===========================LEVEL SELECT CODES=========================== o During any level, pause (hit start) and type "ABBAABBA" to warp to the next level. o In the options screen, type "ACACACACBBBB" to get to the cheat screen. Options here are: -- Cheat mode: total, complete immortality. -- Start on level: Choose a level to play. When you complete the chosen level you end up back to level two, and the game continues as if you've only just played level one. -- Freezeability: Turns the start button into a momentary pause, i.e., press to pause, release to resume. ============================TIPS & HIDDEN STUFF========================= AGRABAH MARKET o Just before you fall onto the camel, wait and stand right on the edge. If you do it properly, a free life will appear right in front of you. o On either side of the merchant, there are flagpoles you can use to superjump (see "MISCELLANEOUS NOTES" below) out of sight on the roof above him. There are a couple of gems and a free life up there. THE DESERT o Walk to the first tree, then double back all the way to the left. Here you'll find a free life waiting for you. o Just after the second camel is a clothesline. On the clothesline is a pair of Mickey's ears. Position Aladdin so that after he stops and leans forward, it looks as if he's wearing the mouse ears. Do it right and you'll be rewarded with a free life. NOTE: this won't work if you took the free life near the camel on the previous level. o After the ears, when you jump across the first gap between the rocks, fall a little short and you'll find a little hidden passageway with four gems. o After the first set of palm trees, you've got to go through a hidden passage and kill the guy at the other end. Notice there's a step down. Go down there and then back to the left. There's a little mini-passageway with an apple and a gem in there. o At the bottom of where you jump up to get the scarab for the first time, there's a hidden passage containing a heart and a gem. o Shortly after that, you'll come across a pillar with a picture of Goofy on it. Step behind it, and press and hold jump. Behold, the merchant! o The second time you see the scarab, you can continue to the left. No rewards, just a little waste of time. AGRABAH ROOFTOPS o Do a superjump straight up off the first flagpole for a free life. o Throw an apple at the pot with smoke soming out of it to expose a gap in the floor. Fall down through that gap to get to the merchant. o Just before you jump onto the rope that lets you slide down and to the left, double back to the right a screen or two. A heart! o After you've vaulted up the two consecutive flagpoles, you'll see a free life off to the right. Fall down and do a superjump off the upper flagpole to obtain it. o Above the first clothesline is an Abu token. Do a superjump off the flagpole to grab it. o On the floor just below the next milestone you can get a free life. Just move down and kill the guard below, then use the flagpole to double back. Watch out, there's a guard there who wasn't there before... SULTAN'S DUNGEON I hate this level. o Not far after the first milestone you have to go through an upper floor with two ball-and-chains, then a similar one directly below it. Go past the first one to the lower one, then double back up and collect the free life. CAVE OF WONDERS o Near the end of the level, instead of climbing up the left side of the mountain, you can go inside and collect some treasures like gems, hearts, and a free life, then emerge on the right to collect the lamp. THE ESCAPE What can I say? This level is really hard. The only advice I can offer is that if you seem to be consistently dying right after you jump off a sinking rock, make sure you wait until the last possible moment to take a running jump off the rock. RUG RIDE For anyone who cares, here's the path to take to survive the rug ride. (D=down, U=up, E=either way): UDDDUDEUEDUEDEUUDUEDDEDEUDUD INSIDE THE LAMP o If you're a hidden-treasure fanatic, make sure you take the extra ten minutes to look behind every wisp of smoke in the lamp. Lots of game tokens and gems and apples lying about. This is IMO a complete waste of time, but hey, it's your quarter... :-) o To get to the merchant (see him over there?), use genie's finger to vault yourself over the top of the screen and to the left. No superjump needed, but takes some practice. o From the merchant's pillow, jump to the left onto the finger, then to the left again onto a pillow that has--you guessed it--a free life waiting for you. o A couple of milestones later, you'll see a free life that seems impossible to get. The thing to do is to go a little farther and do a superjump off genie's finger and soar way back to the left, collecting the free guy. o At the end of the level are TWO free lives, one above and one below Genie's tongue. Fall below the tongue; the smoke catches you. Grab free life #1. Go back up onto the tongue, fall off and do a superjump straight up to get the second one. SULTAN'S PALACE I haven't found anything special here. Has anyone else? JAFAR'S PALACE There's a heart that's kind of hard to find, but I'm not telling where, because it's only a heart and it isn't really that difficult to locate. Nyah. ===========================MISCELLANEOUS NOTES========================== o A superjump, oft referred to in the pages above, is a really high jump off of a bouncy object like a camel, flagpole, genie's finger, etc. To do this, *FALL* off of something onto the bouncy thing and press and hold the jump button on the way down. o You can walk through coals and fire undamaged as long as you don't change direction in the middle. Important on the last level. o Slash your sword at the hands throwing baskets to kill them. o You get absolutely NO points for killing anybody. ==============================UNKNOWN STUFF============================= o When you push Aladdin against a wall, he appears as though he's trying to push against it. Has anyone discovered if this has any practical use? o Is there any rhyme or reason to the order of prizes presented in the slot machine? Has anyone figured out a RELIABLE method for consistently winning? ============================THE END OF THE FAQ==========================