James Pond: Underwater Agent

Published by Electronic Arts
Genre: Action Players: 1

10,000,000 Points
In the bonus room, collect the letters in order to spell out "JAMES POND". You'll earn 10,000,000 points if you do this correctly.

Hidden Warps
Here are the locations of three of the game's hidden warps.

  1. In the first mission you must save all the lobsters for two warps to open. The first is located in the seaweed to the left of the entrance pipe next to a white rock. Position yourself over the seaweed and push down. This will take you to mission 6.

  2. Also on Mission 1 is a warp that will take you to Mission 11. Once you have saved the last lobster, go to the far left, and jump out of the water onto the ledge. Move to the edge and push down.

  3. You can find a warp in Mission 2 that will take you to Mission 10. Save all the fish from the toxic waste, then move to the right of the entrance pipe at the start of the flat ground and push down.

Open All Doors
Hold Left + C when you turn on the game. When the title screen appears, press Start then release everything. While playing, press A + B + C and rotate the d-pad in a circle to open all the exits.

James Pond 2: Codename RoboCod

Published by Electronic Arts
Genre: Action Players: 1

High Jump
Press C + B + Down and wait a few seconds. Release these buttons and you'll jump much higher than normal. The longer you hold your buttons down, the higher you'll jump.

Infinite Lives
To get infinite lives in the sports level, pick up items in the following order. Lips, Ice cream, Violin, Earth, Snowman.

Level Select
Activate the Invincibility code, then complete the level normally. All levels will open and you'll be able to play them in any order.

Level Skip
Activate the Invincibility code, then pause the game and press A, A, A, A. Unpause the game and you'll be transported to the exit. Note: on some levels this will put you in odd places where you'll have to reset the game.

More Options
From the title screen, hold Down-Left + A + C and press Start. Release everything and you'll see a new menu with level select, sound test, and controller configuration options.

Refill Power Meter
Pick up these items in order to refill your power meter: Penguin, Oil can, Wine glass, Earth, Racket.

Secret Level
from Nick Shutts (nickshut@slic.com)
In the first level, go as far right as possible. Now climb the tower all the way to the roof, and walk through the wall to the left.

Temporary Invincibility
Start the game and look for five items on the roof. Pick up the itesm in this order: Cake, Hammer, Earth, Apple, Tap (CHEAT). You are now invincible and will remain that way for 10 minutes.

James Pond 3: Operation Starfish

Published by Electronic Arts
Genre: Action Players: 1

Cheat Codes
from SuperSam20@aol.com
Enter the PASSWORD screen and enter this code:
Red Cheese, Yellow Mouse, Green Cat, Blue Dog
To finish, enter any combitnation of the following in RED:

After you have selected what you want, EXIT the password screen and start a new game.

Extra Lives
Get yourself down to 1 life and pause the game when you're about to get hit. Press A to restart the level. Your lives should now read "0". If you lose that life, the game will be over. Repeat the trick again and you'll have 10 lives.

Head Start
For a good start, enter this password:
Blue Fish, Green Wrench, Yellow Cat, Green Car, Yellow Cat, Yellow Cup, Yellow Cat, Green Car, Yellow Cat, Green Car, Yellow Lion, Green Dimaond, Blue Diamond, Yellow Hammer, Blue Cheese, Green Arrow

Super Jump
Get the jet pack and drop it where you want to jump. Press C + B to pick it up and get a boost into the air. This trick works even if the jet pack is empty.