chandeliers and then cause them to drop. Near the end of the board a saber wielding creature will appear. Go slowly until you can just barely see his saber, then go back the other way a little bit. Head back to the right and he will usually be gone. In the next room get close to the dragon-heads and use a constant kneeling attack. 5-3(Lecarde): Use the Mega-Jump to make it all the way to the top of this area. Kill as many of the eye things as you can before making a leap. 5-3(Morris): Use a jump attack on the eye creatures and exit right. 5-4(Lecarde): Try not to let the hunchbacks hit the ground, hitting them in mid-air. If they do land, take them out quickly. 5-4(Morris): Use your whip to swing along the ceiling to get items. The green guys that throw stuff at you will take a lot of hits, but if you fend them off long enough, they will throw you a mutton chop. 5-5(Lecarde): The easiest way to get through this part is to forget about the candles, get on the rotating stairs, hold the control pad to the left, and go straight down to the exit. 5-5(Morris)t The best thing to do in this sequence is move fast, ignoring the candles, outrunning the fireballs from the dragon-heads, and killing the occasional gargoyle. Quick jumps either straight up or left to right will move you up in a hurry. Exit right. 5-6: MID-LEVEL BOSS(Giant Knight) Dart in for a couple of hits and then move out, avoiding his punches. When he leaps, get close to him to avoid being grabbed by his extended arm, and attack. Repeat. 5-7: Move in and out on the archers so that they can't get a good aim at you. Keep your distance from the hammer knights and attack. Swing quickly to prevent the knight on wheels from running into you. Duck under the gunfire from the last knight and attack him from a kneeling position. MID-LEVEL BOSS(Magic Column) Stand directly in the middle of the two faces to make the attack come straight down, then step aside, wait for the column to appear, and attack. Repeat until it is defeated. 5-8: END-BOSS(Spirit/Giant Moth) Attack the ghost at an angle, after five or so hits it will change forms. Jump attack and use the axe when the Moth attacks and drops its pollen. When it starts dropping eggs, concentrate solely on the eggs, destroying them all. Repeat until the Moth is defeated. STAGE 6-1: Head right, watching out for Ravens and hitting the fireball from the Medusa-Head with your normal weapon. When the bridge starts to collapse, quickly jump right. 6-2: The Hall of Mirrors is easier than it first seems. The key is to make all of your jumps from the far edge of the platform that you are on. Be sure to collect the 1-UP in the candle on the first overhanging platform. 6-3: In this upside down area the key is patience. After jumping to each platform, wait there, jumping over the rotating orb once before going to the next platform. 6-4: Collect items and be ready for Mecha-Knights that will come running at you. 6-5: Collect items and go up the stairs. To collect lots of crystals, you can go back and forth between 6-5 and 6-6. 6-6: MID-LEVEL BOSS(DEATH) When you hit the cards that encircle Death, multiple things happen. Three of the cards will take you to face previous bosses (the Rock-Creature from stage 2, the Giant Bat from stage 3, and the Gear Creature from stage 4). One of the cards will provide you with Mutton Chops (except in the expert difficulty setting). The remaining cards will bring you face to face with Death himself, first in short attacks, and then in a full battle. Use the axe on him when he is in mid-air, and when he uses the wind to pull you toward him, get close enough to hit him a couple of times, then jump away over the oncoming whirlwind. 6-7: Collect items, exit up the stairs. To collect lots of crystals, you can go back and forth between 6-7 and 6-8. 6-8: MID-LEVEL BOSS(Elizabeth Bartley) Her first attack will be as Medusa, and is very simple to overcome. Get close to her and use your standard weapon. Kneel so that the waving flare attack goes around you, kneel again so that her fire breath goes above you, and jump to avoid her tail attack. Bartley's magical attack will take much longer to overcome. she will cast four to six orbs into the air. To hurt her you need to hit her a number of times equal to the number of orbs that are in the air. Get close enough to hit her, then attack while kneeling to avoid the fireball. If you do not succeed, the magic will be loosed on you. stay in the corners if this happens, and you will be relatively safe, 6-9: Go right, collecting items. 6-10: Collect items, go up the stairs. To collect lots of crystals, go back and forth between 6-10 and 6-11. 6-11: FINAL BOSS (DRACULA) Part 1: Be sure to get the axe. Stay close to the column of light and bats. Just as Dracula appears use a jump attack and kneel on the way down. Repeat until he is finished. Part 2: Use your axes and jumping attacks when he is in the air. When he casts the fire at you, go to one side and make two quick jumps to avoid both fire attacks. When he separates, stay in between any two of his images to avoid the columns of fire. Part 3: Keep the demon pinned to one side of the screen and use 2 jump attack. Kneel as soon as you land to avoid the boomerangs that he will throw. Repeat this until he turns color and his attack changes. Keep him pinned, jumping over the flames while throwing an axe in mid-air to finish him off.