Altered Beast

Published by SEGA
Genre: Action Players: 1-2

Attack the Credits
When you rescue Athene and the credits appear, kick or punch to scroll them downwards.

When you die, hold A and press Start repeatedly until you appear on the screen where you died.

Game Genie Codes
from Kris Neidert
FT1T-AA5L  Infinite lives
ATWA-AA8R  Protection against enemy hits

Monster Select
To select any monster on any round, hold Down-Left and press A, B, C, Start at the title screen.

Options / Level Select
At the title screen, hold B and press Start. To select a level, choose a round on the Options screen, then hold A + Start at the title screen.

Sound Test
At the title screen, press and hold A + C + Up-Right + Start.

Two-Player Mode
For two-player action, press Start on Controller Two to begin your game.