Genre: Action Players: 1

Defeat Any Vehicle Level
There is an easy way to defeat any vehicle level. Simply stay to the top-left and no enemies can harm you in the car chase, Batplane or the Final Round. The bosses can be easialy defeated up too!

Extra Lives on Level 3
In level 3, at the far right end of the museum's first level is a 1-Up; grab it and jump onto the rising platforms. When you reach the third platform or the screen starts to scroll up, jump back down and the 1-Up should be there again.

Extra Lives on Level 5
Play the fifth level until you get to the second platform at the top. Now walk off the left side and fall in a straight line. You'll pick up three 1-Ups and lose one life.

Batman: Revenge of the Joker

Genre: Action Players: 1

Enter the password "5257." After you've entered this code, a row of six mushroom-like objects will appear across the bottom of the screen. To go to any stage in the game, enter one of the following passwords.

Level Password Level Password
Stage 1-1 1100 Stage 4-2 4200
Stage 1-2 1200 Stage 4 Boss 4300
Stage 1 Boss 1300 Stage 5-1 5100
Stage 2-1 2100 Stage 5-2 5200
Stage 2-2 2200 Stage 6-1 6100
Stage 3-1 3100 Stage 6-2 6200
Stage 3-2 3200 Stage 6 Boss 6300
Stage 3 Boss 3300 Stage 7-1 7100
Stage 4-1 4100 Final Fight 7200

Batman Forever

Published by Acclaim
Genre: Action Players: 1-2

from Don Rich, Paul Morgan and P.Teddy Clermont
Here are three special moves for your crimebusting pleasure:

Blueprint           Move Sequence
Homing Batarangs    Down, Towards, B
Bat Cuffs           Towards, Towards, C
Rocket Boots        Towards, B, Towards, C
Holographic Decoy   Hold Down and press A repeatedly

Extra Life
When hit, Pause the game and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left.

Level 1 Shortcut
from Jay Igel
When you first start the game, stand near the door, use your grapling hook and shoot up. Here you'll find a secret room with health and a door that will get you out of the first level quicker.

Level Select and More
At the main menu, press Left, Up, Left, Left, A, B. A new menu will appear where you can pick your starting level, kill any enemy in a single blow, and start with all weapons.

Secret Area
from Corey Roberts (
At level two after beating the first floor shoot through the top of the elevator with grappling. Climb out with grappling and shoot up at sky with grappling. Walk to left of screen. This code also works affter level 3